World of Warships – Molotov by Tonnagekoenig

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by Tonnagekoenig on Strait starts out in the north and attempts to do damage against the enemy from range. He moves south to defend the base of his team. One by one the team falls down and Tonnagekoenig is forced to try and hold out against the enemy team. The game becomes very interesting and hopefully tonnagekoenig can hold out as long as possible. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Molotov Replay


  1. what is this crosshair

  2. Really good gameplay. He punished that team hard near the end, and had
    great luck too. What i don’t approve is the first 2 engagements on those
    two CA’s. Using HE on CA’s with those angles while on a Molotov? He
    could’ve easily landed multiple citadels on those fools.

  3. Well worth the time. That was excellent!

  4. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    Wow. .. Mach sehr gutte. !!!!

  5. Akari “Furutaka” Akaza

    I appreciate all of your content
    I’d love to see some HoI4 vids sometime

  6. Wow, I don’t know if I’m more impressed with Tonnig or sad for that last
    Molotov. I can only imagine the raging that was happening at his computer.

  7. This is the best clutch I ever seen in 1.3year of playing this game, WOW
    seriosly *slowclap* ABSOLUTELY INSANE

  8. When RNG loves you

  9. Amazing game, amazing commentary!

  10. I love how you misspelled the player´s nick 😀

    – first G pronounced like the G in “tonnage”
    – second (last) G pronounced like the G in “Golf” or in “Good Game”

    TonnazshekoeniGG ;)

  11. I call Russian bias on this channel. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. Yup, usual WG muppet players. If they can find ways to fuck up and forgo
    the bonuses for winning, they will.
    Just imagine the exp value of that last ship they all chased. Then imagine
    the +50% bonus to ALL the exp earned to that point.
    Shows how stupid most of them are, doesn’t it?
    p.s. fun fact about the supposedly brilliant HE of the Japanese: they
    contained less HE bursting charge than just about all the other Navies’ 8″
    shells. More WG fantasy bullshit, lol.

  13. Dear god everytime you said “tonnaaascha künisch” it gave me cancer! 😀
    haha no worries pronouncing foreign words can be very hard. awesome vid!
    You’ve got yourself a new sub! :)

  14. I must admit I approve of the level of play by Tonnage, but the idiocy of
    those enemies is baffling! I know it wasn’t a super high tier, but they
    totally sold that match to Tonnage ^^

  15. こんばんは~^^ノ すばらしすぎますw

  16. He should also receive the solo warrior medal….. 6 v 1 amazing

  17. This was absolute epic! Wow…. Yeah it is unbelievable

  18. Which Cruiser is that you talked about? The Zao?

  19. I was laughing so hard at the poor luck of the other molotov!! Poor fello

  20. Alexandr Abramovsky

    That was great!! But the fortune were on his side. And why I’ve never met a
    stupid and bad play enemies in the game?)))

  21. They postponed the update by one week.

  22. how do you turn on replays????? I cant figure it out.

  23. whhaaats?!!! xD how he did that!! xD amazing

  24. nice flipping game

  25. Unbelievable skill….and THEN the Gods smiled!!!

  26. Really, really awesome! Greatest comeback I’ve ever seen, and I already
    watched hundrets of replays. Nor have I managed doing something like this
    myself (1v6) – chapeau!

  27. awesome

  28. That was exceptional!! Perfect come back!! Smart strategy plus that final
    stubborn and stupid Molotov who kept firing AP at a well angling ship….

  29. Speechless this is epic

  30. Awesome game, luck yes but he played it perfect and most important it was
    very entertaining. Also – thanks for not ruining it by foreshadowing the
    result in the title – putting ‘OMFG most 1337 game eva!’ as the title would
    have kind of spoiled the ending. Kudos.

  31. Great game. That last skirmish with the other Molotov – what saved our guy
    was specifically the damage saturation of the bow, is that correct?

  32. chickenkill matthews

    wow game gameplay

  33. Notser braucht Deutsch Aussprache zu studieren, ist er schmerzhaft zu

  34. I kept thinking: “He’s dead. He’s so dead. There’s no way he’s getting out
    of this; Molotov doesn’t have the armour.”

    You glorious bastard.

  35. More then likely, his win in the end had to do with the difference in game
    mechanics between WoT and WoWS. Once a part of the ship has zero hp , you
    can’t damage it anymore. Doesn’t work that way in WoT since you can kill a
    tank with repeated shots to the same point. I think it should be addressed.
    HP should not be compartmented.

  36. Евгений Слободенко


  37. WHOA, NICE!

  38. 16:50 – -Jeez that was a tense ending!

  39. Molotov not using AP is sad 🙁 All those wasted HE shots..

    Especially against tier 4/5 ships…

    that enemy molotov… wwhhhhyyy????

    You have a molotov, you should KNOW WHY THEY ARE GOOD!!!

  40. That was epic.

  41. Here’s a request for ya! I’d love to see gameplay on the map that I heard
    described as “Canadian” the other day. Know the one I mean?

  42. The God of WoW just revealed himself. What a game!

  43. Epic!

  44. wow, that was a great game on his part



  46. Steven Brannen jr

    You are absolutely right notser, as a World of Warships player myself that
    game was amazing. Sadly, i dont think you will putting a video out this
    week on the update simply because it was postponed by one week. lol.

  47. Couldn’t have been more intense, if it was scripted, lol.

  48. wow

  49. Incredible. A lot of luck and incompetent enemies is all you need sometimes
    Well played.

  50. What happened to that Gremyaschy game I sent you???? :^)
    And that was an awesome game :D

  51. hory sheet!!!

  52. BT-7 Made from 5% Stalinium

    Notser do the ARP ships game play please!

  53. My first premium and my favorite ship by far. The Molly isn’t a very common
    premium. I see another maybe once every 3 to 5 games. People aren’t
    familiar with it yet. Don’t take it seriously, don’t see it as much of a
    threat. Until you start shredding them with your rail guns. 10k AP salvos
    on Kongos. 7k+ HE, plus fires. Your speed makes you a DDs worst nightmare.
    Other cruisers… mother of god. So many of them just spam HE broadside on.
    They expect you to do the same, because so many people do. It’s always sort
    of funny when they start to run away after receiving 6 citadel hits in one
    salvo. Like there’s anywhere they run to. Poor bastards.

  54. Trần Dụng Phan

    why people want use AP shell so badly???
    because if they use HE, it never have this replay for us :))))))

  55. the enemy team gave me autism, the last guy in particular…
    “my *AP* does no dmg because i shot him flat on the nose?”
    herp derp better keep shooting *AP*
    and not switch to *HE* herpy herpy derp

  56. holy carp!!

  57. Unfortunately no 0.5.7 for another week or so.

  58. That was bloody amazing! Great job and replay.

  59. Alessandro Calame

    Hey notser, I saw a Japanese destroyer with a red camo with some orange
    mixed in yesterday but I don’t remember what it was called. It had an
    unusual name that I’ve never seen before and I think it was a tier 4. Do
    you know what ship that is?

  60. That game. My mind is blown. What is life? What is love? Meine boot ist
    nass ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

  61. I wonder if the other Molotov player went off into a corner and balled his
    eyes out for a while after that match.

  62. sorry but the in/out gives me vertigo…. couldn’t watch the whole thing

  63. Unbelievable!!

  64. That guy should have just shot HE at a 2% hp ship.

  65. Who the hell has that kinda luck!?! Just wow…

  66. Molotov is OP right up until they start shooting at you. I will say though,
    this ship is a confederate machine if you can stay alive.

  67. amazing :D

  68. German Power :-)

  69. The enemies Molotov’s problem is that he seemed to be firing AP, HE
    wouldn’t bounce like that.

  70. Wow, hell of a come back!

  71. So many no damage shots… any shot should do at least a few 100hp of
    damage.. taking AP and HE shots and NO damage? Just shows how bad this game
    can be at times.

    Haw many BBs get killed by a DD shooting at the bow….. yet goofyness like
    this happens

  72. BTW the 0.5.7 got delayed.

  73. Wow, what a game. Holy shit. Solo warrior? He is an One Ship Fleet!

  74. very nice game, but that is one of my issues with the game. Where a ship
    can just stop taking damage in certain spots of the ship.

  75. wtf did I just watch

  76. Luis Fernando Arispe

    WOOOW!!!. What a great game!!!!!

  77. 0.5.7 was delayed until next week

  78. Hm, that sounds almost Polish the way you say it Noster.

  79. molotov is OP 2.0 ! I also sent u a nice replay with 185 k dmg. that’s just

  80. How Notser pronounces the name of the player… :D

  81. well that makes my solo warrior look sad. I was just a coward in a DD.

  82. Wow!!!

  83. Why can’t rng love me like this guy lol, wp Tonnagekoenig and another good
    video Notser. Don’t burn yourself out Notser

  84. Wow what a turn around. Keep them coming.

  85. The patch was postponed for a week…

  86. Damn, that was tense.

  87. Patch got delayed to next week. :(


    which line should i go russian crusier or german crusier

  89. Friedrich püschel

    An alle Deutschen: “Tonage du Tier” :D

  90. Mind blown.

  91. once again, a russian replay gets a dislike

  92. Aaaaand i did not get taken again xD

    @Notser: How long does it take for the replay to be published? =)

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