World of Warships Moderators – Should we have them?

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A member of the community posed a question to me. Should we have moderators to deal with chat abuse and unsportsmanlike conduct. I tackle his question, though I don’t know if its the answer he wants to hear or not.


  1. My answer is “No, sir. Take your suggestion and put it where the sun don’t shine.”

    The WOWS moderators on the forums are twitchy enough as it is; having them in game would cause far more problems than it solves, and accusations of bias would be impossible to disprove.

  2. No. We should not. Moderates are not always unbiased. Which is why sometimes you get banned or get warnings for nothing.

  3. NO, NO and again NO !!! Please… the game has already become stupid enough !!!

  4. there are more important problems with the game other than “having moderators to babysit”

  5. i don’t see too much negative comments in chat other than someone telling me to uninstall the game xD

  6. Absolutely unnecessary.

  7. WoT tried it. Now a mod on EU server is banning for people typing “Oxymoron”

  8. Ehh, don’t want mods because we can’t laugh when the enemy shima torped 3 of his own teammates and says sorry in the chat for the rest of the game.

  9. No every game that has chat moderators that I’ve played end up extremely restrictive and confusing. The persons politics always end up in their moderation i.e. in Warframe you can get banned for saying Neza is a trap, it was a meme because the design of Neza is ambiguous but the mods have determined it warrants instant bans.

  10. This game isn’t even slightly toxic, mods are definitely unnecessary.

  11. dumb idea, no need for big brother in the game

  12. Nah. Just eliminate team damage. Easy thing.

    • You really are talking referees. An obvious answer for team kill, they did it for secondaries! I once got pinked in my Mikasa for a secondary hit to a yardarm:( I know bozos gonna bozo, need to make all effects, damage and video/audio go away though so they cannot even see it.

  13. getting ptsd from game chat you can turn off with one click… theyve already taken off the downvote on forums because it’s too traumatic… society needs a recalibration on so many levels

  14. Mephiztopheleze Mephiztopheleze

    Think about the mechanics of what that job would entail.
    Sitting watching WOWS games for 8 hours a day and policing it.
    That sort of job would shit me to tears, you would have to pay me very well to do that.

  15. Rogal Dorn: “No.”

  16. Negative. First off, you could never have enough people to cover all the games

  17. Last thing we need is conformity police so that’s a big NO!

  18. Better fix: Dead players cannot chat

  19. In over 1200 games played this year I have only witnessed two incidents of intentional team kills.

  20. No.

    Besides, wargaming would go ahead and say something like “oh, you can do it for the exposure!”. Am I right? 😉

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