World of Warships – Monday Rules #11 – The Derzki Challenge

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Episode 11 of Chase’s , a where I challenge you to play a ship with some on how to play them, if you do well and make it to the top of the pile I will reward you with some Gold :D. The winner for the last week is Quinzer who managed over 80k fire damage with a in a 155mm setup. So without much further hesitation let’s take a look at this week’s challenge.

♦ Challenge #11♦
Play the Derzki (Tier 3 Soviet DD)
Do as much torpedo + flooding damage as possible
No other restrictions

How to enter♣
1) Have replays enabled to do this:

3) Watch next ’s episode to see if you’ve won and to also receive your next challenge.

♦ Join me on for more fun!

Breaktime – Silent Film Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. Haha, yeah, really like your channel ever since jingles introduced you to

  2. Do a challenge where you have to do the most citadels in a Des Moines. The
    number of them counts, not the damage done.

  3. Just which Jingles video did you feature in.

  4. What about most damage done by secondaries on a Tier 5 to 8 BB, it would be
    interesting seeng BB coming that close

  5. most ship kills including teammates and your own ship XD

  6. well done

  7. I love your vids, they helped me a lot.
    Many greets from Germany

  8. How about the “Torpitz” challenge for next week: Most torpedo damage done
    in a German ship.

  9. how about the MOAR DAKKA!!! challenge – most target hits wins, no matter
    the damage. Prime candidates? Well, Atlanta and Des Moines come to mind, or
    any stealthy gunboat you care to name…
    Or maybe an “I didn’t do it” challenge – most damage via secondaries alone?

  10. Congrats on that Jingles game Chase…well done dude.

  11. Fairly specific, but I think it’d be interesting – most damage caused by a
    Bogue, when facing another Bogue with the fighter setup.

  12. o wait so we can use CV? Damn
    and yep here we goes into masochistic way of Derpederpsky

  13. Hmm… Idea for a challenge…. How about USN DD’s tier 6 and below for
    best ambush torpedo strike (as in using islands to stay in cover so you are
    not spotted until the target is within torpedo range, Kind of like how I
    did not in Nautical Tales 5).
    Typing that made me realize how much I miss my Farragut with its glorious
    4.5km torps for almost 17k damage each…. I shall remember you 10 torpedo
    hit, four kill game for pretty much 100k damage….. Your awesomeness shall
    be enshrined by a single picture in my phone for years to come.

  14. Hey M8 ! I was sent By ze Mighty Jingles , and i am happy to join the fleet
    ! *salutes*

  15. most damage by ramming? :P

  16. Maybe a after you sink challenge, were the player that does the most damage
    wins, so if a bb fire’s a salvo, sinks, and then the salvo has a lot of
    citadels. Or a carrier that put all its bombers on autobomb just before he
    sinks. Or torps launched just before sinking… Anyway, that could be
    challenging :-D

  17. How about Torplitz (Tirpitz with torps) chanllenge?

  18. Giorgos Chatziioannou (LezantasGR34T)

    good to see you are gaining fame, chase. i remember that jingle video, you
    were sailing a midway i believe?
    anyway, you really deserve it, your wows videos are the most informative
    and 2nd most entertaining (jingles has a special charm that i cant escape

    and this time i have no complains about your pace, 8/8 m8 😉

    also a secondaries challenge would be amusing, get close and personal. it
    warrants some pretty intense moments, though it is quite hard to find
    replays like that :/
    probably it would fit better as a monthly challenge.

    oh well, happy sailing :P

  19. pleaae. do not write in chirillic anymore.the missuse of letters is

  20. Saw you vid winning the top Carrier damage instigated by Jungles. You
    played brilliantly. Top class play!

  21. NEW CHALLENGE: Max number of ram kills!

  22. BBs should not worry about fire damage cause fire damage is 100% repairable
    vs torpedo or citadel damage.
    So 1 fire let the flames burn, 2 or 3 fires extinguise them!

  23. Wow i realy got here because of Jingles XD, was it that obvious to you that
    many come here by JingleS?

  24. I would gladly see a Kawachi or Myogi challenge for most damage dealt.

  25. why derzky only ? why not tier 2-4 or max tier 6 or 6 and higher. cause you
    limit ppl doing one ship only. wich limits the amount of entries possible

  26. 5in AP challenge. Most AP damage with 5in guns wins. Let’s see just how
    many people know when and how to use small caliber AP.

  27. As someone who sent in a replay from the 15th, what exactly is the time
    frame for the contest? This isn’t really mentioned in the “How to enter”
    Congratz to the winner, I only managed to do 70k+ fire damage in my Omaha,
    but I also did 100k damage on top of that :D

  28. Stefan Schaefer (Fargrath)

    I would love to see a carrier focused challenge. How about most planes shot
    down with carrier only? maybe restrict the tier as well to make it more

  29. Future challenge suggestion: Most enemy aircraft shot down.

    In a destroyer. :p

  30. Chase I think i have a good challenge! try to sink 2+ ships wit the
    torpedoes of the Storzhevoi. It is nearly impossible :P

  31. about that psychological thing. I think you’re already doing it wrong when
    acting instinctively in these situations. you should always evaluate the
    situation and act consciously

  32. secondary damage for bb

  33. loool i make 115 000 in a german tier 5 cruiser 2 days ago

  34. I hate the derzki, but every time i have played it so far i have gotten
    into range to get 6-10 torp hits. (Just didnt live long thereafter)

  35. Maybe most torpedo dodges challenge?

  36. Would love to see a CV challenge. Maybe most bomb damage wins (not

  37. Destroyer citadel challenge

  38. You can also use the guns right?

  39. Blindfire/impossible shot challenge would be great as well.

  40. Most damage/kills in 7 seconds please!

  41. Grats on winning Jingles Carrier Challenge. You were a BEAST!!! I found
    Jingles through your channel so I was hoping you’d have an entry. Grats on
    your new Cruiser to add to your collection!

  42. Oh man. My mogami was not having good luck this week. Hope there’s a Nagato
    challenge soon.

  43. David vs Goliath challenge: Most kills of ships higher tiered than

  44. Origami warship challenge: Most hits received in anything but a battleship.

  45. Oh I give up

  46. Carrier flooding and Fire challange

  47. Now I REALLY want to see that Ranger game.

  48. Hunt the host challenge: Most hits delt to iChase in a battle. (no friendly

  49. I’m not dead yet challenge: Survive the battle with as little hit points as

  50. How about USN DD most torpedo damage T6 max. I would expect creative uses
    of the DD’s ;)

  51. Quick draw challenge: Fastest time to achieve a kill.

  52. Most hits in a ST Louis Other comp idea replay in man mode and closest
    guese dam done wins

  53. Forgot to add my congrats on winning the Carrier context from Jingles.


  54. Yes the 3k torps this will be a fun challenge thanks +iChaseGaming ?

  55. RAM CHALLENGE!!!!!! The player with most ram kills in one battle wins, all
    ship types, rams are hard to get, ppl just dont try them, think it would be
    fun to see lots of players raming each other.

  56. Knight in shinning armor challenge: Most kills/damage (your choice) with
    less than 10% of hp lost. (no carriers)

  57. Which Japanese carrier can shoot down the most U.S. aircraft with their

  58. Leave it to the little guys challenge: Most damage caused with secondary
    guns in a battleship.

  59. Atomic challenge: Largest magazine detonation kill. (most hit points lost
    when the magazine detonates)

  60. Fly swatter challenge: Most aircraft shot down in a destroyer.

  61. Heavy hitter challenge: Most devastating strike medals in a game.

  62. NOOO!! Not the Derpski…. I tried that ship today. I hated it. :(

  63. Most citadel hits in a battle driving a BB

  64. And this is why I do not drive BBs in this game. WG should add a fire hose
    ability on ships to allow you to put out the fires of friendly ships at the
    expanse of your current damage control system.

  65. I have a VERY simple challenge.

    Most damage done in the Karlsruhe.
    Yup, that simple, yet possibly one of the hardest challenges yet. :P

  66. Congrats, Quizner! This challenge was pretty fun. In one of my games, I had
    started 22 fires! LOL 🙂

    Chase, my suggested challenge – Tier 5 Nicholas AP damage.

  67. Should rename it tuesday challenge, always lands in my european email box
    on tuesdays 🙂 Enjoyed your replay on jingles video. I knew i was in for a
    treat when he mentioned your name…!

  68. The stock challenge

    Buy a Tier 6 ship of your choice: – No modules or upgrades are allowed
    – Your captain may have a maximum of 3 skill points
    – No camo
    – No premium consumables

    Just you, a fresh ship and your skill. Highest base XP wins.

  69. And thats why I gave up on BBs as early as the Myogi.;p

  70. Armor piercing damage using either Dresden or Kohlberg

  71. Drive a carrier and ram an enemy to death! Most hit points wiped out of the
    enemy wins!

  72. As BaronVonGamez put it: Derzki or Derpski. You’ll either be daring or
    you’ll derp hard thanks to it’s short-range torps (worse than American

  73. Kills challenge

  74. My prediction from last week was correct!

  75. You should make a Citadel only German cruiser challenge. I see way too many
    HE spammers in them. combine AP shells with the amazing accuracy citadels
    are plenty

  76. AP Mortar training:
    Use the German tier II cruiser to do as much AP damage as possible,
    enjoy using the mortar cannons XD

  77. Saw your vid on Jingles’ channel Chase…very nicely played

  78. Manuel Merzinger (manimerz)

    Yes a Destroyer challenge 😀
    And the russians too 😀
    I’m gonna flood the hell out of everybody ^^

    About the suggestion, how about this:
    Name: AI-Rules Challenge
    Play as carrier (Tier limitation is up to you)
    Make as much auto-drop Torpedo hits/damage as possible

    Over and out ;)

  79. challenge suggestion: achieve most hits and most damage not using the
    zoomed in system/binoculars

  80. Most DMG done with AP in the Soviet non Prem ships!

  81. Oh man, I have 18 torpedo hit replay, but I have no screenshot for it !!
    >.< FML Is there a viewer/site to check those stats like WoT replays ?

  82. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Oh Chase im using my Storozhevoi and my Derzki like gunboats and using the
    long range guns like you teach me.. Now you want this? I dont know what to
    do :(


  84. Haha i just knew you would make a Derzki challenge for this week, challenge

  85. That Old Milk Carton

    Oh please Chase, not the Derzki. In less than 2 hours that thing sapped my
    will to live!

  86. Monday rulez suggestion: best ram kill by dmg and survive!!

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