World of Warships – Mogami Review

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Mogami has been a ship I’ve loved for a very long time, it has seen ups and downs through the years. I’m currently using the 155mm guns and it seems to work quite well in the current gameplay. The Mogami is pretty squishy but can deal tons of damage to all enemies. The setup is pretty standard, pick up IFHE and try your best to incoming fire. We’re on Islands of Ice as the bottom tier, you have to be so careful around tier 10s. I move forward with support, eliminate enemy destroyers and harass the other classes. Hope you enjoy the review and have a wonderful day!



  1. NOTSER, everyone knows that you love mogami… Good review btw

  2. my highest damage is on the mogami 181k ?

  3. Hahaha you and your Mogami ?

  4. Mogami was even more broken when she used to be tier 7 and met tier 5’s 😀

  5. This is why Warships is so much better then Tanks. You just can’t compete as a bottom tier in Tanks.

  6. Level up with Doruta DIY

    Hey NOTSER! Can you make a review for the Izumo?

  7. I prefer the 155s as well, but I’m using the 203s because I’m specing the captain for the tier 9 and 10s. once I get a dedicated captain for Mogami I’ll definitely go for the 155s and IFHE.

    Edit: a plus side to the 203s is that you can use your heavy cruiser status to punish other cruisers more effectively. If it comes to a situation where AP is feasible the 203s work better.

  8. “Don’t use the A Hull”

    Thats what she said..

  9. I really wonder what happened on B point….

  10. Notser … I see you had a lovely “date” 😛

  11. Why do people hate the 203 Mogami so much

  12. Liecho - I want to sleep

    Plz do one for German cruiser. Thx almost got hipper

  13. zahid fakhruddin

    the best intro on world of warships youtuber video, ever !!

  14. So much love in Notser’s voice with this ship. Go get a room, Notser! Mogami is a hot ship.

  15. I’m really looking forward to getting a Mogami. Its always been one of my favorite ships

  16. Mogami has hard time deal with Ruskie Cruiser and “Cruiser”. Same same/better, but they have better velocity and they are way more accurate.

  17. As long as the target is 15km or less…… The shell pass 15km is just as bad as Murican (worse at longer range)

  18. Hey Notser, great vids. Probably not the first to ask but how do you get the different circles on the minimap? is it in settings or a modpack?

  19. It’s been a while sense you did a Montana or even a Yamato in fact all tier 10 BB’S especially Montana haven’t gotten a video on them in a while . Hope you do some soon

  20. I just unlocked my own Mogami

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