World of Warships – Monday Rules #13 – Mogami 155mm AP Challenge

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Episode 13 of Chase’s Monday Rules, a series where I challenge you to play a ship with some restrictions on how to play them, if you do well and make it to the top of the pile I will reward you with some Gold Dubloons :D. The winner for the last week is Lord_Zath who managed over 60k damage with a Kolberg. Much wow :O So without much further hesitation let’s take a look at this week’s challenge.

♦ Challenge #13♦
Play the Mogami in the 155mm setup
Do as much AP damage as possible
Torpedoes can be used but damage is not counted
No other restrictions

How to enter♣
1) Have replays enabled to do this:

3) Watch next Monday’s episode to see if you’ve won and to also receive your next challenge.

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  1. Since we all know that German cruiser HE shells are rubbish, Konigsberg or
    Nurnberg, firing only HE shells. Raw damage (fire damage NOT counted)

  2. Hello iChase, somemthing really weird happend the other day, i was in my
    minekaze and was in a knife fight with another mnekaze, i shot my torps and
    one hit him…in most cases he should be dead right? well my torp only did
    99 damage, yes 99 damage! and ofc he didnt die, i got the pic if you want
    to see it. Cheers.

  3. dont have a mogami, only atlanta :<

  4. Still at the Aoba. I guess that happens when you play practically every
    branch in the game :)

  5. So still no Ramming kill(s) with Langley?


  7. Armor piercing rounds have always been my go-to ammunition. HE works when I
    want to set fires or knock out little guns but when you absolutely need to
    kill an armored ship quickly, AP will get the job done (HE is best for
    unarmored targets).

  8. LOL. I was trying it out myself, and found that the AP shells tend to work
    better against other Kolbergs, destroyers. Didn’t get a chance to hit
    carriers :)

  9. Giorgos Chatziioannou (LezantasGR34T)

    hey chase, actually i find that german ships are long range rapid fire
    artilery. up close they cant pen most shots.
    if you remember my replay, i was shooting a DD with ap at close range and
    yet i was doing moderate and heavy damage with only few overpens.
    they also have quite bad spread, so you cant citadel, you cant fight close
    and at long range you rely on your rof to deal damage as most of the shots
    miss. the weird thing is that despite all that, they perform very good o.o

  10. ive stopped participating in this shit cause same people win all the time,
    and now the only thing left to do is unsub, so adios scrubs

  11. what if i dont have a Mogami ? i’m sad now ;(

  12. what if i dont have a Mogami ? i’m sad now ;(

  13. Which servers are eligible for prizes?

  14. The hard thing is the Mogami has a flatter shell trajectory, so getting as
    successful plunging fire is difficult.

  15. I always learn something from your videos – is a great
    site! ; p

  16. for next Monday rules. how about most amount of bomb damage in a bouge?

  17. Stefan Schaefer (Fargrath)

    My proposal for next week: As a CV, hunt down those annoying destroyers!
    Most destroyer kills wins! (On a tie, overall damage decides)

  18. Next one: Play a Japanese cruiser (up to tier 7) like a destroyer. Most
    torp damage will be counted.

  19. nice, well done to lord zath. gg :)

  20. welcome to internet in Australia!
    and why a mogami challenge when I’m so close to unlocking it but university
    exams are stopping me :(

  21. lord zath can have so much doubloons don’t you think?

  22. somewhat new here, has there been a challenge for most air craft shot down
    in a destroyer yet?

  23. I heard the guns are mortars. With how mortars work I guess their shells
    are meant to pen the decks of the targets instead of the belt, which makes
    it hard to get citadel but quite good at normal penetrations if the shells
    land on the deck. And early tiers ship don’t really have the best of deck
    armor iirc.

  24. play the Nicholas and whoever gets the most AP damage wins.

  25. HE damage still allowed? I know it’s not counted, but…

    I wonder if it’ll basically be like playing a Konigs at tier 8… except
    Mogami probably doesn’t have as much pen.

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