World of Warships – Molotov Premium

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Molotov on Trident initially moves assist A, but we see there isnR;t going be much success over there. I try to move to center while backing up my friend in a Fuso. A series of unfortunate events finds me very low and scared. I move to fight among my teammates as they try to bring us back from the brink. Some enemy ships try to seize the moment, I do everything to not let them win. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Soviet Cruiser Molotov Replay


  1. Looks like you found a cruiser worthy of Last Stand

  2. So many six-year olds play this game. Obviously one driving the Myoko.
    Isn’t there a parental rating on WOWs? Maybe not, but sure wish there were.
    Great comeback, Noster. Always love your videos. I remember the days when
    you had < 3500 subs. Now, you're heading for Jester's territory. Best of luck.

  3. think I’ll stick with my Budy, I can barely keep that thing floating half a
    battle so 8 don’t need something more fragile

  4. “Ah-Oh-Bah” not Owba… “aoba”

  5. UnbeatenTube 455

    The AP shells feels very good.

  6. I love high velocity shells on cruisers, already bought it and I have no
    idea if I’ll have time to even play this week lol

  7. Notser thanks a lot,very helpful I pretty much have the same set up as you
    but the graphics card and monitor, what 980ti specifically did you
    purchase? and that acer is nice just ordered one.

  8. lol “enemy” Myoko push me into torps. Just a unfriendly “friendly Myoko”

    If the torp flood you. You will repair and then got set on fire by that
    friendly, You probably die or left with less than 5000 HP.

  9. wg keep feeding us with more and more weird camos when the historical ones
    are not even in the game…facepalm

  10. PurpleSpeckledAppleEater

    I fought the Molotov as a DD. It ripped me to shreds. Figured it was still
    in testing but I’ve already learned to respect this ship when it tries to
    guerrilla hit and run snipe against DDs and light cruisers.

  11. Not a ship I’m interested in. I sold Kirov and kept Budyonny (currently at
    A glass cannon with Donskoi’s guns.

    If I need a strong-gunned ship at T6, I have Aoba. No interest in this one.

    As for the guys that push you into torpedoes, it happened to me more than
    once. I understand bumping into someone while running away or distracted in
    binocs view. What I do not understand is when they do not immediately
    disengage, put rudder full away from the other ship. Some teammates are
    just stupid. Bump into you, stay locked into you even when the horns are
    blaring, push you into a bad position in front of the enemy, carelessly
    cross in front of your shooting secondaries, etc.

  12. “enemy” Myoko lol

  13. When in shop, waiting on this and Indianapolis. Going to try cruisers
    instead of DD’s for a change.

  14. Sweet for a crap game to start. Keep them coming.

  15. Alexandr Abramovsky

    there is no worse enemy than your moron-ally))

  16. Notser****

  17. forced to eat a torpedo, set on fire by an ally, broken steering twice. you
    see Notser this is the kind of things that happens when you don’t run into
    an island!

  18. Kirov was a terrible ship…. I was so glad when I got the budy. I don’t
    care if they say 180mm… the budy guns are so much better and do more

  19. Noster, greats videos really enjoy watching them! Question for you…anyway
    you can share your console set up because your graphics are freakin awesome
    and I am trying to upgrade my desktop for better graphics. If you could
    tell me the graphics card you use and monitor etc that would be awesome.
    Keep the videos coming. war gaming name oldswayback

  20. that ointment guy, havent seen him since he did that to me once too. made
    me die.

  21. I still have x50 rank 1 camos left because I am so stingy with it lol. It’s
    like playing an RPG, hoard everything and never spend/use something if you
    don’t have to. I generally save them until there’s a x3 event or a mission
    going on for a particular ship that increases the exp gain. This way I can
    earn absolutely obscene amounts of exp with the camo, multipliers, premium,
    signal flags, flags, etc. when it really counts.

  22. Went to search up the about the Royal Navy, now I see y they did not put it
    in the game

  23. i dont know how you can stay so calm after that grand showing of
    incompetence from the myoko

  24. Looks like a good ship to farm credits

  25. I normally put a few rounds into a teammate when they do shit like that and
    dont apologize

  26. How badly i hate such fuckers like this myoko guy.

  27. Impossible Object

    I think it isn’t Kirov but Soviet ca tier 9 Dimitri donskoi guns on the
    Molotov. Way too accurate and powerful for Kirov guns.

  28. Nice to see that they are working hard on the Royal Navy ffs ?

  29. Oh look, another premium nobody asked for.

  30. Seems like this new Molotov has no cons besides the fire range? 180mm is
    much more powerful than the 150mm in tier 6, 7 and 8 of Soviet cruisers.

  31. Thanks Notser!!! You da real mvp

  32. lol

  33. Oh boy another Premium Clone. I guess it is far easier to change the name
    of the ship and make a few tweaks than it to design a new class of ship.
    Way to Phone it in WG

  34. Probably the luckiest/unlucky replay I’ve ever seen. By all rights you
    should have died early. Big mistake by the enemy team to not take you out.

  35. Notser what to choose Yamato or Montana.??

  36. Will wargaming “PLEASE” just put another premium British ship in the game
    at least already, and not another shitty ship like the cambletown, no
    offence to the dead of the ‘raid on St Nazair’. But a powerful iconic ship
    like the Prince of Whales, Hood or even the Nelson.

  37. Gareth Fairclough

    That myoko…ohhhhh man! How do people like that know how to breathe
    He was probably raging on his end, screeching “WHY’D THAT RUSSKIE GET IN MY

  38. Molotov got Dmitri Donskoi guns, not Kirov guns

  39. give us the nickname of that son of a whore of the myoko he doesent deserve
    to play this game

  40. shut up and take my money lol.
    What a great ship.

  41. Oh! Excited about this one.

  42. Hey notser, do you use any mods, and if you do, which mods do you use?

  43. Fernando Mernez

    Nice game!
    Those guns aren’t Kirov’s guns, the trajectories and shell speed is
    different, is more like the Donskoi’s guns.

  44. that first 3 minuts… xD.. was like “yea… fuck notser”

  45. Hahahahahahhahaaah the carry was real!

  46. Well, I would torpedo that friendly Myoko for being such an idiot. In fact,
    I do it regurarly also against campers.

  47. Notser – how many commander points are you utilizing? Sixteen?

  48. Looks like a good ship. Kirov has my second highest winrate, and the
    highest of all my cruisers. Granted, that was only over 24 games, but
    that’s all it took me to get to Budyonny.

    I got my first pink in 1900 games tonight, too, when a Clemson with 3hp
    rammed into my ship while trying to steal a kill from me. I was displeased.

    I also saw two Indys. Looks like a decent enough ship, if you liked the

  49. DAT Myoko…

  50. Notser love all your post. Thanks for making all of us better players. Does
    War Gaming ever tell you when the release date will be on the NA server for
    a premium ship?

  51. I would selected an enemy ships as a torpedo target and then I would have
    given the myoko a salvo of torps. folled by a “sorry… tunnel vision you
    know?” in chat.

  52. i can’t find a video wtih the mikasa! but why? you play with so many ships
    but not with the mikasa? she is bad i know but she is very funny and has an
    interesting story..

  53. That_Unknown_Guy

    I would have torped the myoko

  54. Stephen Chu (朱朱)

    Love seeing those full heath BBs loitering way behind doing nothing, only
    to be killed by DDs. They’ll probably then go on the forums and whine about
    OP DDs and torps.

  55. Yet more sock puppets. Get someone to critically low health then don’t
    finish it. Stupid v a normal player, deadly against a great one.
    Idiots on their side, and a classic one on your own who did their best to
    kill you with no apology at all. Might as well have been a bot for all the
    good it did; I suspect did more to get you damaged than they ever did to
    the enemy, then died soon after sitting broadside on in a CA.
    The stupidity of so many players was the decisive factor in me ditching WG
    once and for all. Nothing I’ve seen in many of your matches of late makes
    me regret that choice, lol.
    Wonder what I could sell my WG account for, with a bunch of tier
    10s/premiums (tiers 5-8) in WoT and an Ark Beta and Iwaki Alpha in WoWS?
    Any thoughts?
    p.s. don’t bother with their over priced lazy re-boot of Masters of Orion,
    Paradox’s Stellaris shits on it in every way that matters AND is cheaper.

  56. why are there more soviet premium cruisers? Because they are trying to do
    the same thing as in world of tanks, Russians get more and new tec trees.
    While the rest of the world has to wait for stuff like the Royal Navy and
    so on, its just the same Russians and soviet ships/tanks get in first
    because that’s what wargamming does.

  57. Nice game.

  58. Some of the best premium to make credits in your opinion?

  59. @notser I only have time to level one battleship line. In your experience
    should I chose USA or IJN? Thanks.

  60. Tehmustachedbiscuit

    so many russian prems… Yet no French or Italian ;_;

  61. I sunk a Molotov driven by ichasegaming PA in my USS Texas 2 days ago. He
    showed his broadsides, it wasn’t a “hit” on a streamer at all costs, he
    just made the most sense to shoot at the time. That also just happened to
    be one of my better games in my TX. Hopefully he will stream it.

  62. Christopher Gabriel Castillo

    u should have team killed the myoko in the 1st parts of the video coz u
    took a torp and stole yur kill. he deserved it…

  63. FaithfulScrubHD

    Yeah will not be buying this ship. If I see anyone who is driving this ship
    while I’m in a BB, I’ll be very happy. XP piñata with crappy

  64. im glad that uve finnaly decided to stop calling ships female and use aa
    rating instead of ammount of guns, u finnaly dont look like an american

  65. A myoko captain driving like he is king-dick of the universe? Go fucking

  66. talking about tunnel vision huh? how do they get up in this tier playing
    like that? >.<

  67. Because World of Warships obviously needs MOAR Russkie ships!
    Thanks Wargaming! 😛

  68. Notser Time to get last stand xD

  69. I wish I hade that ship

  70. Oh dear, Notser I guess you never noticed, but the 180mm guns are the same
    ones as on the Dmitri Donskoy :P

  71. Notser buddy, molotov doesnt have kirov guns although they look the same.
    Its a T6 with T9 (Dmitri D) guns 😉 hence the higher damage compared to
    kirov 180mm’s.

  72. lol that myoko seems like an enemy
    p.s i love your youtube

  73. You are the best armor belt ever!

  74. Underviv babytears farmer

    I Would have totaly torpedoed that myoko

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