World of Warships – Monday Rules #18 – Tier 6 and 7 BB Bottom Tier Damage Challenge

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Episode 18 of Chase’s Monday Rules, a series where I challenge you to play a ship with some restrictions on how to play them, if you do well and make it to the top of the pile I will reward you with some Gold Dubloons :D. The winner for last week’s challenge is Bratyn who managed 194,804 damage in a New Mexico. So without much further hesitation let’s take a look at this week’s challenge.

♦ Challenge #18♦
Play any tier 6 battleship in a tier 8 battle or a tier 7 battleship in a tier 9 battle
Do as much damage as possible
No other restrictions
Must be in random battles 🙂

How to enter♣
1) Have replays enabled to do this:

3) Watch next Monday’s episode to see if you’ve won and to also receive your next challenge.

♦ Join me on Twitch for more fun!

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  1. which server can enter the monday rules?

  2. tier 4 or 5 aircraft carrier challenge most aircraft shot down or damage

  3. tier 4 or 5 aircraft carrier challenge most aircraft shot down or damage

  4. Here is an idea, most damage done in a tier 5 cruiser, but only torpedo and
    flooding damage counts. This should be good cause all the tier 5 cruisers
    have torps of roughly the same range

  5. Speaking of Pearl Harbor Day, I had a co-worker who lost two uncles on the
    Arizona and he remained embittered so long as I knew him. This could be
    awkward as we dealt with Japanese nationals on a regular basis.

  6. I have a challenge to recommend. Beginner carrier challenge – sailing any
    tier 4 carrier get the most torpedo hits and planes shot down. Show the
    world that the “newbie CVs” can do good work.

  7. Possible ideas for the next challenge.

    Most kills in one minute
    Most damage in a single salvo (torpedoes or main guns)
    Biggest penguin colony found on an island
    You could always repeat an old challenge if you want
    Most main gun hits in a game (Atlanta master race)
    Myogi damage challenge (Please no)
    Tier 2 destroyer challenge of some sort

  8. I think you should put in the title of the video what actually is IN the
    video, and not what we will see next week. Please, I beg you, this is
    confusing as hell and makes it very hard to find what you really want to

  9. what if, Nagato on Tier X battle? Does that still count?

  10. is it just me or are T7-9 battles pretty rare? to me it feels like
    matchmaking often goes “right, if I make this high tier, might as well make
    it T8-10 straight away…”

  11. I’ve been playing my Hatsuhara and it has reasonable guns. Not great or
    awesome, but reasonable.
    Makes me think.. A Challange..

    How about most gun damage in a Japanese DD?

  12. I love the NM, sold my Fuso when I finished it…still have my NM even
    though i’m almost to the Iowa. man look at all those juicy broadsides…i’m
    jelly, i never get that many anymore

  13. what are the mods names’ that shows hit point bars and hit log ?

  14. Cause as much damage using torpedoes as possible with tier 4 or 5 ships.
    Only torpedo damage will be counted you can use your guns. All ships in
    tier range can be used including carriers.


    Capital ships

    Cause as much damage as possible using a ship that is the capital of a
    state, providence or region.

  15. Whoa, didn’t see that coming

  16. I don’t get it sometimes. I try to keep my Kongo as mobile as possible. I
    manage to evade most shots with my Kongo. Then I see other BBs that keep on
    sailing in one straight line…. Am I doing something wrong here?

  17. sitting broadside on to a battleship thats a paddlin

  18. A bottom challenge is a nice idea, but I would gladly suggest a stock
    battleship challenge for most damage.

  19. Gah, and I just moved up to the Amagi.

  20. suggestion for next week’s challenge: “die harder”
    get as many ram kills/ die hard medals as you can in a single game

  21. why does chase always pick on the battleships XP

  22. I’ve sent a replay with Fuso and 176k damage but was not mentioned in the
    list at the beginning /:

  23. I have no idea how you get briton out of bratyn??!!?? Chase, with all the
    time you take to make this a top notch channel, you completely insult all
    your subscribers who send in their replays and you mis pronounce their
    names, let me see, ya – 100% of the time!! Start going through your replays
    and count how many times you’ve said “I hope I”ve pronounced that right”.
    Well, here’s a thought, take the time to respect players names and learn
    how to pronounce them. Try sounding them out – ‘a’ doesn’t sound like ‘i’ –
    just sayin’!

  24. When will I ever get enemy teams like this…

  25. Time to take out my Nagato again 🙂

    I suggest this for the next week:
    On a Japanese destroyer, make as many gun and fire damage as humanly
    posible. Torpedoes can be used but the damage would not count

  26. LOL, I wanna see Colorado captains rage at this new challenge :)

  27. I never get bottom tier matches in my bb’s

  28. ConquerorSEA_2014.NA Vanguisher88.ASIA

    iChase,can you please make a Captain Academy video about CV Fighter
    management and how to use it effectively?It irritates me when my fighter
    somehow loses to the same tier enemy fighter in a 1 vs 1 situation in an
    open ocean without ally/enemy ships nearby.

  29. Fuso best ship!

  30. iChase, you should do honorable mentions for numbers 2 to 11, this way it
    will still be ten and you won’t give away what ship made number one, simple
    math saying what percentages made top ten immediately realize winner was
    New Mexico :(

  31. *sigh*…Why can’t I ever get juicy broadsides like that? The last time I
    did get something comparable, I spent all my time dodging torp bombers from
    both carriers in my New York. :(

  32. Whoa, it’s a Monday Rules on time! D:

  33. wow not even top ten! Ouch! Nice job guys.

    Chase, a suggestion for a contest – who can take the highest % of their hp
    in damage AND LIVE to the end of the round?

  34. Drikus Kuiper (Bratyn)

    The way you said it initially was correct :p Brat-yn 😉 Thanks for
    featuring it, iChase!

    – Bratyn

  35. Why not T8 BB in a T10 match? Trying to fight a Yamato in a T8 BB is pretty
    hard imo, with the number of 0 damage salvos I got.

  36. BB players are “facepalm”.I sometimes watch em after I die and they just
    sail all straight, broadside exposed, its like their ships have no rudder

  37. prediction the warspite will do well because it has 15 inch guns instead of
    the normal 14 inch

  38. Time to take my Murmansk and smack the shit out of a Nagato

  39. U.s. Dd citadel challenge (i think soviet DDs have guns that are to strong

  40. Sounds like the next challenge will be a fuso win.

  41. I really enjoy the percentages added to the results.

  42. I’ll try! meaning matchmaker will assign me entirely to top tier until next

  43. Its Tuesday for me lol

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