World of Warships- Moltke First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we have the first impressions of the new German Battlecruiser, Moltke, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Played a few game. Fun but guns are a little wild. CV’s are a pain at this tier, totally forgot as its been so long.

  2. The “something with a p” is the Sponson

  3. If you had the extended tech tree mod you could look at the rest of the line that way.

    Also take a look at the maximum dispersion. Thats why the guns feel so accurate but not very consistent in going to the centre of the recticle.

  4. Nice one! Got her but didn’t play her yet. Might buy me a Lutjens commander and start having some fun.

  5. Level 98 Bear Hunting Armor

    The hull mounted gun are called casemates also I actually am legitimately looking forward to this line

  6. FlyingDutchmanVideos

    IRL Moltke had a 25.5 kts design speed apparently, so it seems WG just went with the max trials speed. For reference, the PEF, which was a Mackensen before they included that in the new BC line, does 28ish knots 2 tiers higher. Moltke’s output was boosted to about 85K metric horsepower to make those kinds of speeds, only 5K less than envisaged for the Mackensens. That….doesn’t seem sustainable lol.

    • It also very much depended on the quality of coal used. If I remember right, for those speed test they might even have used imported coal. But in general, the engines of both Moltke-class ships turned out to be much more capable than designed.

    • WG usually uses maximum trials speed, not design or observed speed.

    • Panzerschliffe Hohenzollern

      Imperial German Navy use the best crew and the best coal for their sea trial. So usually during real combat situation the worse german coal will clog up the grates and reduce the ship speed if they undergo long period of combat speed.

  7. Just snagged her via Prime Gaming. Love the early German battle cruiser designs. This reminds me of H.M.S. Dreadnought.

    I took her into a couple random battles and did alright with her.

    Nothing special, but the secondaries did well, and she was rather nimble at dodging torpedoes via WASD hacks and throttle-juking. Took a lot of punishment.

  8. I think its a good ship. The whole line may not be interesting as moltke as Moltke has an excellent speed compared to low tier so you can just rekt and have fun. In case of higher tier. I think it will become another Scharnhorst

  9. Imgoingtomakeyoupoplikethat Oof

    The armor layout changes at tier 6 to 10 and you don’t have 80 wrap around armor on the bow you go to p.e.f armor then normal armor 30 plate icebreaker the teir 10 had 40 plate icebreaker and torps are on tier 7 to 10 with range of 10 to 14km elbing torps slow but hit hard.

  10. Love this thing. It’s going to be my new go to bb at tier 4 (sorry Wyoming). My favorite thing about it is how reponsive it is. As soon as you push the button to turn its instantly turning. I love it. The accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. Not sure how many salvos I fired that either sailed high or fell way short even though I was aiming properly.

  11. Cruickshank Outdoors

    Dev striked a DD with secondaries in mine last night. I’m impressed.

  12. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account now, you may qualify for a free one-month trial and then you can get the Moltke for free!

  13. She’s fast for a tier 4, feels good. I enjoyed her, looking forward to the rest of the line.

  14. Bad news: This ship seems so good it will probably get nerfed

  15. ayo Mountbatten that was a great game I happened to be in with you yesterday! hope it happens again!

  16. Thumbs up on this ship. Got it last night and played 5 or 6 games. It is a lot of fun at T4.

  17. Flambass has a Schlieffen video up on Two Brothers. The secondaries look amazing. It’s like being spammed by an entire artillery brigade. Oh yeah, and it has torps too but w/e. Secondaries are where it’s at.

  18. This thing makes for some sick t4 torpbeats.

  19. FYI, those guns do fire across the deck, just like König Albert’s.

  20. What I love about Moltke and hopefully the rest of the line is it plays so much like Scharnhorst, which I’ve been enjoying immensely lately.

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