World of Warships: Mogador Preview [WIP]

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A preview the Work In Progress DD Mogador. She’s still subject change, but right now she’s amazing. I would say she’s at least as good as Kleber.
Port at 14:44

World Warships footage of the 9 French destroyer Mogador.
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  1. Phirst.
    Edit: A quick disclaimer, Mogador got nerfed today. According to values came from a datamine, she now has one twin and one triple torpedo tube per side, 9km detection range instead of 8.12, torpedo reload time is increased from 60 to 77s and 0.5s main gun reload nerf. Everything else remains the same.

  2. RIP this wonderful boat, murdered at the hands of WG

  3. powercreep much? a better gunboat than a japanese t10 gunboat,a better torpboat than a japanese t10 torpboat? seems legit WG fantasy working as intended. #Bringbackoldskoolshimatorps 😛

    • I wouldn’t say she’s a straight up better gunboat than Harugumo. In a DD knife fight she can be, but against everything else not so much.

  4. Is this another premium? Seems like that is all they are making these days!

  5. Haru gets to 300k DPM with full gun build … and has some 5k more HP than the Kleber …. so if you survive the reload booster you can kill a Kleber in a straight gun fight ….

  6. As a khaba main (700+ games) I look forward to the facemelting speed the French bring. Can’t wait for some torp rushes to boot. RIP Khab 8kms.

  7. Monk4ever93 Mk4

    so german dds are complet tomato now ?

  8. say it is good, but I choose to play harugumo

  9. Sure, OP DD, that hunt cruisers. BS.

  10. OldSchool Gaming

    How do you get those eye patch captains?

  11. 2017 a CC quit because “rashan bias”, wasn´t it Gregor? He quit because some RU DDs could out-DPM cruisers.

    Now RU DDs get outgunned by FRA and JAP DDs. Wonder if Gregor would consider coming back now…

  12. Magador.. there is a dinasour joke here right… Magador-saurus… >_<

  13. Such videos, much wow

  14. Helluva game, damn.

  15. Satana?

  16. WOWS Really needs to CHANGE “Turning Radius” to “Maximum degree of turn” as LittleWhiteMouse calculates it. Because the FASTER the ship – the LARGER the turning radius at MAX Sped! And that is what “Turning Circle” measures IIRC – ofc that is max BASE speed, no flag or speed boost.

    Essentially, The Mogador and Kleber will have a WORSE Turning Circle, i.e. a Larger Circle to do a 360 when speedboost is active than what is shown in port, by about 20%! So really that stat is meaningless mostly. Degree of turn is same regardless of speed – and tells how well a boat can booty shake.

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