World of Warships – Monday Rules #12 – German Peashooter Challenge

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Episode 12 of Chase’s Monday Rules, a series where I challenge you to play a ship with some restrictions on how to play them, if you do well and make it to the top of the pile I will reward you with some Gold Dubloons :D. The winner for the last week is kiwi377 who managed close to 110k torpedo and flooding damage with a Derzki. Damn O_O So without much further hesitation let’s take a look at this week’s challenge.

♦ Challenge #12♦
Play the Dresden or Kolberg
Do as much AP damage as possible
No other restrictions

How to enter♣
1) Have replays enabled to do this:

3) Watch next Monday’s episode to see if you’ve won and to also receive your next challenge.

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  1. Great game! Wow…

  2. AP in a kolberg? if I am still not blind that thing has 105mm so AP is

  3. How much have the secondary gunners of the Hosho been drinking?!?

  4. Just one idea for a weird challenge: Play the Königsberg, only using torps,
    you’re not allowed to use the guns ;)

  5. me on derpzky tryina to do challenge:
    “okay let’s do this”
    Torp’d by friendly Tenryuu 1 minutes later
    “okay I heard kancolle got fishing event let’s check”

  6. I had a good game against cruisers and dds but once you find the bbs and
    cvs thats where the real damage is.

  7. LOL! I’m *still* playing my Derzki and we like to joke about how Russian
    sailors hurl their torpedoes rather than fire them. At 51 knots, it was
    even possible for good BB captains to react to them when they get “hurled”
    at from less than 2km away. Fortunately in the heat of battle, a Salem
    witch wasn’t quite so lucky.

  8. amazing, more than 100k damage in tier 3, this would have been respectable
    even in tier 8 match!

  9. how about lowest tier/most citadels challenge. obviously shrude judgement
    will decide winner

  10. i tried AP while sailing a kolberg against a dresden 100m away and i could
    not penetrate anywhere from nose to aft just nowhere! and because he used
    HE and other ships supported them he got out with half hp and i sunk…i
    say no to this challange thankyou

  11. New challenge:Use any IJN destroyer, but only use guns.

  12. Zero percent effectiveness with BBs secondary’s yay lol

  13. Support New Zealand!!?

  14. I like to stay away from that island cluster, even in a DD. It often
    becomes a crapshoot because of the extremely limited visibility. It’s a
    great place for those who enjoy ‘high risk – high reward’ style play, tho.

  15. Oy vey. The 105’s on those 2 German ships are junk. While the ship may be
    made out of guns getting them to actually pen anything is almost pure luck.
    After setting a carrier on fire I switched to AP just to get it down a
    little faster. Close range most shots hit, most of the shots bounce. I
    haven’t fired AP since. As a matter of fact I gave up on the craptastic
    German line and went back to the U.S.

  16. I have fired torps at targets 5km out with that ship, they see them and
    turn away, even though they cant ever hit them…, and sometimes they drive
    into range as well, with a ship that reloads so fast, its fire at will

  17. Holy torpeedaz!!!!

  18. What is the best way to save replays?

  19. Karlsrhue damage challenge for next week?

  20. HE on the German peashooter sucks… Rapid fire is good, but shot and hit
    82 round on South Carolina with Kohlberg and did minimal shell hit dmg and
    only set 1 fire, and I, of course, died. Now the challenge is to use AP….

  21. the amount of torpedoes on that last battleship….. just RIP…… The
    thoughts in his head right then….


  23. And I thought I had a chance to win with my 62k damage…

  24. I suggest the same challenge as the last week, most secondaries damage in a
    BB from tier 5 to tier 8 :3

  25. @iChaseGaming: I fired the torpedos at the Kuma even though he was out of
    range because I was thinking (hoping) that he might give chase and close
    the distance, or cut too close to that island and catch a couple. I didn’t
    dump a whole spread because I wanted to make sure I had some ready for the
    Wyoming when I came around the island. I was really happy when my teammates
    killed that Kuma so I could go CV hunting. That was a really fun game, and
    I love playing my DDs! :-)

  26. Atlanta or mogami Ap
    only because those ships are great he spammers

  27. Ahhhhhh…. nothing, no challenge, no tournament, no amount of money will
    ever make me go back to these horrible low tier german cruisers…

  28. I dont understand. A Wyoming, well any battleship for that matter has no
    business going so close to island channels like this one did. Noob bb
    captain !

  29. See the Russian DD don’t suck they just play differently than other nations
    with strong and weak points.

  30. if only rng let me get these awesome islands maps and not fucking shait id
    be moar than happy

  31. The 105mm cannons on the Kohlberg are woefully underpowered for it’s tier,
    so good luck indeed. :)

  32. One word to describe that, wow!!!!

  33. Omaha Ap challenge

  34. That wall of torps at the end though, I’m quite sure that the South
    Carolina captain won’t forget that anytime soon;)

  35. That is one nice replay. 25 Torpedo hits and 7 ships sunk.. I really enjoy
    my Derzki as well, a keeper.

  36. im watching this at 23:38 o´clock and i have school tomorrow (Germany)!

  37. Giorgos Chatziioannou (LezantasGR34T)

    most vulnerable class of the game.. the carrier.
    -chase 2015

    we see what you do to big scary bb with your fragile cv, you wont fool us

  38. chase a Monday rules on Monday and not on Tuesday?!?!? who are you and what
    have you done with chase?

  39. Oooh, it arrived on monday for a change! Nice replay as always, enjoyable
    to watch.

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