World of Warships – Mogami 155mm 0.6.0

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on Trap looks to check out the changes introduced in 0.6.0. I move out with some friendly ships for C point, the enemy team arrives in force for C. Our team is outnumbered and outgunned, I do my best to avoid dying while backup is moving into B point. A couple friendlies do a great job to assist in the destruction of enemy ships. The game is tense as I’m bottom tier, hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Mogami Replay


  1. I have the mogami and i switched back to the 155s. I didn’t like the 203s.
    I feel the faster fire rate makes this ship better.

  2. How about using adrenaline rush? It’s quite for for Mogami, since the ship
    takes damage a lot and can’t heal.

  3. The capapult fighter duration was reduced only for Battleships to 90
    seconds, so Cruisers still have the previous 6 minutes duration.

    Good video Notser!

  4. Flamu recommended awhile back to not upgrade the mogami…. that the stock
    model is a better ship
    than the upgraded ship…. that if U get the B hull your rate of fire goes
    down.. so its weird but the stock hull
    with the stock gun is the best option for this ship….. what say U Notser

  5. Airplane is only nerfed to BBs not to CAs

  6. how did the gneisenau got into this matchup? He is not in a division

  7. British cruiser smoke seems busted even more this patch.

  8. Nice carrying! 🙂 But somehow it is quite often that tier8 have to carry in
    tier X :/

  9. Alexander Ducaneaux

    This morning I got kicked out of the game 3 times 🙁 Lost a game because of
    it ….. Hope they solve this problem asap …

  10. what they do with the secondaries range?? No i have 8.8km range from 10 km
    in my Der Grosse??
    Now is 10.6!! wtf?

  11. 11:50 That nerf did not apply to Cruisers, just BBs! And the BBs got
    slightly less nerfed with a 90 second aircraft time instead of just 60

  12. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Hey Notser, what do you think of using HEAP on on Bis and Der G? I haven’t
    respec’d my captains yet, neither one has enough points for 3 T4 skills
    (only just enough for AFT and MS), I was thinking once i’ve raised the
    captains a bit, how about for lower tiers/other lines where secondaries are
    less useful?

  13. With this patch, for the first time I have stalled vids, 1-2 second freezes
    which then catch up. It can affect gameplay in crucial moments, obviously.
    Also some chop whilst using long-distance view. NEVER had vid issues
    before. No random crashes *yet* (crosses fingers, eyes, toes), but WOWS
    looks to have 6.0 bugginess.

  14. pensicola please with new kapitan skill

  15. After the new small patch today… My screen goes empty of all
    instructions, labels, aim screen, etc… I only see the view of the
    battle… It was ok before this patch.

  16. It was oh-so-satisfying to find that I redid my Mogami in exactly the same
    fashion as Notser. With IFHE she’s an absolute monster. If she had a heal
    I’d prefer her to the Atago, and that’s saying something as the latter is
    my most played ship.

  17. the nerf become 90s on this patch to battleship only

  18. Wow, sweet playing there. Very helpful to watch and learn, thx Notser !

  19. Nice one

  20. Notser, I requipped my Mogamin to an upgrade/skill set very similar to
    yours (opted Def AA over Hydro for more defensive play). Played two matches
    to test it out (1 Co-op and 1 Random) and HOLY CRAP the IFHE 155 set-up is
    an absolute marvel!

    The increased penetration makes it a much more reliable damage-dealer than
    it was before; it can now penetrate things it normally couldn’t at certain
    ranges, and damage values are much more consistent now which makes less
    reliant on fire damage.

    Been loving this ship since the first day I got it, and I still love it
    over 350 matches later~


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