World of Warships: Missouri – Weirdly Aggressive Game

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This is a weird game. I play aggressively, but it doesn’t backfire.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US battleship Missouri on the map Trap.


  1. I wish my garbage discount laptop was able to run chrome let alone the world of warships loading screen

  2. posting clean , nonoffencive comment to boost up your algoritme 🙂

  3. Hey Aerroon do you plan to do some vids about the french battleships in the near future?

  4. Those were some lucky torpedo beats! Well done

  5. Big thanks for showing your builds.

  6. That Massachusetts and Gneisenau on A10 in the enemy team really pisses me off for some reason. Even if they’re in the enemy team..

  7. I’m so glad you’re back, mainly because with this pandemic your absence was worrisome, but also because I very much enjoy your game commentary. Set a day aside to play on the NA server once in a while.

  8. …and because NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  9. any 30 days 24/7 hrs stream? since it is locked down.

  10. Interesting to see the battle from a different perspective! it was a great pleasure to be in the same team (as Z-39), keep up the great work, looking forward to see more of your videos! o7

  11. Missouri was a rare drop from the Santa crates this past Christmas/New Years Holiday event.

  12. U miss spelled misery…. Unsub!

  13. The camo you like (blue up to the deck and then grey above that) is Measure 22.

  14. Lemming to a certain point and getting all killed there

    Yep that’s how most team I got these days are…just like your enemy team

  15. That was the luckiest game I’ve seen in a while. Good for you 🙂

  16. My Missouri was once a beast often getting 200k games but every time I take her out now I’m lucky to get 100k if that guns just dont behave like they use to mostly due to power creep maybe who knows! Anyway that was a nice game well done

  17. Great video thanks ….I love my mighty Miss! Next to Alaska just saying.

  18. Love your battleship banter, Aerroon 🙂

  19. iMaGiNE hAvINg a MiSSoURi
    ~tHiS MEsSagE bRouGHt To YoU bY ThE MuSAsHi gANg

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