World of Warships: Moltke – Double CV Makes T4 Unfun

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Moltke is a new T4 German battlecruiser. She’s alright, but T4 just feels awful due to every game being double CV.
The ship was given to me by Wargaming.

0:00 Moltke Match
13:20 End Screen
13:48 Captain Skills & Upgrades
13:53 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 4 German battlecruiser Moltke.


  1. Too many damn planes.

  2. Ah yes the tier 4 banana ship.


    (I have run out of puns.)

  3. ah F5.. the No sleep time yet button..

  4. Where did you learn to speak german? Your pronounciation is very good 🙂

  5. Great video keep up the good work. I like hearing the struggles you go througn playing this game cuz i have the same.

  6. the only ship i enjoy playing at T4 is Yubari because its guns are railguns and it has def AA which make the CV avoid you early in the game.

  7. Great video, and good game even with all those #$%&#!! planes.😉

    Really looking forward to playing these German BCs when they become available. Any other sneak peeks you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Ausgezeichnete deutsche Aussprache! Thats more than just school time knowledge Aerroon….

  9. That Clemson was shifting in the smoke, like wtf?!

  10. But you DID get to blow those CVs away , that is always satisfyingly fun .

  11. I played for the first time in like 5 years, I’m not good and am inexperienced, and the CV I was against in my Phoenix wouldn’t leave me alone. Made me not want to keep playing haha

    • Carriers flat-out ruin this game.

    • WG are their own worst enemy. Shoved CV’s down everyone’s throats…mostly it’s low tier I am complaining about as a lot of ships are defenseless against them. Then they decided to shove submarines down everyone’s throat because they could.

  12. This is why I stick to playing T7 – 10 lower tiers are just boring and AA is non exsistant in a double cv match

  13. Double CVs in Clan wars is not fun either.

  14. I have never came across the bouncing bombs, so when you said it I thought you were making fun of that CV.. haha ^_^;;

  15. All is well in WG spreadsheet la la land!

  16. Too many CVs, says the man in the CV div. o_O 😀

  17. Hippedi Hoppedi, die Kommentarspalte ist nun deutsches Hoheitsgebiet^^

  18. –I recently Got Moltke thru an Amazon promo., the ship isn’t fantastic but I’ve played several games in her &I have a lot of fun with her. The dispersion can be a pain, but you get used to it. Overall, for a t4 ship, I like her & accept her shortcomings.

  19. Double CVs doesn’t bother me it’s all part of the game it just makes me upgrade AA

    • Some ships at that tier have ZERO AA; it’s completely unfair. WG needed to fix this ages ago, but haven’t. Yet another reason I barely play this game anymore.

  20. Da hat er wieder Deutsch gesprochen, genial 😀

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