World of Warships – Mogami Close One on Hotspot

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on Hotspot moves out to support a attack on A point, we encounter a large contingency of enemy ships. I try to take advantage of my detection and islands to avoid taking damage from the enemy while dishing out the damage. We move to the center and engage some enemies from the eastern side. I retreat to A to seek support. The game comes down to a very important decision. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Mogami Replay


  1. Notser, what’s your favorite Tier 10 cruiser ?

  2. Good to see your channel and content growing buddy. Keep it up :)

  3. Notser was that your press account or your normal account

  4. 203’s have faster turret traverse, do more dmg with both HE and AP and have
    an increased chance to start fires when compared to the 155’s. The 155’s
    only have the better reload of 10.5 sec compared to 15.5 sec on the 203’s.
    I’m still not convinced and I’m sure Notser could have done equally as well
    with the 203s.

  5. frustrating to play this ship, not because this ship sucks but the players
    on T8 and up sucks

    in asia server battleships camp and sniping from far and the 15.7km range
    is not enough to reach any enemy ship

    so much frustration playing T8 and up

  6. Daniel Söderlund

    Thank you for a really entertaining game to watch. Keep up the good work!

  7. Ever play with the 203s?

  8. I followed your advice to run the Mogami in her 155mm setup and I admit
    that she’s a real pain for the enemy. Love her!

  9. Chapayev is as strong as Mogami 🙂
    I haven’t played Mogami for a loong time

  10. the chat is so funny “please don’t put that on youtube”

  11. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    That was my favorite Ship in the CBT by far. Now its just useless to my
    playstyle. Its a floating citadel and you cant get that close even with
    Support, because you get focused a lot, because you are so easy to pen.
    Just an XP Peniata for BBs. The Ship needs the range badly that it lost
    like the Cleveland. At the moment i am grinding it and lost my nice purple
    stats…its just that bad. Please WG, make the Mogami great again :)

  12. Sweet game, keep them coming.

  13. Notser you can use 1-2 keys when you are dead and watching allied ships
    shoot. Works the same way as if you press “Z” after you shoot.

  14. rip my cleveland 100k dmg lose i almost win but then i died to the new mex
    if i didnot die i would of win by points rip everything i did in that match

  15. i gotta say, i’m really glad i decided to switch back to the 155s after
    watching these videos. Somehow they’re just so much more fun than the 203s!
    Maybe that’s because of fatigue from Ranked with Myoko?

  16. Awesome to see Mogami matches, love the ship and cruiser line a lot.
    Have had lots of success dodging complete BB volleys in my Mogami by
    dropping to 3/4 for a tighter heavy turn, going back to full mid-turn for
    an extra engine boost typically gets the backend over farther to miss the

  17. James Castleberry

    Notser, you mentioned premium camouflage used for the Iowa for 1,000
    doubloons. Question, is there a link that shows me a list of ships from
    Tech Tree that can buy premium camo?

  18. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    A Fuso video pls!!

  19. I know you did one 3 months ago, but is the NM build still the same with
    this patch?

  20. Missed the stream, but great to see you play the Mogami, after the AFT nerf
    to its range and the traverse increase, i barely play with it and more with
    the Kutuzov instead, but this one really makes me wanna try it xD

  21. Vencislav Dimitrov

    Did any one use “last stand” on a cruiser? I noticed, that on videos with
    cruisers, that captain skill isn’t selected even once.

  22. Hey Notser, Fun fact: Did you know Torpedoes can detonate a ship?

  23. The suspense was so good haha :

  24. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    when I saw “shoo notser” made me laugh a lot

  25. Notser which hull do you use for the Mogami? I read that the A hull has
    better hidden stats for concealment after firing etc.

  26. Everytime you say you “unloaded” on someone I get a little chuckle :D

  27. Do you think you can play a game with the 203 mm upgrade on the Mogami?
    Would appreciate it :)

  28. Cyber Cyclist (Yugumo 夕雲)

    nice 155 Mogami play again, Notser. I however prefer fisrst salvo to
    surprise enemy CA and DD. alpha Dmg of 155 is just too low. The video
    showed 155 HE cant pen beyond 13km on BB’s superstructure.
    Looking for join your division when next time you streaming =D if I am not
    at work =(

  29. Small mistake at 5:14, was not a citadel. That was probably 2 penetrations
    and a few overpens.

  30. merci to u, a frensh fan, on NA server

  31. When does your album drop and what is the name of it?

  32. down to the wire. great game to watch!

  33. Truly a nail biter. Nice video Notser, as usual. Looking forward to getting
    the Mogami.

  34. Notser I do love your vids but last days is mostly BBs (slow gameplay) and
    as CA Mogami holds 90%. I dunno other wiewer but i would like some dds and
    more CAs. Just my 2 cents no hate inside.

  35. hey bud please post stream dates and times thanks.

  36. 4 fires, I thought the Iowa was going to be toast for sure. That was a
    nasty DB drop. The CV captain probably saw that and thought the Iowa was
    done for.
    Great save for the allies.

  37. Gareth Fairclough

    Yowza! That carrier divebomb on the iowa! :O

  38. The biggest problem of that ships might very well be the range and the
    shitty armor. The Mogami gets cit penned at all angles from pretty much
    anything for some reason. I don’t think I was “instagibed” in any other
    ship even nearly as often as I was in her.

  39. Strike CV are for real man 🙂 who even choose to play 2/0/2

  40. Why when I play the same Mogami and shoot at BBs I get low damage roles!

  41. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    dear Notser, can you upload new c hull of furutaka or shiw cleveland

  42. Notser you mentioned KARMA, firstly, what is your karma rating? Secondly,
    what will karma be used for? From what i can tell, it puts you as the
    victim of ramming, rather than the person who rammed, correct me if i am

  43. great game,i love close ones!

  44. Hey Notser! I’m less than 50k exp from getting my Mogami. Can’t wait to try
    out the turret traverse build on it. Can we expect some Zao gameplay soon?
    It’s going to be my second tier 10! :D

  45. I find the Mogami very situational, you have to find the right spot, use
    concealment, predict target/turret position, always be in the shadows, kind
    of hard to play for me, not my style.
    Had a good game last night when i was basically circling a friendly Yamato,
    leaving him to be the focus of enemy fire.
    Fortunately he stood his ground, bow in, and I managed to support him
    against 3 enemy bbs and 2 cruisers, making full use of the islands so we
    never had all enemies shooting back.
    It was.. intense and straining my attention hard to keep eye on all enemies.
    1-2 extra km range would not hurt on the Mogami.

  46. hit 1 or 2 to follow the shells

  47. Man that is a good game. Full of suspense LOL.I love the Mogami :D

  48. RedcatMaximus. i (Garm)

    is this one from the stream

  49. Still think it does way too much dmg for 155mm’s

  50. Did they redo the high tier credit gain?

    Losing credits when I shouldn’t with tier 8s in general.

  51. pls make a kutuzov gameplay 🙂
    great vid :)

  52. So Mogami 155 still works. Gotta try that out again, fire time.
    Oh and great for the ARP 2000/3000 hits as well,

  53. hi sir

  54. Yo!

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