World of Warships – Molotov Review – Molotovs Here!

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I go over her strengths, weaknesses, module and captain choices. I also provide a few suggestions on how she should be played. The Molotov is a curious ship as she has a slightly upgraded Kirov hull but with the guns from the tier 9 Dimitri Donskoi. Does this strange combination work at tier 6? I think if she plays a supporting role, hangs a bit back and uses her amazing arcs and firepower to hit enemy ships then she is quite a dangerous ship. However, fail at situational awareness and the Molotov will make you pay by making you go swimming with the fish. Anyways, enjoy the review 😀

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  1. OldSchool Gaming

    I was wondering about youre Cits to that CV. I always aim middle of the
    ship at waterline but you shot over to one side where the smokestacks were
    and you aimed half way up the hull? Is their where the Citidel is on

  2. played Kirov…. it sucks, guns are terrible. get budy and those guns hit
    citadel’s like mad. suspect budy gets better… Kirov will still suck. not
    sure about this Molotov…

  3. Ichase the Kirov has the exact same guns as the Molotov, it is also of the
    same class, and was the only Kirov class to have surface and air radar
    during WW2.

  4. Does it just not get Hydro, or is Defensive AA just plain better even with
    the terrible range?

  5. Kirov UP pls buff.

  6. Why don’t I see this in the store?

  7. Really, another Russian premium

  8. The Molotov has already been released on the RU server, so most likely
    there won’t be any more changes :)

  9. Josh Ballow (Joshuphigh)

    CHASE I have a suggestion for a theory crafting episode, use advanced
    firing training, basic firing training, manual AA fire, AA modification 2,
    etc on a variety of US ships like Iowa, des moines, and especially
    cleveland and atlanta to see how incredibly OP the of these ships can get.
    The Iowa could be VERY strong with its 20 5 inch AA guns and would show how
    much of a pain US ships can be with their AA to carriers

  10. Very much enjoyed your review of the famous well known russian space
    cruiser. In any vase have you had a chance to play Tone or Indianapolis?

  11. would you use the same tactics with the Kirov?

  12. dammmmmn how the hell u get so much free xp and gold

  13. What’s with all the Orlan captains?

  14. Would how long it will take WG to sell this in NA? Still haven’t seen the
    Campbelltown and every other server has

  15. Great info as always. Keep them coming

  16. *SIGH* Am I the only one that is thinking this whole glass cannon theme,
    “eggshells armed with hammers”, is starting to wear a little thin? And at
    that, it does seem as if we’re getting an inordinate number of Russian
    premiums, compared to the other navies in game – not to mention the much
    delayed entry of the Royal Navy and other sizeable fleets. What I’ve heard
    on the forums, even on the RU server, they’re asking “where the hell is the
    Royal Navy?”.

  17. 100% chance of fire? Please have 100% chance of fire.

  18. Katia Mariza Lazaridou

    Thanks for the Molotov review much appreciated iChase :). And the Molotov
    looks pretty good, and it might be a decent money making ships. I might be
    wrong thought :P

  19. Good Vid, as usual! Any idea when you may release some content of the USS
    Indianapolis? Can’t wait to see what’s she look like!

  20. Trident map is haunted, pass it on.

  21. iChase, any idea when this ship is going to come out? Also, any word on the
    Indianapolis? Can we look forward to a preview of her from you in the
    months ahead?

  22. i am going to get this ship

  23. my God is Yahweh

    And I agree with the comments, the aiming reticle is horrible.

  24. my God is Yahweh

    I don’t see it listed as a premium ?

  25. Just what the game needs, more OP soviet ships.

  26. wtf is that crosshair? why would u do that to a game that looks so good?!

  27. Really looking forward to this one. I play fragile ships anyhow being a DD
    captain and all that and even in wot I always play lights and paper
    mediums. So this will be right up my street can’t wait to watch those
    citadels stacking up :).

  28. Soviet Navy – 19 normal ships + 6?? premium Murmansk, Molotov, Kutuzov,
    Aurora, Diana and Grem.
    Royal Navy – 2 premium – Warspite, Cambletown

  29. Lol, yeah Mahan has just 35.5 knots top speed! So the Molotov IS faster!

  30. 11:00 Heh, that’s pretty much exactly how I start matches in my Kutuzov!
    Only in patches before 0.5.5 I used to camp next to my CVs if there were
    any for the first 3 to 5 mins, to prevent them from getting sniped!

    And really, many of the things you have said of the Molotov so far are also
    true of the Kutuzov. Kutuzov is NOT A good Frontline ship! Well, at least
    not until everyone is already lit up and you can push up into a bunch of
    enemies, pop smoke, and shell them to the bottom of the abyss!

  31. So many peoples are complaining about ur crosshair. I think its just to
    huge! I like the colors, but the big lines on it make it hard to actually
    see the enemy.
    If u make it smaller, I would be absolutly fine with it ^^!

  32. What an ugly reticle. Crosshair on crack or maybe a hippie wave. :D

  33. OMG that sight is so ugly and blocking the view

  34. WindmillStalker

    It gets Kirov guns, Chase. Not Donskoi guns. The Donskoi clearly gets the
    MK-3-180M guns. The Kirov and Molotov don’t get the M guns. At least not
    according to the stats page…

  35. omg that crosslinks hud…. mi eyes!! xD

  36. Looking forward to snagging this on the NA servers, hopefully soon. GG

  37. The hell is the point of playing german cruisers anymore, seems the only
    thing the germans do better these days is turn and hide better

  38. wow, this shell spead! less than 5s to 10k, that’s insane!

  39. The Kirov gets the same guns as the Molotov so this ship just seems like a
    nerfed Kirov because its a higher tier.

  40. FullMetalChicken

    Any news with Tone?

  41. Sounds like an interesting ship if nothing else.

  42. 7.5 second shell flight time for a 14 km shot. That is quite extreme.

  43. when will it be on sale?

  44. The designers of the Atlanta should’ve hired a strong russian engineer.

  45. Your crosshair offends me! Love it =P

  46. Vladimir Efimov

    A slightly improved Kirov will fare well in tier 6, problem is there are
    already too many “sniper” cruisers in the game, this encourages camping and
    spamming HE at max range rather than tactical team-play.
    You play on NA, but as a community contributor you should be able to get
    any premium ships for free or at lest access to a WG press account. On EU
    we have this event with 4 rare low tier premium ships available (Tachibana,
    Smith, Albany and Katori), few people will have the time to collect enough
    “diamonds” to get all of them, so a quick review would be very useful. Can
    you please do that before the end of May?

  47. that reticle is … fugly … how the heck you ‘see’ what yous aiming at?

  48. That is one horrendous looking crosshair mod.

  49. Angel33Demon666

    Lol this reticle hurts my eyes xD

  50. another soviet premium ship, stop giving us premium ships,

  51. you should do a know your ship video on the USS Washington (ACR-11). it’s a
    ship I would like to see in game

  52. Did i see a british DD???

  53. Muhammad Zafranuddin

    Waiting for poor people to complain and call it russian bias

  54. uuuugh…that camo

  55. I noticed that at extreme ranges my AP in russian cruisers has a lot of
    trouble getting citadels, especially if the other cruisers are angled even
    a little. So against other cruisers, how do you know when to use AP over
    HE? How much of an angle can you still citadel another cruiser often under
    say, 10km?

  56. One thing about press accounts that makes me a little salty….

    19 skill point captains (and all the respecs). Just a little unfair for us
    regular players with normal gaming scheduals and NOT twenty years to grind
    that much captain xp.

  57. Hm. When people start to get used to the Molotov (and get used to fighting
    it), it’s going to become even more difficult to use. Any smart cruiser or
    BB captain will focus down a Molotov desperately. God knows I will.

  58. can someone please tell me why wargaming is adding all these powerful
    low-tier Cruisers now we have a problem in my Atlanta when the ship comes
    out yeah why can’t we get some tier 9 premium ships are tier 10 premium

  59. That RoF is too high.

  60. definitely gonna pick this up

  61. Well the ship suits the way all the idiots play in wows which is sit back
    and just snipe all game honestly I keep an eye on the game but it is so
    boring with the passive turd fest and it is all because of stupid repair
    costs and players being so worried about the bill

  62. I saw several people playing the Indianapolis yesterday, new US CA

  63. 1:26 180 milli x 57 caliber ? Where does the 57 caliber come from? I
    understand how the USN gun’s get their second number (Barrel length) but
    the only thing I can put my head on you 57 Caliber statement is maybe the
    rifling twist per meter; maybe shell weight.. Is it 57 Kilo’s? Got me a bit
    confused there and I paused and spent 20 mins looking through book and the
    interwebs for an answer before posting this. As always thanks for the vid,
    and she looks like a formidable tier 6..

  64. rofl, that chat at the beginning of the match is pure gold

  65. Travis Callahan

    8 minutes and I’m still late to the party lol.

  66. Maree Printemps

    It’s rare to see videos that come only in 60fps 1080 and 720 only.

    Well, maybe I’m a bit too early. :P

  67. First?

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