World of Warships – Mistakes Were Made

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While it’s traditional around here to point at laugh when people make errors that lead to their immediate demise, today we’re going to be a little more analytical about it. We’re still pointing and laughing as well, of course. If it’s funny once it’s funny every time.

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  1. Greetings from Norway!-

  2. Gained a new Perk from the Salt Mines! Jingles Sense. Everytime Jingles is about to upload a video, The Jingles Sense will *Tingle*.

  3. Woo hoo more Warships action.

  4. Jingles please play Hearts of Iron 4


    • … or that he’d get upset about perceived lack of spotting from a dd. Implies some understanding of the game he doesn’t otherwise demonstrate. Even if he was wrong in this instance.

    • thederogativeworld

      Henry Crawford Khaba y u no go 200 kts and spot enemy?

    • Perhaps English ain’t their first language?

    • CONFESS TO YOUR CRIMES STALE END PIECE OF WHITE BREAD!!! I felt that a Rolf response would be the best response to this.

    • Jamal Al-Sulaiman

      Looking at the video again, he didn’t actually attack the Khaba, I don’t think. He threatened [and seemingly attacked] the Des Moines for turning in front of him. The insult chain seems to be back and forth between the Montana and Des Moines players.

  6. Damn you Jingles, I been watching your videos for so long that my accent for “Z” has now changed from “Zee” to “Zeb”.

  7. Gareth Fairclough

    Btw, fruity language, best language.

  8. Including his clan name he’s actually called

    OP Ball Cock

    What a man

  9. I feel guilty playing the conqueror now.

    I never said i would stop playing it though.

    • Christian Krakhofer sometimes. Im more of a brawling bb player and i do in fact use ap when appropriate on the conqueror. Such as on broadside scrubs.

    • im still grinding the pathetic 457mm guns on it…just to make it elite 😛
      maybe they should give them extreme accuracy to make them more viable?

    • Joel Montgomery This is the rare case where bad players make it easier for good players. Nobody expects the Conqueror to shoot AP, so they get sloppy and broadside. This is why the captain I plan to put on mine has Expert Loader.

    • cobrazax i agree the 457mm do underperform compared tp the other bbs.

    • Tsorovan Zero i have tye same skill just in case i see a golden oppertunity and need to switch quickly.

  10. I love how I work a graveyard and Jingles video is always waiting for me when I get home ?

  11. the raging Monty is funny for two reasons; his broken English, and his relentlessly creative cursing x’D

    • The joy of the EU server is English is the common language but the insults get really creative

    • Nah, don’t need a hydraulic press to break kneecaps, a piece of iron pipe about a meter long will be quite sufficient…. besides, lifting that moronic jackass up so you can get his knee into the press sounds like a serious pain in the butt! Let our harsh mistress, the good lady gravity, assist with his long overdue humbling, she is the reason why the old “ground and pound” is such a popular and reliable technique…

    • Ya call that creative? It’s playground level.

    • Not much creativity in what he said. He sounds like someone who heard a few basic insults once, then tried to repeat them and failed.

  12. Wasn’t the prick in the Montana shooting the DM? That’s who he was arguing with in chat, not the Kaba.

    • @Shuggie. And he plays a _Monty_? Gee I wonder why random teams seem to suck so badly.
      Thanks for the translation, how fitting :-).

    • I agree. Maybe he shot at both or it was from ramming. You can see at 6:13 that the Montana and Des Moines were tangled up. He could have turned pink by ramming damage. We don’t know his past history and may have had a bunch of team damage on the books already. A bit of rub could have put him in the pink category. Nevertheless, he’s still a flaming turd.

    • @Tony. It _could_ be ramming, but I don’t think so. He turns pink only _after_ saying ‘U die’ to the DM, then says ‘Want more?’, and the DM never turns pink. I suspect he shot him, it certainly wasn’t accidental ramming anyway. Then someone says ‘Well done’ to the Monty, so I’m not sure what went on back there, but it was all deliberate.
      Also, LegioXII was a Roman legion.

    • You’re probably right regarding shots fired maria. The WELL DONE came from the Kaba. It was likely a sarcastic comment. The ramming and possibly a large dose of immaturity and/or alcohol appears to be the reason for the dust-up.

    • @Tony. I agree.
      It’s amazing how pathetic some people can be when there are no consequences, it really spoils a lot of fun games. It’s like playing football with a teammate who randomly covers the ball in dog shit, and you can’t do anything about it.

  13. All that and not even half a million credits? I knew the Japanese economy was shit, but jeeze…

  14. Samovar The Russian Water Boiler

    “Making that island his waifu…”. Sshhh, jingles don’t say that out loud. Those bloody Japanese animator blokes would make that into a drama or something.

    • Probably already is, I reckon. I could imagine a plot involving a protag stranded on an island and make friend with a abandoned guardian land goddess of it.

      Edit: Or even better: Long ago, a warship crashlanding into an abandon island, along with it crew. More than a 100 years later, as the center of the town that came with it, a certain spirit of that warship is chilling with her childhood’s (more than?) friend, the guardian land goddess of the island, as they spend their daily life with the inhabitant.

    • Macross, Sorta?

    • I think in Kancolle there are land-based installations that are mega spooks or something along those lines.

    • Island waifu, best girl 2018

  15. The FDG and HIV basicly had to do something because they were 300 points behind, down on ships and only controlled one cap. In order to win that game they would have needed to sink enough of the enemy team without dying. So saying they made a mistake by charging out from behind the island cover seems weird, considering they basicly had no other options if they wanted to win the game.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      I can think of one other option right off the top of my head – if a ship/ships are shooting at you from the front but another can’t because there’s an island in the way… stay where you are.

    • This is why Tier X is so boring. There really isn’t any incentive to ever come out of cover…and it then makes logical sense for the BBs to be roaming the edges of the maps.

      It’s all find and good to be chastising players for not getting into the fight…but you then can’t chastise them for getting into the fight…

      Watch Tier X clan battles…the best strategy is to stand off at distance and be under cover. Whole teams hug the map border because the game is all about trying to long range snipe the radar cruisers controlling access to the caps.

      Let me repeat…that is the meta of the game…and the best way to succeed as a team. But we have all the community contributors trying to discourage this type of play while actively engaging in it themselves.

      This will create a toxic environment.

  16. The issue I see here was that enemy ships lined up one by one to be slaughtered rather than working in teams to concentrate firepower. Everyone was waiting for someone else to make the move instead of leading the fight.

  17. Now that was a great game by the Zao, but the raging arsehole in the Montana clearly did nothing and it’s frustrating to see those kind of players are in tier 10 these days

    • It’s frustrating how you can’t do anything about them. WG doesn’t seem to care for the most part and physical violence is a crime. Would at least be good to know if they end up in an almost fatal accident, then we could at least say “that’s karma you little prostitute”.

    • I know WG would never do this… ’cause why would you limit your income potential… but what if you had to play up to T7 or T8 and only then could you buy your way to T10? I’m saying this because there’s no way that Montana player has put in the time… and it would reduce the number of wallet warriors diminishing the quality of T10 game play.

    • You mean as frustrating as these people in tier 9? Or tier 8? Or tier 7? Etc etc! They’re everywhere, in everything.

    • striker8paints well I can accept a bit easier when rude idiots like that are in tier 5 or 6 they might not understand the game or just at least the distraction isn’t as big a deal, I still expect to get reported for earning a kraken if it’s in tier 5 because it must be cheating it’s never that your better or got lucky it must be cheating , I accept the lower tiers are toxic as it’s full of kids but over time they have failed their way up to tier 10 but brought their toxic behaviour with them, still it’s no where near as bad as world of tanks thankfully

  18. The red Des Moines:

    I can see the team-chatt infront of me: “A+B, OK?” Des Moines and Z-52 turns and goes for A, rest of the team goes for C.

    The red Amagi:

    I bet he didn’t think he’d done something wrong. I just had a conversation with a guy who thought that 17+ km was a good range for a BB to be at.

    • they should have specified what they meant by A+B. Cap AB or Abandon AB /s

    • red team 10 ships go for c, still cant push versus 8 on green team (3 went with zao including khaba)… in fact green team caps c!

    • More often than not the entire green team goes A the entire red team goes B and 1 or 2 good players kill a ship or 2 from the other team. The entire team smells blood and they zerg the other team 1 by 1. By no means does that mean there was any tactics or strategy involved.
      Just a lot of shells on 1 single target. It will die anyway. Regardless of who is shooting. In this case, the Zao was in the sweet spot provided to him by 2 DDs at the beginning on his flanks, and later 2/3 ships each side in the second half of the game. Notice how he is actually never the front line ship. People forget to look at the minimap I play carrier a lot so the minimap is my lifeline. So I see a lot of this and know what these cruisers do.
      Des moines usually hug an island and give insane AA cover. While these type of cruisers pick to be in the pocket. With both their flanks covered they ensure they are never the target of the entire enemy fleet. That usually falls for the DDs or the BBs.
      But then if your team does not move forwards at all. You as a cruiser are fucked. You won’t get a kraken you won’t get high caliber. Simply you can’t get in such a good position to shoot at all.

  19. Tier X – yawn.

    Don’t care.

    And people talk about tier X being the epitome of gameplay…and then we see this kind of replay shit show.

    That kind of behavior gets you deleted at Tier V. Yet these guys are taking their tier X ships and throwing them away…and this is supposed to be entertaining?

    I’m amazed the CCs still shovel this shit.

    Fun and engaging replays are where fun stuff happens. Not one player farming monster damage and kills against unskilled fools in high tier ships…

    • Sensibly Named Person Of The Internet

      dclark142002 yeah, I stopped watching why you hef to be mad videos because they’re all just compilations of the same ships doing the same stuff over and over again, this video at least had jingles commenting going for it so I liked it on the whole… Purely because jingles’ (lol auto correct changed jingles’ to Hitler’s… Coincidence?) commentary.

    • If I were to give Jingles the benefit of the doubt…I would probably say its more of an input problem. People probably don’t send the fun stuff replays nearly as often as they send the high damage / high kill replays.

      Which is sad, because mostly the high damage / high kill games are where the other team plays exceptionally poorly…and doesn’t highlight the fun of the game at all…

      …unless you consider the grind itself fun, but that’s not me.

  20. Holy crap quickybaby just released a video with the exact same title

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