World of Warships – Mogador division is OP AF

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I’m not a fan of of FR DDs because they’re different versions of RU DDs which I don’t like. RU DDs are played selfishly and mostly for dmg and kills, not for objectives. However FR DDs have a bit better concealment and much more useful torps but don’t have smoke OR heal. Which makes them more powerful when it comes to weapons but less powerful when it comes to survivability.
Playing FR DDs alone is a different exp than playing it in a division. When you play them in a division they are exponentially more deadly and harder to deal with, and here is an example.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Community:
    When French DDs were announced: omg this is never going to work, how do you run with no smoke

  2. “Spreadshit”

  3. That was honestly the most disgustingly good game I’ve seen in a while from you. I feel as though you were sealclubing everyone even though it was a T9 game.

  4. Enemy team: “Jesus Christ it’s -Jason Bourne- Flambass!” ???

  5. what about a Black , Mogador , Kitakaze devision? 😀

    Ok nevermind after watching the video its Spreadsheet told you were already having enough fun

  6. Mogador, the new neighbourhood bully..

  7. What the hell am iseeing right now… Its making me blind

  8. What pisses me of with the Mogador, you had to be in a lottery and spend up to 30.000 dublons – after a hard grind.

    • It’s their money so ppl can spend it how they like but personally I can’t help but think ppl spending dubloons on this need their heads lookin. It’s a tech tree ship so we can just grind to it ? Not to mention buying into it will just encourage WG to keep doin it.

  9. Filth. Absolute Filth hahahaahah???

  10. This reminds me a little of the old day’s in WoT back in 7.3 when type59’s were on sale and you’d run platoons of em and they would just run amok. And players would just give up at the loading screen at the mere sight of several of such platoons. Cancer divisions…

  11. That’s some mint gameplay there Flambass, 100k in 6mins! touché!!

  12. Gunning down 2 bbs and a cruiser in 5min with 2 dds… How to kill your playerbase.

    • @Simon Tremblay You can’t really run away from 3 DDs coordinating to hunt you.

    • @tunnar79 If they come from the same direction as they did in the video, you can, you just turn tail full steam ahead. I’ve done it countless times. Usually they smoke up, shoot at your stern until you get out of range or their smoke expires, then you can do whatever you want and you’re mostly out of trouble ( unless it’s a boat with stupid 20km torps ). But with Mogador, forget it, they can torp you and shoot you while following you all over the map and even overtake you because they’re so damn fast and don’t sit in smokes.

    • @Simon Tremblay They weren’t all torping and firing from the same direction though.The Black was at a different angle.
      As for the Mogador,it’s just an okay ship,that’s all.The only reason this match went this way is because nobody focused them and a single BB doesn’t have the DPM for kill 2-3 DDs attacking her(especially if said BBs just sails in straight lines,eating torps left and right).
      This was more a lesson on focus firing than a showcase of how “OP” the Mogador is.

    • ​@tunnar79 Yes the fact they didn’t focus them is a factor. But the speed is more of a factor that you acknowledge. A BB can distance itself from all other FIRING DDs since they have to do so under stealth/cover and can’t pursue while they do so.

      Mogador can pursue AND fire at the same time.

    • @Simon Tremblay Almost every T9 and 10 DD can do what they did…the only difference is that they can do it slightly worse (since other DDs tend to be a bit slower, have less hp or worse DPM).But they definitely don’t HAVE to do it as you’ve said…it’s just more convenient to pop a smoke and not risk being shot at.
      Here,they could have used a pair of Jutlands and the results would have been roughly the same.

  13. Can’t see your base exp because of subscription message.
    Seems like a typically brilliant bit of balancing by WG

  14. Whoever said it is OP,
    It is not. Even Flambass can’t reach 300k with this thing.
    It does not deviate from the stat greatly;someone says;

    • Alone maybe not, but as you can see a div of 2-3 are rather OP. Wait until you have 3 Colberts in smoke melting ships.

    • Martin Der König

      @Boats Ship in question is Mogador i think

    • @Martin Der König Yes I understand. Colbert is super annoying when smoked up. I am very disappointed that WG is releasing these tier 10s. Tier 10 has always been a balanced tech tree only tier for clan battles.

  15. What a disgustingly glorious ship. I had the displeasure of facing a duo of these monsters before, and it was pure pain all the way to the end of the match.

  16. when did they add Jet Skis to the game?

  17. when RN dd came out, we said they were OP. But this? insane torp angles, great ballistics and insane speed. Like khaba on steroids. have fun picking on this in a cruiser!

  18. Glad to see WG has kept World of Warship a pay to win format for ranked with this ship and event to get it early

  19. Was this a video of a new ‘game mode’? Maybe ‘target practice mode’?

  20. yeah, why WG thinks adding all of these broken ships to the game is healthy I do not know.

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