World of Warships Moar Keys!!!!!!

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  1. Васисуалий Лоханкин

    Thanks for the effort with the keys

  2. moar keys hope i win :)

  3. Maxwell, I was just wondering if there is a place where I can find your pc

  4. i hope karma will be on my side

  5. I hope I will be one of the lucky guys!

  6. Nice Video Mate! Can’t wait to play this game. Gonna go straight down the
    Japanese BB line 😀 Ps: Would love to win the Beta Key aswell :)

  7. I love this game been waiting to play it since it was announced…I might
    actually be better at this than wot

  8. Hope i win

  9. this looks really good…..cant wait

  10. Left a comment on this video on the new channel too. Wasn’t sure which one
    would enter me for a WoWs key. Thx for the vid! Cheers

  11. This game looks amazing. Cannot wait to play it. Thanks for the very
    informative video’s 

  12. really cant wait to play this, looks like so much fun

  13. Please let an old navy memeber be part of that Beta:)

  14. Subscribe to the new channel people – maxwell plays.

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