World of Warships – Mmmm…..smells like Weekend in here

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I guess this is a nice showcase of what kind of weekend we are in for.
Also we passed 1M total views on twitch so YEEEEY, and yeah you are more then welcome to hop on my discord and participate in small giveaway for those crates, camos and containers.
I hope you enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. first lol

  2. first to be second. what is life

  3. You do realise those 999,500 views are from one guy with OCD and a bad internet connection, right?

  4. Amnesia he said? Very interesting

  5. Wait and get the heart-rate monitor before you start. Don’t let these ADHD weebs pressure you to start now.

  6. wait dark descent: Amnesia? Can’t wait for it to hear Flambass go cringey.

  7. Remember playing amnesia on my first gaming laptop which I still have and by today’s standards is awful. It’s a dell Inspiron 17r n7110 i7 2630qm with a gt525m which was a mid their card then. Now I think my phone can do better and comparing it to my new rig is like comparing a grain of sand to all the moon dust on the moon.

  8. At this rate your going to outrank Jingles.

  9. Florian Tschernich

    Carry harder, its weekend after all o7 :p

  10. Yo, you excited for the ship-focused HoI4 expansion coming out soon? :p

  11. Hey Flambass! try to make Conqueror 457mm work

  12. he is right about battleship RNG

  13. flambass why u play skyrim BGm in the back ground 🙂

  14. After many british containeropenings Im still at the Acasta 🙁

  15. it took me about 1 box to get the lightning ^^

  16. That Z52 running from a Musashi made me wanna TK him…. for real

  17. Flamba, trying to upgrade your phone? Just sell your kidneys and get a iPhone Xs max of 1499 $ Kappa

  18. “The more carry I try to pull; my team keeps on dying.” -Flambass 2018

    So true. Some teams just want to lose.
    This is why you can’t judge a player by their win/loss ratio.

    • Funny thing is they had a red player in chat get high caliber and say he did 200k dmg so it’s like he countered Flambass’ 200k carry.

    • I have pointed that out for a few years now… NA server has gotten so bad the past 3 to4 years.. I blame the AGE groups.. When youngings didn’t know the game was out there.. ( IE: under 20 ) The game was 100% all you have is a bunch of babies getting people chat blocked for pointing how they are being cowards by running away or simply asking.. Why are you not helping?? which always gets a reply of GAG your stats suck.. which I fire back.. single player stats mean jack shit in a team based game

  19. Do you know who dr. Hoffmann was ? 😉

  20. What is “Amnesia”?

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