World of Warships – Mistakes Were Made

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Texas on neighbors learns a valuable lesson, don’t make the same mistakes as me. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier V American Texas Replay – Discord Server


  1. Notser please ask WG to add HMS Vanguard because i want cheeki breeki

  2. My tier 8 Richeliu has 50k hit points. I routinely face Montana’s and Yamoto’s with 90k hit points.
    Are you really saying that tier doesn’t matter?!

  3. Two T8s can’t even easily solo win DM,Hindenburg and decent T10 CA can always solo T8 bb easily

  4. I think what people do not realize that you need to play ships differently based on tier. Top tier BB push and tank, bottom tier hold flanks, target cruisers etc. Low level dds often have better concealment than 6-8 so use that, cruisers can be rough if you have short range so you need to close near higher level ships but not to hard to pick targets of opportunity. That said the number of carries is lower if you are bottom tier.

    • T8 cvs are in an odd place, the amount of times I’ve rage sold my Shōkaku due to T10 AA being retarded high for her already squishy planes… Took me so so so damn long to finally grind her out. And pretty much made me never want to actually buy Taihō and grind her.

  5. CVs fault. can’t really blame yourself for that one.

    • 11:30 the CV hits the Independence who is not capping while the Col is just starting to cap. If you know you are going to take your time in reloading then maybe just wait the 30 sec to reset the Col. Most players, let alone CV players, have no strategy though and are just hunting for damage and kills. This game mode really brings the bad out in players. Just wait the 30 sec and reset the Col and its GG.

    • I would have attacked but would have lost ALL my planes. And you can’t put everything on the CV.

    • Don't Bother Dead Account

      Maybe they will cease to exist

    • You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Not trying when the game is on the line is the wrong choice.

    • Notser still made plenty of mistakes, but not that one. CV didn’t send a single strike plane in.

  6. Hey Notser. I’ve seen multiple videos about the Republique including yours. Should I use an all secondary build or half AA and half secondaries for upgrades/commander skills? I’m asking in case it’s been nerfed/buffed (like armor).

    • Hmm, I’m trying to get a secondary build but don’t have enough commander skills at the moment. If you find fun in the secondaries I don’t see why you couldn’t use it, but I don’t have enough information to say definitively what to do with the Republic

    • Notser Ok. Thanks Notser. I have my Alsace at a 15 point with secondary build. Just move it up and wait for a time to reskill for free if I don’t like it?

    • This may not transfer over but i did try the republique/ Paris with secondary build in space battles and it was pretty damn good. It honestly turned into my “safe bet” for getting wins. I didn’t really enjoy the kurfürst/alldestroyer though even though i heard the kurfürst is excellent. Really confused as to what i should do with my grobe (i hate it). I might go back down to my beloved Bismarck

    • just survive FdG and You will get great reward 🙂 GK is amazing. full secondary build, 19 points captain and YOu will be the king of the map 🙂

  7. it is funny, that you in this video complain of Your BBs AP overpenning that DD. but you cheer for the upcoming change that will make BB AP ONLY Overpen DDs.

    • well tbh I was kinda dissapointed you didn;t switch to HE when you actually expected to engage DD next 🙁

    • That’s exactly my expectation. I am always shooting DDs in my BB beacuse noone else is willing to do it. I completely destroy my average damage by that. (I know that raw damage numbers don’t mean a thing, especially when farmed on BBs with HE – and that’s why I shoot DDs whenever possible. But WG is stupid enough to compare ships by damage dealt and make people think that raw damage matters.)
      However, when the pen change for BB AP on DDs happens, I will probably stop shooting them as well – unless they are extremely close and I can shotgun them or they are extremely low health and I can kill them with a single overpen. This will probably push my damage numbers back up again but lower my winrate – we will see…

    • If I see a DD in range, I always shoot at her even if I’m in a super long reloader like Texas and Arizona. DD’s are just too dangerous to allow to live and some damage is better than none. Usually get lucky with a module incap too.

    • Conq captains laugh at this

    • Remember, a Texas’ guns do 1k for an AP overpen. So a pretty decent close range Salvo can net you 4 or 5 hits, and that 5k damage, which is HALF a T5 DD’s health pool.

      So yeah, forcing overpens on a DD for BB AP is hardly crippling the BB.

  8. sorry notser calling bs

  9. 12:25 Did you TELL the aircraft carrier to send his squadrons to interrupt the cap?

    • He said hope :V The CV f’d up, bombing the further ship heading to the cap, and sending his planes back the LONG way around, to be fair he probably didn’t look at the time, and isn’t used to knowing his timing for reload to bombing, if he did he should have not dropped in the first place, neither the closer or further one and waited for them to get on cap and then wait even more then drop. But hey people can’t always play 110% every game.

  10. Tier does matter – end of story.
    try to fight with t8 cruiser without a range against 9x t10, 2x t9 and 1x t8 enemies.
    MM +-2 should be limited to max 2-3 ships, not where 3/4 of the team are t10
    2-3 ships with +2, 2-3 ships with -2 rest in the middle – then we can fight and do something.
    Or try to fight with all these t10 ships with stock t8 ship which is really t7 one.
    And at the end… MM and RNG decide who will win before even game started – this is most annoying :/

    • To be fair cruisers are painful to play full stop till T10 where most of them turn into monsters. Cruisers need some love.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      tier 5 cruisers in a competently played T7 game ? not fun at all… Omaha/Murmansk/Marblehead or the “made from citadels” Königsberg or Kirov… or even worse the RN Emerald basically have to hide to even have a chance of contributing. Or T5 destroyers (that are not the kamikaze who have to run into spotting range to even launch a torpedo.. some ships can (kamikaze) most ships can’t.

    • kamikaze has 1.6km (5.4km or was it 5.6km forgot actually concealment and 7km torps) unspotted range and you normally launch further so they run into it, Kamikaze-r is my go to fun seal clubber. But ya agreed with the cruisers, oddly kirov has my highest win rate for T5 cruisers, but the least survival rate lol. Her guns pack a punch, and remember the old murmansk with bb like range on her guns, ah the good old days….

      edit: wait re-read your destroyer part again was a little confused thought you said the kamikaze couldn’t fire unspotted but you actually saying it can, pretty sure the German and Pan-Asian can as well, and maybe uss with captain skill.

  11. “Tier is very much not that important in World of Warships” – I don’t agree with you Noster. Lyon vs Mushasi one vs one! What will happen? Guess?

    • Shadowat00 really depends on the ships, a schors vs most tier 9 ships will die (depends on map and skill level) but a gneisenau vs a tier 9 might have a fighting chance. Also depends on ship type

    • +usingtnt Correct, a Schor vs Nagato will most likely die , but it can handle yugumo with ease

    • King Potato the thing is, there are so many senarios with different captains, maps, skill level, tiers, and ship types, so every battle is different

    • Yeah, It is really a mixed factor which can be complicated by lots of aspect

    • Yeah, no-one who had to grind the Hipper in the current MM would ever claim that “tier doesn’t matter”. That ship barely works when top-tier, but constantly up against Tier 10 ships that are faaaaar superior in every singe metric known to Man… I call BS on Notser there.

  12. Your top 2 ships by experience are tier 5 BBs.
    Their top 2 are tier 7 BBs.
    I expect that says a lot about your team.

  13. Contrary to some posters here I tend to agree with Notser when he opines that tier is less of a factor in WoWS than in WoT. If tanks could start fires as easily with HE rounds as our ships do, WoT would be a different (and much cheaper) game. Or imagine light tanks with ATGM’s as a corolary to DD’s with torpedoes. WoT is extremely broken with its premium ammo pay to even have a chance to pen, and so far Wargaming has not made that mistake in warships.

    • Ynge I agree. WoT is completely out of balance now than everyone uses premium rounds. The armor that many tanks relied on to be effective is now basically useless because premium rounds will penetrate everything but the most heavily armored tanks at each tier, while all the other tanks might as well have paper armor.

  14. Claims tier doesn’t matter, then displays how he can’t hit many of the ships because T5 dispersion, how he has to use HE on a broadside T7 BB, etc… Just point out the irony, but I do understand what you are saying, tier isn’t as important as WOT and it isn’t the sole determining factor. I have carried numerous times from bottom tier, but it does make a difference.

  15. The gadja madah proved tier matters.

  16. THX Notser for mentioning that Twitch is giving us the Texas 🙂 it even works on the EU server,…saved me 20 bucks XD

  17. omg… why didn’t you change to HE…. I was almost screaming at you… good game lol!

  18. “Tier isn’t that important”
    Tell that to my shokaku against 5 tier X CAs

  19. I got Texas and Diana through being recruited by a friend, so if you HAVEN’T started an account yet, that’s another way to get it.

  20. I agree .. ish … in a BB tier is not quite so important as in WOT and maybe a DD too … but …. in a CA/L I have to disagree they are squishy and higher tier shells do sooooooo much damage and lower tiers do not have a heal …….. in that case no tier does matter in a CA/L .
    love to watch the Most Awesome Texas in her Glory 🙂 thank you even though it didn’t quite go as planed 🙂

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