World of Warships Mod that Everyone Should be Using

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Mods are a mixed back, but there is one mod that everyone should be using regardless. This mod provides vital information and insight that you need to determine whether or your team is in good shape to win.


  1. Hey ZOUP, great content as usual, Thanks.

  2. I gave up on using mods ages ago for both Ships and Tanks for the simple reason as you mentioned Zoup… updating every patch.
    Lets just add to the game settings.

  3. I think you mean “Mods are a mixed bag”.

    I don’t think this adds much to gameplay. One can look at the time remaining and the relative scores and get a gestalt feel for whether one is cruising to a win, must make a concerted effort to cap and kill everything, or is so far behind that there’s no point in doing anything but farming what damage and kills you can. On the other hand, I think it’s GREAT for anyone who’s casting or streaming a game for whatever reason.

    • Zoup is a fucking idiot.

    • SHirako THeGamer

      if you’re playing for a long time, you don’t even need it, it’s only for new noobs who really don’t play attention to look at time. after playing alot you basically get a feel of looking at the time and cap points all the time, this mod is actually basically unnecessary, but i like that mid which shows us Team health so you won’t have to look everywhere in the game to check if they can push with us or not

    • No, I think that’s an uncharitable opinion. It does the things he says it does; where he’s wrong IMO is in regard to how helpful it is to the entire player base.

    • I didn’t know about this mod until this video, and as a player with thousands of battles mostly solo with a 61%+ win rate, I see this mod being extremely useful.

      Of course, only for a few battles every now and then, but in ranked and clan battles, I’ve had games that were decided by margins of less than 10 points. I’d have to calculate in my head while still navigating my ship to determine if we need one more cap to win or not.

      In these games winning matters, and with such small margins there is going to be some small error trying to calculate the outcome in my head. This mod does it automatically without error, and it will let me focus on gameplay instead of calculating the point gains.

    • The Gaming Python

      @SFC I wouldn’t go that far, but he’s certainly not someone to completely rely on his advice. Other main stream WOWS Youtubers have much better advice to dispense.

  4. This is not the mod everyone should use. This guys opinion always baffles me every time. People are that stupid they need this mod they shouldn’t be playing…

    • What? I’m going to go out on a limb and just assume that you aren’t the Rain Man right? You can’t take a glance at a close match and determine the total amount of points per tick, divide remaining time by tick rate, then multiply remaining ticks by the points by tick… for both teams? Especially while playing and instantaneously right? Right. I know I’m right. So, while it’s necessity is debatable, your claim that someone would have to be stupid to gain valuable information from this mod is, in itself, quite stupid.

    • psmitty840 – Ever heard the term to much information? Consider it and in this case not only is it to much information it is worthless information!

    • Too much information? Are you actually kidding me? It’s literally a small timer next to the score that’s there already. Ever heard of being in a game that comes down to the last few seconds? Where you have to maybe determine how long you have to sit in cap delaying points before fleeing into the corner of the map to secure a win? Or whether the cap advantage will tick the points over to the enemy at the 0-second mark? “Too much information” isn’t a better argument than the other, which was also stupid. I don’t even use mods, for the same reason he used in the video… I’m too lazy to update them all every 3 days. I’m just saying that if it weren’t such a hassle, this is a useful bit of information I would definitely be using, along with the ship angle indicator. I CAN gather all this information without them, but these would make it quicker and easier to do so… allowing me to concentrate on other shit.

    • Seriously? You are an anal retentive sort aren’t you! Come back to reality, most of the players in this game cant even get their head around the idea this is a team game! How then is knowing when the game is going to end and who is ahead going to possibly cure that sort of ignorance? If it helps you, great but my take is for the majority that cant even get their heads around the simple parts of this game it is going to do nothing but further distract them from the things they should be paying attention to! Bottom line is you cant fix stupid!

    • The debate isn’t whether “most players” could effectively use it at all though, and I didn’t imply the things you are saying I did. Initial post said you would have to be stupid to need the mod to gather the information. That’s a stupid claim for anyone other than the Rain Man to make, so I said so. Then, you said that it was an overwhelming amount of information… it’s just too much maaaaaan! (dramatic flair) and I refuted that. None of this has to do with my, or your, opinion of the average skill of the player base… at all. I never, at any point, said this was going to help a noob un-noob themselves. So yeah… I suppose I’m anal retentive because I like to stay on subject and not misinterpret the English language. Shit, I basically have OCD because I read things as they were written. Your free spirit offends my strictly structured personal reality where communication has concrete meaning.

  5. I thought you are required to add to video “AD” tag when you are advertising crap.

  6. Sorry but absolutely not.. some people if they see they cant win will stop trying.. harming the rest of their team.

    • For these people no mod makes a change. They decide at the beginning of the battle which outcome it will have and latest after 5 minutes they have decided the outcome and play accordingly and they do not try to turn the tides. So this mod wouldn’t change anything for this kind of player.

  7. How to use these mods

  8. Don’t need this.
    More caps, more points: Lay back, prepare ambushes
    More caps, less points: look for vulnerable flanks
    Less caps, more points: Get your sh.. together and coordinate an attack
    Less caps, less points: YOLO TIME (except ranked, then go to J10)

    • “More caps, less points: look for vulnerable flanks
      Less caps, more points: Get your sh.. together and coordinate an attack”

      These two scenarios are highly dependent on the current situation. If team A has 3 caps against B team’s 1, but the points are 720 to 900, team A just needs to not play anything risky while they defend their 3 caps and they win.

      Alternatively, if this time team A has 1 cap against 3, but the points are 900 to 680, team A just needs to defend their single cap and not play anything risky and they win.

      This mod can prove to be highly useful in high-stress games of ranked and clan battles where winning matters. The outcome is easy to calculate in your head if the numbers are nice like 720 to 900. But most of the time the numbers are anything but nice (try calculating the outcome when the points are 958 to 922 with 1 cap against 2 and you’re still actively controlling your ship with enemies nearby. Answer: you lose unless you stall one of the enemy caps or you get a kill).

      I’ve had games decided by point margins of less than 10 points. This mod will automatically let me know if we will win by a few seconds and thus we should only defend and play safe, or we will lose by a few seconds and thus we should take a cap and/or a kill. Granted, these kinds of games don’t happen often, but when winning matters, I’d prefer to take these few extra wins than losses which may have been preventable.

    • @peregrinus All good and true for serious matches. For the average Joe I’d say concentrate on other basics instead. Like good positioning or wasd or communication (gasp).

    • I agree, for the average player this isn’t really needed.

  9. This shouldn’t be a mod, this should be a setting in the game. Maybe you can use some of your CC magic to bring this to the dev’s attention?

  10. What is the name of the team list with real timr hp pools mod I’m seeing here, never can find it

  11. This mod looks like it’s a massive distraction and will only confuse or mislead players. It’s why I stopped using XVM with World of Tanks years ago. Statistical analysis of the ongoing battle is unreliable. Also, it’s one of those things that doesn’t encourage players to develop their own ability to read the battle since it does it all for them.

  12. well now that we have minimap direction lines ingame, I can use this in place of the map mod 🙂

  13. please no! I already see my teammates stop fighting for objectives if they get behind on points. All they will see is the remaing time they will have to do some egoistic solo play in the upcoming defeat. Totally unneccesary mod. Beginners will be confused. They may learn it as they evolve but they wont learn reading the battle situations this way. Experienced players dont need this mod at all.

  14. I’ve gotten to 59% (and still rising) without mods, I’m not about to start now!

  15. I would also recommend the improved version of the dynamic crosshair as it also scales with the distance and not only with the zoom. Also you have one scale for a speed of 20 kn and one for 30 kn

    • TheSp3ctr3 I’ve never know there’s scale for 20 knot? Which one the 20 knot scale?

    • vexonica 02 if you use the Nomogram dynamic crosshair from Aslains modpack you have a scale for 20kn on the downward side of the line and on the upper side you have one for 30kn, but unfortunately it’s only in the mod included, all standard crosshairs from the game have only 1 scale

  16. Alejandro Ochagavía

    The mod is nice, I’ll use it, it’s fine that you make a video of it, but do you need to wait until more than halfway through the video to reveal what it is? Also, the title is such a clickbait… No one “should use” any mod.

  17. I hate stop light and navigator and they want to add them to the base game to me they give too much info people need to learn the game for themselves not have there hand held.

    • throwing off the enemy’s aim by rapidly changing speed/course/angle becomes irrelevant w those mods in place, yep.. /nods

  18. Played for close to three years now. Never used a mod.

    Too much information can be a bad thing too.

    • I would agree if it was close to a part of the screen you need to actively play the game. Its out of the way for your crosshairs so its not distracting. The reason I might use it is for those late game moments when you need to do some math to know if you need more caps. You absolutely cannot trust the feedback of teammates because some people will guesstimate instead of calculating the points and will act like their numbers are true. This mod isnt perfect, but the info looks more reliable than teammate feedback.

    • Wolf of the Aurora

      Yeah, one reason why I dropped Steel Ocean quickly after giving it a whirl.
      A whole lot of information, none of it clearly marked.

    • Hate mods that tell people how likely/easy it is to win. Too many players use that as an excuse to give up early or take it way too easy.

      Also hate mods that reveal stats of other players in game. Just because someone has a 49% overall winrate doesn’t mean he/she is useless and it certainly doesn’t give anyone the right to harass that person.

      A little too much info is damaging, I agree.

  19. Dont like this too….to much of a stastitical mindgame…a battle can change in seconds – i think all should play “vanilla”

    • The Gaming Python

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Looking at the points, caps and team positions is what is required. Not another thing to distract you with.

    • Totally agree, but I would like to have a better scaling for crosshair for 1440p Resolution. Used to old Resolution Aiming, now my Aiming went off sometimes…. slowly getting used to it but some quick shots still off due to old behaviours…

  20. No need all these mods to play well… Too much information on screen

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