World of Warships- Monarch Second Chance

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Hey guys! Today I take another spin at the Monarch after having touched her in quite some time.

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  1. 4:45 hey read the sign buddy. 😛
    AA builds are nice, but tank builds are made for, well, tanking. Especially with Jack Dunkirk, the -10% to ALL consumables really helps out on top of a damage control build. LIke, 30 second fires and 20 second floods. I don’t remember if that’s with flags or not.

  2. Evangeline Anovilis

    Not going to lie, that AFT instead of CE was a mighty REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE moment for me right there. AFT is never a good idea unless you want secondary/main gun range from it. But for pure AA, it’s shit. It buffs flak damage, but flak shreds planes that fly into it anyway. Ships with defAA would be even worse, because they get like +300% from that anyway. aFT is a waste of 4 skill points and AA builds in general are questionable at the moment, while concealment is one of the Monarch’s greatest strengths and should be capitalised on. I would recommend going for tank build, even on Vanguard, because you hopefully noticed how useless this build is, when a Ryuujou managed to still drop you.

    Also, can we talk about how the AP did like 7k on the QE and 14k on the Bismarck in one salvo, while HE did like 2-4k and maybe a fire every fourth salvo? Monarch may have short fuse, but it has improved 15-inch guns that are a more modern version compared to QE, Warspite and Hood guns (and shared with vanguard, which gets them without the short fuse). They are, apart from the short fuse comparable to Bismarck guns. There is not much reason to not load more AP, especially when fighting ships you overmatch anyway. Sitting back and spewing HE at targets is a playstyle that is throwing away any impact this ship could have, especially when top tier. And if Russian BBs with their citadels can move in, so can a Monarch, given your citadel effectively sits behind even more armour than on a Vladivostok (the actually good aspect of all-or-nothing armour).

    It’s a very nice ship. Easily worth grinding 3 million exp for.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Evangeline Anovilis like I said it’s my old vanguard AA captain from before the rework, just slapped a commander on there so I wouldn’t be playing with a three point commander :p

  3. Monarch was a great grind when i grinded past her, Those guns hit anything hard especially german BB’s broadsidees used to take big 20k chunks out of them

  4. Great content SLM. I also thought Monarch was a bad ship when I was grinding though the line but later realised it was me and not the ship so I’ve dropped back down to Tier VI and VII and am trying to put into practice what I think I’ve learnt. I’ve noticed there is a permanent camo for Monarch in one of the containers/collections, think I might get this and re-visit Monarch. The only issue is having to retrain a Captain 🙁

  5. 14:54 a fuck you from WG. That HE should have wrecked that DD but nooooooooo! WG needs that DD to stay alive so it can potentially torpedo you again.

  6. Monarch is a very underestimated ship. Used to be pretty inaccurate but but is somewhat better since the buff. Can’t say it needed to get its citadel raised but the tanking abilities combined with the dpm this ship has is hands down absurd at times.
    Guns are outright fantastic and I can without a doubt say that there are few bb:s or other ships trying to push on my position while playing this ship that hasn’t regretted it.
    Very fun ship indeed!

  7. Well, i might be the only person playing WoWs that liked Monarch!

  8. British battleships are just big spotting plane Des Moines. Slinging out those big he shells and ruining people’s days.

  9. I have tried ap but it’s just too unreliable. The number of times broadside cruisers have gotten away with it is just too frustrating to make this a fun ship. Its the brit bb line ultra grind ship. Its just boring to play.

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