World of Warships – Mogami by shadow_wolf2115

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Mogami by shadow_wolf2115 on shatter initially gives a lot of ground like the rest of his team. One by one the team gives up capture points to the enemy, then they give up their lives. shadow_wolf2115 is able to stay alive and do some chip damage to several enemy ships. The team finds a second wind and successfully capture C, shadow moves to capture B. While around B, a crazy moment occurs that would lead to the end of the game. Some joy, some sadness, and some crazy moments will make you question everything you believe about World of Warships. I hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Japanese Cruiser Mogami Replay


  1. Loved the ending! Haha very entertaining :D

  2. battle with a series of very lucky

  3. Nice video but the performence of both teams was erm …. let me put it in
    a nice way. BAD! Entertaining though. Thanks for sharing Notser!

    Cheers, Gilles_Scheij

  4. good video, enjoyed. love my mogami

  5. good video, enjoyed. love my mogami

  6. That ending! >_< Been there. It is so annoying, trying to get in that kill shot only to see your shells land without making any damage.

  7. Hilarious commentary. Thanks for sharing!

  8. and of course… the Mogami! :P

  9. I first thought how could this rather defence start of the game be worth
    showing as a user replay. But at the end I know why. Very entertaining
    comedy. :-)

  10. Anyone else rooting for the enemy at the end to kill him?

  11. great Video Notser:
    yeah I thought don’t go around the island to the left because of the
    invitation to get torpedoed.
    but then I thought if I had went hard right to go around the island on the
    right side my guns would be
    facing the wrong way.
    ShadowWolf just got lucky he could thread those torpedoes.

  12. LOL that ending. Bahahahaha. Great game :D.

  13. Well played Shadow_wolf , great narrated Notser as Always very entertaining

  14. Lol it is all good you still pulled a good game out of it

  15. Yea I had a brain fart about how to describe this game.I was using HE for
    the fire mission i had a game with 167 hits with 2 or 3 fires before i have
    crap luck xD

  16. The most stout 3 HP in the history of WoWS.

  17. He cant hit worth shit . like the Mighty Jingles says ” couldnt hit the
    side of a barn from the inside ” . He misses A LOT more than he hits .

  18. Home sick with a stomach bug, glad that I have notser’s videos to entertain
    me 🙂 Thanks

  19. this video shows us that luck>skill when it comes to wows, this guy should
    would have died 5 times if he was playing vs notser

  20. shadow has obviously not watched enough of your video’s, he missed all
    those islands.

  21. Good to see a game that, while far better than anything I’m likely to
    produce, is not perfect.

    Very entertaining & educational into the bargain.

  22. omg that ending though! RNJesus decided that he would have to work hard to
    take that 3 xp lol

  23. Nice ending, but i think that guy had a bit too much luck at the first half
    of the game showing broadside without getting a paddlin´.

  24. action packed right to the end.

  25. meh noob enemys and this guy had pretty bad aim plus not switching to ap
    even when a 7km away cruiser shows full broadside, u would think people in
    that tier know what they are doing XD

  26. lol ok I didnt watch the complete vid b4 posting but O.M.G. lol that ending
    ( combined with your superb commentary) was stupendous lol..Ty so much.

  27. tfw the mogami shells pulled a notser 18:06

  28. sorry I couldn’t get to play with you notser. I’m still down if you are

  29. OH MY Goodness..WTF happened here??? Did you drop a cloak on this guy
    Notser??? lol..Great vid as always my friend..Looking forward to any live
    stream/Cross stream you may or might do..Cheers

  30. if they add range on 203mm mogami gun, it will be even more fun ship to

  31. Wow, a nail biter! That Zao and Mogami players had one huge brain fart
    that’s for sure. LOL

  32. Notser..While i do love your commentary and for the most part your game
    play, I really would love to see a live stream from you..maybe U and Flamu
    streaming? What a game/s that would/could be..Please think about streaming,
    U help so many new players. ya me included..Take care..

  33. not bad lol he really could of finished that battle a little faster with
    switching ammo but he was probley doing the fire mission

  34. no damage lol

  35. mogami’s gun is too small ,you know :)

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