World of Warships – Mogami Is Back! 0.6.4

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received turret traverse buffs for the 155mm gun, I take her out to see how she performs with the full release. We get into a really close fight on Warrior’s Path, I provide long range gunnery support. It gets really tight and great play is all that we can strive for to edge out a win. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Mogami Replay


  1. Reading the notes for the buff to Mogami brought a small tear to my eyes.

  2. Rageusran W.Horizon

    Mogami Best waifu ship since 1934

  3. How ’bout goin’ full secondarie build, with the Graf Spee, for shit ‘n giggles?

  4. the z52 on your team got some good ass torps off.

  5. Is it me or Notser sounds like he can be a great story teller?

  6. Any thoughts about running double rudder instead of concealment? Rudder shift will drop to 3.4 seconds, and with a speed flag you get up to 36.2 knots, so you essentially can play it a bit like a Russian DD. If you take turret traverse instead of accuracy your turrets can track while in full turn.

  7. Sailing a cruiser at that level is so stressful. I do not mean the end, I mean that you always, always have to be totally aware who can fire at you. I think cruiser captains that are doing well (high winrate) are the players that really deserve honor.

  8. Q: Im currently at Myoko and I really wanna get Mogami. But Mogami is so different from the other IJN CA’s in terms of guns, that I have to redistribute the points for my captain? On Myoko, I have AFT (not yet concealment expert) for some extra AA range. Do I have to to redistribute that to IFHE cuz I really wanna use the 155’s. And then if I get Ibuki, im gonna have to distribute it back to AFT??

  9. “Its like getting back into a great relationship – this was my Girl” – Notser

  10. WOT is dead to me. the all chat removal was the end for me.

  11. There were mods that told you your max visibility when firing.

  12. Good complete game. I really liked this one!


  14. so does this mean the atago will be getting buffs as well?

  15. Hero Z52 on the team. Still Mogamin is definitely back and the 155mm is now awesome once again. Almost makes you wished you could spec 155s on Ibuki…

  16. Alexander Strafford

    The Mogami is a heavy cruiser. Funny how the Minotaur has more hp than the Zao -_-

  17. That Z-52 killed me one off of a kraken and I had 231k damage because I forgot to use my god dam hydro lol. (I was the kurfurst)

  18. Hy noster i want to buy a ship ..
    But there are 2 choices between Atago and Alabama.
    Do you think Which ship is Better? For beginners like me

  19. I played the Mogami this weekend and I am in love.

  20. Mogami was reclassed as a heavy cruiser Notser. Just saying ?

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