World of Warships – Molotov Tier 6 Russian Premium Cruiser Overview

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Patch 5.6 is awesome. If you disagree with me Stalin’s ghost will pay you a visit, comrade! Available in the shop for $23-29 or in the tech tree for 4,550 Doubloons!


  1. So for farming credits to fuel higher tier derping, do you recommend this
    over the Murmansk?

  2. Glad to hear you like the Cyclon! Great stuff again.

  3. Business, you’re slacking in your US cruiser grind! I want to see your
    Baltimore and Des Moines review!

  4. The amount of broadsides the opponents gave you were downright ridiculous.
    No course or speed changes, no tail waggling, just enemies as dumb as you
    could wish for, shouting “please kill me”…How does the ship do against
    higher tiers though, you were top or mid tier all the time here ?

  5. I’m just gonna go ahead disagree with what WG is doing with the premiums
    here – making them high skill floor niche ships.
    This is a GREAT idea provided that at least a good portion of the gaming
    population is competent, but a TERRIBLE idea when there are so many people
    who don’t know how to do anything but throw money at a game. By having a
    high skill floor on premium ships, WG is basically taking players away from
    a team that consists of these niche ships simply because they don’t have
    the slightest clue how they should play those ships and they’ve just jumped
    right up from playing tier 2-3 ships to playing anything up to tier 8. With
    something more forgiving like the Derpitz holding its current title, I’m
    just becoming increasingly worried with WG pushing the Molotov and the
    I cannot say I am a great player, but I do notice a severe misplaying
    problem going on with premium ships, at least in the SEA server.

  6. Business you’re right that Molotov is a glass cannon and that it needs a
    higher skill sets than other ships. But this doesn’t stop noobs from buying
    this ship and gets wreck. I had this player yesterday in the Molotov, he
    was out of position whether on purpose or not, stop in the middle and fire
    away, I just blow him out of the water in my Colorado.

  7. Kongou 金剛改二

    business….I want the tirpitz….. but this thing….looks really good !!!
    what would you say is the better buy XD ?

  8. Cameron Andrewes

    on North, does the cyclone start at a specific time? is it on a timer?

  9. Cameron Andrewes

    on North, does the cyclone start at a specific time? is it on a timer?

  10. Shrutesh Kumar (ZonerRoamer)

    Yup I also have this skybox issue.. thought it was only me because I force
    AA through Nvidia inspector :P

  11. Great video definitely good tips to follow. And awesome shot on fualt line.
    Ima have to steal that move in my molotov :)

  12. jared angel nolasco angeles

    helpppp ayuda porfa cuando me abre por completo el juego despues de mover
    algo(como poner un barco) se me pone la pagina e del juego en negro y no me
    responde helpppp

  13. I’m loving my Molotov so far, her guns are fantastic!!

  14. Couldn’t agree more on this ship, I had a hell of a time getting used to
    Budyonne so I wasn’t going to buy the Molotov. I fell in love with the
    Budyonne in the last 2/3’s (and now the Shchors is even better). Molotov is
    my goto T6 CA now, I currently switch up between CA captain with demo
    expert or my Khaba captain for concealment expert – all damn fun. The
    rudder is quick when upgraded, but making drastic changes in course for a
    quick change in map location takes some planning because of the turning
    radius – not to mention it really sheds a lot of the coveted speed when
    turning…., but those guns… damn.

  15. when i overextend in soviet cruisers, i just put it in reverse and stay

  16. so looks like a T6 pepsi with shitty AA and… I guess worse turning circle

  17. That poor stuck Clemson. I played against a Izumo on Okinawa today who got
    himself lodged in a small bay only like one third of a destroyer’s length
    wider than his own ship. I don’t know how he got himself in there but he
    clocked a triple cit from my NC and it was glorious.

  18. Hello business, if I want a premium ship to have insane fun, relatively
    easy to play and makes bucket loads of credit. Between tirpitz mikhail and
    Molotov which one do u recommend? :)

  19. I haven’t played the furataka yet, but i saw its new C hull, and would
    anyone else agree it might as well be the stock AOBA

  20. Great review on the Molotov. I love mine. Saw flamu’s review on it and it
    fits well with my play style. Plus if you buy it it will definitely teach
    you a think or two about how to avoid broadsides. Surprised you barely
    mentioned the power of HE. I know the video shows some good salvo, but just
    surprised you didn’t harp on it more. Molo is definitely a money maker for
    me. Also on the NC I only played 1 game in it yesterday and love it now! I
    actually can hit something! First time I think I got over a 100K damage in
    it. Also surprised you didn’t just bring up the Kirov up at the beginning
    and do a head to head comparison since they are technically the same class
    of ship (rather than briefly say some stuff), but it is what it is. So with
    the new update you going to buy back the Montana? Again great review and I
    totally agree with you on your assessment of the ship! BTW you and flamu
    should do a 1v1 lol….i saw that comment in the replay wonder who would
    win in best of 5

  21. nice vid Biz, you make that ship look like a wrecking ball!

  22. I bought this ship…took it out 1 time in Bot mode to check it out and
    decided NOT to play it until I saw a decent review on it…….think I will
    fire it up now.

  23. show me the Hipper!!

  24. The cyclone always comes on North when the weather is sunny in the
    beginning. If it starts off rainy there won’t be a cyclone.

  25. I know what you mean about this ship being delicate, met one in my Atlanta
    once at 7km, load AP, 6 citadels….boom… anything can crunch the Molo if
    you aren’t careful

  26. Hah, I expect every shell to citadel me no matter which cruiser I play. 😛
    Since most of my cruiser games go like this: Dodge most shells coming
    towards me for most of the game. But the one salvo that do hit, no matter
    angle. Smack dead. Idk to other players but for me all cruisers are glass

  27. Argh had two big heartbreak games today >< 130-140k damage 1800 base exp in the Warspite and a 160-170k damage 1900 base exp game in the Farragut. Such close games as well!

  28. I disagree :p 5.6 is a nightmare the worst patch we got in a long time. RIP
    cvs = dd infestation = rip fun

  29. i watch these and they make me want to go up the russian cruiser tree. i
    went american in beta and at launch and have felt underwhelmed ever since i
    got into the pensacola and the new orleans. i cant figure out what they are
    supposed to be good at except for having paper armor and only having a
    reliable punch with ap at point blank range.

  30. Downing loading that patch tonight. Hopefully it didn’t take long. I got
    important things to do like playing WOWs and AW. :-)

  31. Damn , this ship is so good it makes the Indianapolis a stupid ship

  32. Cornichon Privé

    What does VMF stand for?

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