World of Warships – Mogami + Bonus!

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Mogami on Land of Fire in ranked play initially pushes toward B with the rest of the team. We encounter multiple enemy destroyers and attempt to neutralize them. I sweep down to engage a enemy Mogami who is at low health. After a successful engagement, we head south around a island and come face to face with 4 enemy ships. A epic battle takes place and ultimately a very entertaining match. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day! Stay around for the bonus content at the end of the game 🙂

Tier VIII Japanese Cruiser Mogami Replay


  1. Congrats!
    Wow – Rank 1!

  2. do you get to keep that flag even after rank is finish?

    btw, congrats man!

  3. Congrats mate!

  4. feel free to tell me how 2 get into ptr, i want to play some nice ships but
    im 2 lazy 2 grind another wargayming game

  5. Well done Notser!

    I wonder… I’ve seen some of those tickers in other games…

  6. congrats brother 🙂 now delete your account or give it to me and start over

  7. So what comes after rank 1 can you earn rewards in the next season of
    ranked battles? Also maybe a video on the current state of the De
    Moines? I tried it on the test server was getting 2-3k base xp I don’t
    think its a bad as people say but needs some buffs, would be nice to see
    some tier 10 videos while the test server is up, grats on rank 1.

    #MMM Indonesia

  8. That rank up reaction haha 😀 great videos buddy, glad that i discovered
    your channel!.

  9. Notser have you ever played the game War Thunder? and if you have do you
    like it

  10. wow, you inspired me… i’m going for it too :D

  11. So what comes after rank 1 can you earn rewards in the next season of
    ranked battles? Also maybe a video on the current state of the De Moines? I
    tried it on the test server was getting 2-3k base xp I don’t think its a
    bad as people say but needs some buffs, would be nice to see some tier 10
    videos while the test server is up, grats on rank 1.

  12. That’s funny… well done! Thanks for sharing!

  13. congrats and keep up the great videos notser ?

  14. Hoist the Jolly Roger!! Great vids as always and congrats!

  15. Yay Dread Pirate Admiral Notser! Rank 1! BTW– the pirate flag is the
    “Jolly Roger”, where ‘roger’ in Brit slang stands for the horizontal hula.
    It was also a ‘no rules’ flag.

  16. only a few days left to get rank 1 i am at rank 4 atm 0* can i still get
    rank 1 ?

  17. overdosed on Notser ! congrats on rank 1 !!

  18. Jolly Roger yay !!! You deserve it

  19. Holy ships you did it, congratz mate well done.
    Next week my new pc will be ready and my new monitor will be delivered and
    then I am gonna attempt to get to….. rank 10 lol

    great video enjoyed it very much.

  20. Congratulations on rank 1 Notser :)

  21. First BrainCage now OhJeezums wow you play against everyone! Nice video

  22. Well done mate, wish I had the patience to get to rank 1 also.

  23. lol notser it happned to me the same way, the last battle i got wrecked at
    the start but why team carried my ass to rank 1.i ofc thanked my family, my
    agent, my director, warner bros, madonna… and ofc all friends and foes =)

  24. i just started playing ranked since i got the fuso, never lost (yet) and
    average 86k damage and holy shit… 10 mil for rank 1

  25. One suggestion: I would fire those five guns to different locations to hit
    the benson at 13km, not a full broadside.

  26. Moouuuuve the butt!

  27. congrats on your Jolly Roger….

  28. just seen the end…lol

  29. well done old chap

  30. Kerspaprog Balceram

    ha i watched this game on OhJeezums’s stream

  31. congrats on getting rank 1.

  32. WTF you are rank 2 and why you only need 4 stars to advance?

  33. Loved getting matched up against 4+ dds when playing the mogami. It just
    vaporizes them. Especially on north, just push through B with sonar and
    kill the blockers. Their torps never get me.

  34. OH lol commented before the end of the video. Grats on rank one!

  35. My favorite Ranked battle wins were like this one. Turn a loss into a win,
    so satisfying. Another great video

  36. Congratulations for the work of your team, as you just sat around and
    looked, how well they played. Totally pulling you to rank 1. 😀
    Naaah, really good job! OhJeezums on the other side was streaming on
    twitch. I saw on fight with you from his side. Was a short game, not even
    10 minutes until they lost. If I really could have followed his channel (I
    couldn’t as his stream only supports Source and my line is too slow for
    that), I might even would have seen your team bringing you to rank 1.
    Ok, once again, your team fighted for you to give you rank 1. Baaahh I can
    be such an asshole. I know how disappointed you are that you weren’t able
    to live till the end. This would have been for sure a much sweeter reward,
    but to get there is hard work and you must be more than lucky if you really
    get pulled to rank one. So gratulations for your good work and this hard to
    gain reward. Even though you couldn’t survive the most important fight
    (sorry, couldn’t resist).
    I’ve send you a mail about the testserver. I hope you got it and it won’t
    drown between all the replays. If you like, we can meet at the testerver.


  37. Well done on getting to rank 1. Those stationary battleships may have cost
    the enemy team the win there. I love stationary battleships when I play the

  38. Great work Notser! A real inspiration reaching Rank 1. About that TK, I
    really think MM should make the credit punishment SEVERE for TK. Like 2 or
    3x the repair costs of a ship. TK a Tier VIII? Great, now you pay 300,000

  39. I saw the first game life on Twitch from OhJeezums perspective. That second
    was 1 or 2 games after that i think. So ive seen you win the Jolly Roger,
    sort of. Congratz mate. Some of us, including me, were telling him to focus
    you. Im glad they didnt lol.

  40. If it’s ugly but it works, it’s great . Congrats

  41. Great work Notser and lmao at your last game :D…….still stuck on the EU
    server at tier 10 ….just cant get off this tier :(

  42. Congrats! LOL dat ending… I got nuked like that in my rank 1 match as

  43. Congrats Notser! Way to hang in there :p

  44. LOL last place in the last game hahahahahaha
    oh well Notser. WE know how hard you try……..
    Congrats bud

  45. With all the love you give this game you deserve at least 20k subscribers.
    Thank you for another great vid and looking forward to the next one.

  46. Lol i just noticed that your ranks have less stars than eu server. After
    rank five all lower ranks are five stars to get to next rank. I wonder why
    that is bud, any ideas.

  47. Good on you for getting Rank 1 Notser – YOU DESERVED IT REGARDLESS! Tis the
    ephemeral life of a Cruiser captain! One day you are UNTOUCHABLE! No one
    can land more than a glancing blow on you, while you shell them to pieces
    and laugh like a madman all the while!

    Then, a random BB gets a well aimed shot with GODLY RNG – and your life is
    over before it even began!

    Still – TOTALLY WORTH IT! XD And I am not being sarcastic either! After
    all, I DID just buy the Atlanta knowing FULL WELL that she is not a
    balanced ship, but it can be ENDLESS FUN in the right situations!
    Seriously, while I would definitely recommend the Atago over the Atlanta
    for all around performance and ability, if you want balls to the walls FUN
    – BUY THE ATLANTA! Yes, some matches you will fail MISERABLY, sometimes
    several matches in a row even, and without Advanced Firing training at VERY
    least, and Concealment expertise with it especially – IF you have neither
    of those and you see Ocean in the Queue, it is almost a given that you WILL
    die fantastically! Without having done too much…

    But if you want fun, Atlanta can be AMAZING! And once I get both advanced
    firing training, AND concealment expertise? The Atlanta will likely become

    As will all my USN DDs! Which is why I bought it! GREAT for training USN DD
    captains as well!

  48. lol congrats bud got rank 1 this morning. Great feeling.

  49. hahahaha , notice the chat with mahan at the begining of the battle , you
    started to be famous notser!

  50. Congrats on rank 1! And thanks for the vids, definitely helped me out with
    my commander skills and ship modules.

  51. Last mtch in my GLORIOUS Fujin, friendly Nicholas, who was DIRECTLY BEHIND
    ME, launches torpedoes WHILE I am dealing with an enemy Clemson right in
    front of me! I dodge Clemson’s torps, NAIL him with mine – launched all 3
    narrow spread and all three were launched at VERY different trajectories to
    compensate for ANY maneuvering said Clemson could do from just 3km – KILLED
    the Clemson after he sent another set of torps at me, which OF COURSE had
    the beeping going already and the torpedo markers all to the front of me
    were drawing all attention, I dodge the Clemson’s death torps….

    …. And then BOOM! “You were killed by *blablablabl* in the Nicholas”

    Wait, where the heck was there a Nicholas, actually I don’t think they even
    have a Nicholas….

    4KM RANGE AT THE POINT OF MY DEATH! (as he was about 2.8km behind me at the
    point I saw him after I had died.) And the REAL KICKER??? His torpedoes,
    they died out BEFORE they had ANY chance of hitting the Clemson I had
    killed! How do I know this? Well I only ate 2 of his 6 launched torpedoes,
    and at the time of death, the Clemson was sailing AWAY from me, and the
    Nicholas’ torpedoes died out before they got in range of the sinking
    Clemson I killed!

    *Facepalm* idiots in DDs are ALWAYS the biggest enemy, but only when they
    are on YOUR TEAM!

  52. Nice work. Great games and congratulations on rank 1.

  53. The nerf to the Zao is uncalled for

  54. hiii im -itzrifle

  55. hey notser, do you have the admiral hipper yet? i would love to see admiral
    hipper gameplay
    congratz for that rank 1 :)

  56. Congratulation for archieving RANK 1 Mr. Notser.

  57. gratki ! :)

  58. Good job on getting rank 1. Fly it with pride, I know I do : )

  59. That last battle! Gave a few good chuckles. Good on you. 😀

    Oh and nice first battle.

  60. Keep it up Notser. You are my favorite YouTubber by far. And your channel
    is steadily gaining.

  61. now if only i could get a half decent team too..2-3+ kills for a lose is
    getting old

  62. wow, really? you’ve reached that rank by yourself? how amazing!..

  63. itzrifle: Look ma! I’m on YouTube!

    Hey congratz on your Rank 1 man! Don’t beat yourself over that Amagi shot,
    even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day!

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