World of Warships: Mogador Rushing

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I try to rush a battleship with my little destroyer. It doesn’t go quite as planned.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 French destroyer Mogador.



  2. The theme of the high tier french destroyers should be Benny Hill’s Yakety theme played on an Accordion.

  3. i noticed there is no any cruisers or cvs on this game so it is not the right clip to judge this destroyer 😉 please treat us as smart audience

  4. Ah ha Mogador! Thanks!

  5. You deserve a LOT more subs than you have Aerroon. You have an easygoing persona and aren’t afraid to poke fun at yourself as you do amazing things in the game. Thanks for the great videos.

  6. Gareth Fairclough


    Dev-strike by ramming. Lulz.

  7. A little historical tip to why the reload of the Mogador guns sucked.
    Those aren’t real turrets.
    It’s just a gunhouse that lacks a rotating Barbette structure.
    What that means is that the gunhouse rotates but the shell and powder hoist are fixed with the rest of the ship.
    To make it even worse the fixed gun and powder hoists are located in the center of the rotating axis of the gunhouse (inbetween the two guns).
    So imagine loading these guns when the gunhouse rotates 90 degrees or more off center.

    • That’s interesting! I did not know that.

    • Thats why the Bayard thats a tier lower with bigger and more guns reload faster than the Mogador! Thanks for the info!

    • @Aerroon
      Apparently the British made the same mistake with what was arguably the best British WW2 Destroyer gun.
      4.7″/50 (12 cm) QF Mark XI
      The shell hoist in the center is fixed while everything else rotates.

    • @zhongming wen

      This was a means to put as many guns on a light hull as possible while keeping weight down.
      By deleting the rotating structure of the barbette (which includes barbette armour, roller paths and rollers and firewalls)
      you effectively halved the weight of your main armament.
      You also end up halving the rate of fire of the guns depending on which direction the turret is facing.
      After WW2 nobody ever attempted this nonsense again.

  8. this needs music video to Ecuador!
    (only replace it with Mogador!)

  9. Can’t wait to have tis ship in my port

  10. The speed is over 9000!!!!

  11. looks pretty nice, i like how the most advanced dds during ww2 per nation at the same tier; Mogador, Tashkent, Fletcher and maybe Yugumo (as the last numerous ijn dd class)

  12. Why do you not use AFT? 12.8 km range is kind of stunted imo.

  13. 4:41 Mama mia! those were some spicy meatballs

  14. You should add your Twitch channel to your description area.

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