World of Warships – Mogami Seeing Torpedoes

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on Islands of Ice pushes the southern side of the map with a couple allies. Minimal enemy contacts in the south and a large enemy push near the base causes us to return home. Couple destroyers and cruisers attempt to capture the base. Tons of torpedoes all over the place for the entire game. Lots of dodging is required to survive with all the destroyers and IJN cruisers. We hold out to the very end, hoping for a chance to win. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!



  1. Most epic dodge @12:40. Man wtf :)

  2. 12:52 dodging like a boss 😉 Nicely done. Just been grinding Cleveland and
    Kiev for these missions. On aircraft on Kongo and other weekly mission and
    only have 4-5 destroyers left on Myoko before fires starts. Figured
    Cleveland could do it all and make decent credits and made enough taking
    Kiev out to buy Tashkent. Can’t wait for Mogami but only on Myoko

  3. wow
    so many torpedo’s!!

  4. Hi Notser, hey if they if they do have a medal for dodging torp’s they
    could use the old Getl Smart line & call it “Missed me by that much”?

  5. can you try some other ships? lol

  6. learning quite a bit from you

  7. awesome torp dodge

  8. didn’t hit an island
    well done

  9. Hi! Just found this channel and immediately liked your clear and precise
    commentaries with all the modules listed at the beginning!
    Subscribed at once!

  10. hi notser which server u play in?

  11. We get bluesteel ships forever ?

  12. Great game Notser ! That dodging was magnificent, taken into account that
    the Mogami isn’t a little ship…
    Good luck on your ARP hunt as well. I am doing the challenge too, but I
    doubt I will succeed in time… being not so good as you on this game… I
    won my Emden though 😉
    Have you seen the ARP anime yet ? I think I will start looking today.

  13. Nice torpedo dodging! A work of art!

  14. I would *love* a sort of torpedo evasion achievement. It would have to be
    pretty serious though. Sometimes torpedoes passing even relatively close
    are nowhere near to hitting, and don’t even cause a lifted eyebrow. But
    those crisscross evasions… oh man… When you manage those, it gives a
    warm feeling for the rest of the match. And you *remember* them, more than
    even great citadel devastations. I still remember such a situation in stock
    Kongo back in early July. That’s a long time ago, yet it still feels as one
    of my best moments.

  15. Amazing dodge!

  16. gg!(wow)

  17. Your team lost becoz the Fubuki was denying your team cap points. He was
    sitting in that corner of the iceburg for so long, it hurt your
    team. Looks like players understands the use/importance of cap points now.
    Teams normally don’t bother to defend their cap. Now thats going to change.

    Nice torp avoiding there, Notser. Its like in the matrix LOL

  18. Jose Maria Gil Olmedo

    You’re a ninja hahaha???

  19. I thought the Mogami was the best to; wait til you see the new Russian t8
    cruiser. Way better in every respect. Russian of course! As it is now
    available so in Europe you must be getting it soon.


  20. at 5:00 i have to say thats how i once killed 4 tirpiz in a game, 3of which
    at least 80% of full health. in a hatsuharu, a hatsuharu!(of course thats
    the only good game i had with it) and earned 3400base exp..

  21. Those solo CVs are useless, they don’t even care about their team.

  22. 10:25 “it looks like he got the A-hole”??? (I know but it sounds funny)
    Lots of players seem to have that A-hole upgrade lately LOL.

  23. Notser is by far the best WoW utuber.

  24. my top 5 ships im scared to fight in my farragut
    1. mogami
    2. benson
    3. amagi
    4. cleveland

  25. Kerspaprog Balceram

    Do you use the 155s Notser?

  26. Hi Notser, good game for sure and you didn’t ran aground!! 😉 Just two
    things. First, you were running the Mogami and you complain all the time
    about the massive amount of torpedoes send out by the enemies, making your
    life hard. So, why not making their life hard and send out every torpedo
    wave you can against them?! Especially those parking DDs in the smoke
    wouldn’t like that as it forces them to move, eventually even out in the
    open. Sometimes they are occupied or get in a crisscross of torpedoes,
    where they can’t speed out and die. Think about it what terror you could
    have spend there by yourself. 😉 Remember, in war and in love, everything
    is allowed.
    Now speeking of crisscrossing torpedoes, you did an unbelievable dodge
    there, but you where unfair to the friendly Iowa (Okami_Sama or something
    like this). He tried to avoid the incoming DD torpedoes and as the short
    perspective in the video he wasn’t that unsuccessful, but one of the enemie
    carriers used just this weakness and torped him to death. He took a full
    salvo of its torpedoes, unable to avoid them. The DD torpedoes were just to
    arrive him, but never reached him in time. The enemy carrier firefl… got
    the kill. At 15:23 (4:19 in game counter) you can see the only missing
    torpedo running into your direction. And here we shouldn’t blame the Iowa
    for dying, we should blame you for not protecting her, as this is the
    mission of a cruiser. Protect BBs and CVs from air strikes and destroyers.
    😛 He never stand a chance. Due to the map two groups of bombers send out
    there torpedoes.
    So just one silent minute for remembering this brave Iowa that died,
    because you were in such a DD hunt hype ignoring the threat to him.
    Just kidding. 😀 yeah he could have survived with your air cover, but the
    difference between reality and this game is, that you need to do everything
    alone, as on these ships where hundreds of men doing their job AND doing
    those things simultanouesly.
    P.S.: I’ve send you a video of a derping Zuhio.

  27. picked up on tripitz and dropped a hard cit on me in my konis . was a honor
    to die to the sith Notser

  28. oh man i had one hell of a match an hour or two ago in my warspite – i
    broke the enemies’ backs and their cruisers fled, 1 colorado of 2 made it
    through as all my fellow BBs fled and got wrecked, i kept backing up across
    the entire map chipping at the colorado coming at me for 10 minutes
    straight, asking my friendly DDs for help, CVs, anyone, please, 2 of us can
    turn the balance on this flank. They chased B point and a lone CV for the
    win, but we had the victory anyway with 3:1 strength but i kept our flank
    suppressed in dire need of help, but no one wanted the easy kill and noble
    feeling. ended up super low hp as was the still alive colorado..Some people
    have terrible perception or do their own thing and do not care at all for
    the greater good of the team. I came out on top of the score board with
    only 1 kill, ton of citadels, no caps, no defends, but that’s sad that it
    was all me on that flank, very close to losing the last BB, our CV and our
    base for many many minutes. This isnt a FPS game where most of hte time
    youre responsible for your own kills, you need to rely on your team mates
    for doing their jobs, it’s not just about kills.

    i repurchased a few low tier ships to retry some low tier gameplay, the
    number of cruisers chasing BBs because theyre the only ships people can hit
    is risible, DDs run rampant doing whatever they please to BBs and CVs,
    hilarity all over the place. suffice anything more to say i only kept low
    tier DDs and premiums hehe.

  29. Hey notser! What is your opinion on the blyskawica using its guns only with
    the advanced fire perk? Me and a friend both have the blyska, and we’ve
    both got the extended gun range. we never really use the torps unless a
    good oppertunity for an ambush presents itself. Do you think that still
    contributes to the match enough? We usually get at least 60 hits each per
    game, most of the time without ever being detected :D

  30. If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a torpedo!

  31. those torps changed the game….

  32. Good Game, Neo!

  33. Blow up the A-Hole Lmao haha well done as always Notser!

  34. i wonder how im supposed to get the aa kills if i have no cvs :F

  35. a real brown pants moment dodging all those torps.
    Thanks for posting

  36. Clinic of dodging torpedoes with dr. Notser arrives! please check out our
    site for inscription.

  37. I don’t really want to deny enemy attack runs in my Hosho…. Anyways, Im
    almost halfway in the first part for the Kongo on the first day.
    I do not have a life.

  38. To be fair they should stop asking for kills, more just the amount of
    damage you have to do for to kill 30 cruisers or DDs or whatever – planes
    are fine – because kills “stealing” makes the whole experience soooo
    freaking frustrating…

    I’ve never felt so messed up before… “kill stealing” ship after ship when
    RNG screwed me over by sub 1k health on the ones that I weathered down…
    It just drives me maaad…

  39. Nice video 🙂 If you are fine, i hope to ask something. Compare to 203mm,
    is 155mm fine to use? Slow turret rotation speed, low spray penetration..
    Power of HE with fast RPM is the only attraction, i think.. What do you
    think about it 🙂 (But whatever we use, Mogami is still good against any
    other ship!)

  40. that dodge though

  41. That dodge with slowing down…. really nicely done!

  42. why not upgrade the range to 18 km ?

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