World of Warships – Moar Dakka

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I’m losing track. Is this Moar Dakka or Even Moar Dakka at this point? Does it matter, does anyone care?

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  1. Alexander Guttman

    “When the Austin hits the main battery reload booster…”

    Austin turns from surface ship to floating LMG

  2. 𝐦 𝐚 𝐒 𝐧 𝐳

    jingles basically established that the austin is the BRRT machine

  3. “That Charles Martel might be a problem.”
    Austin: “Let me sing you the song of my people! *BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT* “

  4. Just Jingles being Jingles. Got nothing more to say about that matter ,)

  5. “I hope your all having a great one” I mean, I’m watching a Jingles video that was just posted, I think I’m already doing great

  6. Apurwa Asuramana

    Like he said not one to get facts right

  7. Jingles, on the off chance you see this, your lecture about the fake-but-actually-real Ho-Ni III yesterday inadvertently made a tough day much more bearable. Thank you for all that you do, intentional or not.

  8. Mr Jingles is definitely going to be keeping me sane while I recover from surgery.

    • SchroedingersCat2.0

      Hope it all went well and wishing you a speedy recovery. By the way, studies have shown that laughter significantly increases the bodies recuperative abilities so I’d prescribe watching as many comedies as possible. Good for both your mental and your physical health.

  9. @Stephan Stockinger Actually he is right the base reload is 8 seconds base means nothing added which is 100% 8 seconds, its only lower after modules and captain skills but then its not classed as base reload

  10. Sardauker Legion

    From King Tiger to King Potato the devolution was hard

  11. Entertainment World 🌎

    Bhai kehna kya chahte ho….

  12. The Kaga was sailing closer because the captain wanted to hit the Musashi with their katana.

  13. Middle of the day and his soothing voice still sends me to sleep. That, an element of drowsiness and a pair of headphones and I’m gone !!

  14. OI You Over Here

    5:50ish Jingles does it again, “and the Charles Martell, a tier 10 heavy cruiser with…..” coulda sworn it was tier 8 Jingles

  15. At around the 12:53 mark you ask how the other team is losing. In Arms Race, your team gets points for collecting buffs, and KP’s team had collected more buffs than the other team. This is indicated by the circles up top, each with three segments.

  16. “Actually I think your all having a great one.” Thanks Jingles! Silly as it is, made me smile, great thing to hear very first thing in the morning. I hope you’re having an amazing time of things too. God bless.

  17. Thenameispurple

    Hey Jingles you should know that I audibly say “Good morning Jingles” typically around the start of your “Good morning folks” so the “I hope you’re having a great one” was a warm feeling sir, thank you for being such a fun loving gent. Cheers πŸ™‚

  18. In Arms Race, you also get points for taking boosts for the team. Which explains the score.

  19. Anyone else here for Jingles laughing. Love it!

  20. When he says, “I hope you’re having a great one.” It sounds like he really means it. Love you, Jingles!

  21. Off to the Salt Mines with you!

  22. The Legion is not Amused

    The sheer glee Jingles gets from watching the Halland go boom was contagious.

  23. Piazzolla Luca Gordon

    Uh, what’s that strong smell of pickaxe in the air?

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