World of Warships – Mogami in 0.5.3

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Two Mogami replays, one with the 203 mm guns and another with 155 mm guns. We discuss the differences and my thoughts on the nerfs. One game takes place on Hotspot and we do mostly long range damage with HE. We rack up a good amount of fire damage on enemy battleships. For the second game we’re using the 155 mm guns and must overcome a pretty dire situation. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Japanese Cruiser Mogami Replay


  1. Mogami is beautiful.
    Isnt it pronounced FU-buki? Think ive seen somewhere that Japanese make an
    accent on the first vowel.

  2. This is why I sold Mogami. After a test with the nerfed turret rotation on
    the 155mm, I said not the old Yorck again! I have Atago with 203mm (and a
    much better ship). I also have Hipper. Why would I need to spend the money
    on 203mm for Mogami? If I want fast RoF in T8, I have M. Kutuzov. Therefore
    Mogami was sold. I will use the money to re-purchase Myoko in the IJN 30%
    sale this weekend. I liked Myoko when I had it. It is the best T7 CA and
    will be welcome back. Sorry to see the Mogami go, but it does not make
    sense to keep it and waste a strong captain.

    Good games!

  3. Great vid’s once again Notser ! The games that I’m having with the Mogami
    5.3.0 are mostly the same as yours when Im top tier, but what intrests me
    most are the games where I’m low tier, there is a big difference for me
    between 5.2 and 5.3.

  4. Notser I play on NA too, its a sad fact that most players are just in it
    for themselves. A team that chats and talks tactics almost always wins,
    when I announce my movements if i get no reply or a bunch of smartarse
    comments I know we’ve lost. Hardly anyone supports my DD caps. Almost every
    game if i try to do the right thing early, I die because i failed to pay
    attention to the fact that i either over extended, or stupidly hoped I
    would get some support.

  5. second game … epic!

  6. great 2nd game

  7. btw, in the first clip it was the pepsi that gave you the bad news @ 4:30

  8. Mr.Stalin don’t like Mogami,you buy Mikhail and Atago he will loves you

  9. I’M FAMOUS! (I am the Colorado you rammed hahahaha)

  10. Last battle nail biter!! Thanks now my fingers are bleeding on my keyboard.

  11. Noster the single monstrous mistake WG did with 5.3 was the asinine nerf to
    Expert Marksmen reducing the gun caliber to 139mm. If you notice it only
    affects the CAs who depended on it (Cleveland and Mogami). However, those
    Russian Cruis….er…DDs weren’t affected and they made sure the MK was
    magically buffed with a range to 19km. These developers are your typical
    MMO developers. They go from one extreme to another because they do not
    know or understand how to make changes in increments. This will ultimately
    cost them paying customers.

  12. how do you tell your team to fire on a target?

  13. that turret traverse is soo painful to watch. poor mogami =(

  14. Sooo exiting… Great games Notser !!!

  15. mogami has good concealment and nice damage with 155s if you use turret
    rotation and concealment modules. Can definitely feel the nerf(s) post patch

    gold ammo in WoT is the same as many premium ships in WoW. pay to win.

  16. hate people who always pick on the weak …leave that colorado alone
    mogami is dead

  17. I’m a 203 w/AP fan when in the Mogami. I like the ship but will grind it to
    the Ibuki and then sell it since I have the Atago.

  18. Yavuz Selim Han Osmanoglu

    Even the missouri in battleship movie had better turret traverse.

  19. great video Noster.

  20. thanks for the vid’s:) you really got luckey in that first game. side to 2
    BB’s, and lived 🙂
    i think the 203 guns are the way ahead for the mogami. still think its a
    fun ship to play.

  21. Brian Lock (神通)

    Control x, right click hold?

  22. Brian Lock (神通)

    2nd game, you are showing that side amount of side? Inviting other to shot
    at you?

  23. Brian Lock (神通)

    1st game, bad play, if rng serve then well, you are long death.

  24. Is the Yorck worth skipping over? I have enough free XP to skip over it to
    get the Admiral Hipper

  25. In which region do you play? EU or NA?

  26. Mogami needs some love, it is broken right now. Notice how in the game with
    the 155 you had a very decent matchmaker, you were fighting a lot of lower
    tiered ships and you barely survived. Now consider playing the same ship
    against tier IX and X ships which often happens in the Mogami. You have
    zero chance to survive for long in such a game if you want to do some
    damage and help your team. I am not asking to make it as good as it was
    before, but these nerfs are waaaaay too much, it needs faster turrets and
    more range (not 18+ km, but not 15 either).

  27. Awesome a triple threat video: 2 games, a close game, and a Notser rant!
    Simply the best

  28. Oh man… the bow-on reversing Battleships. You’re right, we are familiar
    with them. So gamey. :-(

  29. very comparable matchs but you never had to maneuver beyond your turrets
    but once. That is a rarity. In another match with more movement you could
    easily cut your DPM in half.
    The atago is the ship to play for T8. Mogami doesn’t do anything better and
    is far worse on many points.

  30. i wont sell my mogami, maybe theyll buff the turret traverse speed, and
    wont swich to 203´s cuz for that i have the ZAO, and if i want med/low
    tiers ill play the ARP myoko.

  31. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Wait.. Wasn´t the AA Consumable Infinite now?

  32. Great a longer cast

  33. how does 155 caliber do more dmg than the 203’s ,203 is a higher caliber

  34. LomAPoY NanGka QiABaQ

    Please do ” Fubuki ” destroyer!! :3 <3

  35. Because they do not play with a carrier?

  36. Just curious which build do you prefer now? the 155’s or 203’s?

  37. Good explanations and good games. At the second game I was waiting for you
    to turn in, so that you shorten the way to the base as time was running up.

  38. but nice win

  39. Notser :::: I have slowed down playing my Myoko. I’m a lot closer to the
    Baltimore with my New Orleans
    and I just got the Admiral Hipper. so between the New Orleans , Admiral
    Hipper, and the Benson I have
    got away from IJN cruiser play.

  40. Notser it was the friendly dd and your job to help out that cv near the

  41. Really cool how you did both variants Notser!

  42. Perfect illustration of how much RNG is involved; you should have died at
    least twice.
    Oh, and incredibly sad that stupid campers on the enemy side (both with
    high speeds) are so clueless and gutless they threw the game.
    Not that you played badly, of course, but in fact I think the 203mm were
    more impressive having watched both games.
    Nice to hear you mention my pet hate of BBs going astern in the middle of
    the ocean, lol.
    So many gutless BBs that don’t realise their health and regen are weapons
    to be used.
    As to the ‘magical fire starting IJN weapons’, another straight out of the
    “make shit up” file of WG.
    I hate the childishly simple fire and repair mechanics of this game.
    Despite all that, fun viewing as usual, thanks.

  43. Thanks Notser. I wanted to see what the 203s can do. Looks like the 155s
    still do alot more damage. So I’ll be keeping my 155s.

  44. I changed to the 203 as well. Is it possible to change back?

  45. Thank you for answering some questions for all us current Mogami owners.
    That second game was intense as hell!

  46. If WG gives it more turret speed they need to lower the dmg…mogami can’t
    have both.

  47. I sold my Mogami. I have my Ibuki unlocked, but I have no interest in
    buying it right now. The truth of the matter is the Atago really rules the
    IJN cruisers until you reach the Zao. Even then the matchmaking with Atago
    is usually far more forgiving. I will eventually buy the Ibuki and continue
    my grind to Zao, but right now I am focusing on unlocking my Fubuki,
    Hipper, and Udaloi.

  48. NC turret turn faster than this 155
    WG PLS

  49. I sell Mogami yesterday i play all day mixing 155 and 203 and just with 155
    is hard to play just must show broadside and get reckt, specally in hier
    Tiers batlles…This one you play is nice matchmaking but when you go
    against Hipper and ofc New Orleans no way to win…with 203 is ok but Atago
    is mutch better even Myoko and Myoko is best IJN no counting Zao…So i
    said Goodbye Mogami!! People dont like Ibuki but he have range!

  50. Notser ! TX for the video, i do like you .. How you saved the game, but Its
    so slow traversespeed and so short range an lower DPM, My favor ship in the
    game i Will sell. Why because Its the wors T8 cruiser in the game. Mikail
    K. And Atago Can eat Mogami to brekfast. And Hipper have good range and
    fast torrent speed, Atago have heal, mikail have smoke an fast fire Guns. I
    fel that Mogamy is a slow crap ship with a sign ” jest shoot My big eazy to
    hit citedal !,,, TX wargaming to force My nr 1 favorite ships to sell her,
    Its the worst CA in the game….

  51. Timo Van wijngaarden

    Then why didnt you helped the carrier in the first place

  52. the 2nd game was awesome! great Notser! :-)

  53. Hopefully, next patch WG will give a bit more turret rotation and range
    buff to Mogamin.
    The 2nd game is nuts tho.

  54. you are playing on the Na Server right?

  55. 13:30 Atago is NOT BROKEN! Mogami IS BROKEN!

    Mogami USED to be very powerful with the 155s, because there were 3 skills
    that helped them IMMENSELY! And because of the FACT that the Mogami gets
    the SAME range with BOTH sets of guns, is what makes her BROKEN!

    It should ALWAYS have been setup so that the 203mm guns got 16.2km or
    greater range, and a RoF of 4.2 at least.

    And now the 155s are broken in the OPPOSITE way in that – they are very
    underpowered due to extremely slow turrets, no extra range, and no extra
    RoF. Though the Mogami never needed the range or RoF it has ALWAYS needed
    faster turrets for the 155s, and since expert marksman was nerfed, the 155s

    So yeah, as things are, the Atago is just a BETTER SHIP – in every way that
    matters! But, that was NOT the case previous to 0.5.3!

    Just like how my Mikhail Kutuzov was compensated, the Mogami needs the 155
    turret traverse buffed, and the range and RoF of the 203mm guns buffed!
    Unlike the Kutuzov, however, Mogami does not need any extra range for the
    155mm guns – because Mikhail has TERRIBLE concealment, and Mogami has very
    good concealment, also better armor by far compared to the Kutuzov.

    But, yeah, Atago is not broken, Mogami IS!

  56. i agree with you, the gun rotation speed makes huge changes. i am playing
    the Pensacola recently and the difference of the turret upgrade really
    surprised me. i can do 35k damage more in average.

  57. It’s been a while since I have seen the Mogami up close. And I gotta say,
    that she is NOWHERE NEAR AS SEAY as Atago is! Even with the paint jobs
    aside, Atago just has those aggressive, yet fluid lines! Where the Mogami,
    at least IMHO, looks much more Blocky and Slab-like, when compared with

    Of course that has nothing to do with performance (though right now, Atago
    is just a better ship) – but I LOVE beautiful ships!

  58. Well played Notser! I will be satisfied if they return 155mm traverse speed
    back to 40s/180 degree. Range isnt necessary.

  59. mogami is so bad now, less health and range than the t7 myoko, what a joke.

  60. The second game was awesome!!!

  61. I feel like 203mm is they way now. The range is just to low. Lowest range
    for tr8 cruisers. It just needs about 1km extra. But mogami is still good
    ship I just need to get used to the low range.

  62. Notser, do you know when the british cruiser line comes?

  63. the furutaka has very good torp arcs

  64. “that’s fine, at least he’s dead”well, you are definitely a better person
    than me in that regard, i would be salty af

  65. I wish WG give Mogami atleast same range as Myoko with 203….

  66. Daily Notser incoming!

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