World of Warships – Monday Rules #22 – Fighter Strafing Challenge

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Episode 22 of Chase’s Monday Rules, a series where I challenge you to play a ship with some restrictions on how to play them, if you do well and make it to the top of the pile I will reward you with some Gold Dubloons :D. The winner for last week’s challenge is Unintentional_submarine, who managed an amazing 76,415 damage in an Emden! Congrats! So without much further hesitation let’s take a look at the replay and this week’s challenge.

♦Challenge #22♦
Play any CV tier 6-10
How many planes can you kill in 1 barrage
Most plane kills in 1 barrage wins
Screenshots and replay necessary
No other restrictions 😀
Have fun 😀

How to enter♣
1) Have replays enabled to do this:

3) Watch next Monday’s episode to see if you’ve won and to also receive your next challenge.

♦ Join me on Twitch for more fun!

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  1. Wahaaa! Chase, why only Carriers? Last Week I shot down 22 Aircraft in one
    Attack with my Admiral Kutuzov. An inssane Anti-Air Ship! :)

  2. Funny,
    When the German and Russian ships came out I found AP did a lot of damage
    against other T1 and T2’s Not the Emden. HE only. I tried AP at close range
    and still better off with HE.

  3. you know what’s sad? going out, doing your thing, dying within the first 3
    minutes because of whatever – then later you see youre halfway up the
    leaderboard on your team for points, but you died almost immediately? the
    disparity of damage i do in the first 3 minutes puts me above half a team
    in 15 minutes? how?

    earlier i saw a NC with a score of 180, HOW THE HELL?!

  4. Holy dang I was that close to winning? I thought somebody was going to pull
    like 100k damage or something in that thing lol

  5. i only just lately deleted some of my premium ships’ paid for camos to opt
    for the one they come with because either i havent played them in awhile,
    like my yubari, or aurora, or the fact that it’s a new feature for some of
    us who dont play all the time.

  6. It makes sense that the Emden would be fast. She was basically a pirate

  7. I played the Emden and have never had this high damage rolls per salvo.

  8. I have followed your channel for a while now. As a fellow Canadian, may I
    make an request? I am trying to learn Tier 9-10 US CV play, but found so
    few good CV clips on Youtube. Could you please either make more CV gameplay
    videos, OR, maybe you can share some or your replay files? Thanks.

  9. Like you said: sometimes a challenge depends not insignificantly on the MM.
    I tried to get some decent numbers out of my matches, but with mostly T1+T2
    matches I only got about 36k damage in my best game.

    On top of this, the reason I got actually frustrated, was my incredible
    luck with those teams in general. Although I had games in which I managed
    to earn Confederates two times and got 4 kills, I lost almost ALL of my
    games! Usually I have about 55-60% win rate, but on my Emden I am down to
    less than 20%.

    Something else I noticed in this video: what might have helped was the
    increased range. I don’t have enough XP on my captains to unlock it. But I
    had a couple of situations when I would have liked to have 1-2 km more. In
    addition I dont think it changes much in terms of the shell arc compared to
    the stock maximum range.

  10. If this were real, the crew of unintentionalsubmaraine’s ship would get the
    German naval cross (real thing).

  11. I’ve always found the naming of these a lil strange. I guess it’s too late
    to change it now, but the title makes it sound like we will be watching the
    fighter strafing challenge, but we’re watching the winner of the last
    challenge with the announcement of the fighter one for next week.

  12. Not that the Emden is a super ship but, if you in tier 3 game use AP but
    fire it into the superstructure. does way more damage that HE that way.

  13. Holy shit i tought, 50k would be enough for winning! But yeah, i also felt
    the shell arc and travel time was a big let down. 8 seconds to reach a
    target 8 km away!

  14. I like the low teir challenges could we get a tier 2 or teir 3 destroyer
    challenge? most torpedo hits? guns only or just overall damage done

  15. The Emden is BASICALLY a less powerful Atlanta at tier 2, so hells yes, HE
    all the way!

    Even in the Atlanta versus light armor like an Omaha or Pensacola, HE
    STILL! Because I have found that if you are close enough to land 10 to 14
    shells per volley, you WILL cause 4k to 10k damage per volley not counting
    fires or incapacitations! I have played with AP in the same situations, and
    while possible WHEN LUCKY, sure IF you can do solid damage with almost
    every shell in a given volley, and even cause some citadel damage, AP will
    shred such targets.

    BUT it won’t be all that much quicker than HE would have done the same, and
    HE spam does not REQUIRE broadside shots from 8km or less to do HEAVY
    damage due to sheer VOLUME OF fire!

    That is why despite not being the most balanced of ships, and the Atago is
    certainly better in more ways, the Atlanta is just SHEER FUN! I mean she is
    an adrenaline machine!

  16. My Atlanta has high arcs, and I actually LIKE that fact! It allows me to
    easily land an endless stream of reliable HE damage on my target! And I
    ALMOST have Advanced Firing Training too!

    Atlanta is a funny ship, I have wanted her since CBT, but the USN 127 L38
    cannons have been through a literal laundry list of buffs, nerfs, and just
    random changes.

    Luckily those guns seem to have stabilized in terms of their effectiveness.
    Even then, I felt the need to develop a VERY specific play style with her,
    wherein I hide around islands waiting for already spotted ships to sail
    around said island, or just close enough that I can round said island
    myself, in a U-turn maneuver so that I am sailing diagonally away from
    targets like BBs or Heavy Cruisers, I then proceed to try to get them to
    engage me in a tail chase, which is pretty easy to do (something about
    getting hit by 60 plus HE shells and lit on fire 2 to 4 times tends to
    REALLY make people want to sink you!) – at which point it is GAME OVER MAN!

    That is, if they stay on my tail anyway! And MOST DO!

  17. 4 sec. reload are u kidding me wg?

  18. Hi Mr ChaseEnjoy Your work since jingles recommended pour page. Question:
    When and how do u use the strafing function for fighters during the game?

  19. 15:50 Do friendly planes count?

  20. Stefan Schaefer (Fargrath)

    So, by “one pass”, do you mean one pass of one fighter squad, or can we
    group multiple squads and do one combined strafe?

  21. ftw 8

  22. I don’t think I saw him correct once. yeah no aimbot used in THAT video ;)

  23. Welp. Sold the Indy ages ago so no chalk age for me this week.

    Challenge, most damage in a battle, but you must ram at least 1 enemy ship

  24. 8:30, I dont like using the free camo, because the benefits arent usefull
    to me and I feel I make more than enough XP from my prem ship itself and Im
    not going to be able to pay to convert all of my free xp, I simply cant
    afford to. SO I dont need the added xp bonus.

  25. The Albny has much more powerfull guns… I got 80 K and 6 ships in one
    battle with her… Allready sent to Chase :D

  26. I sold the Emden for 1,250,000 credits .for the CV challenge what in this
    world is hold down the Alt Key for fighters ???I have the Alt Key set in
    settings but didn’t know there was anything forfighters .

  27. Paul Fujioka (NobleDragon)

    Hot damn! I couldn’t break 20k dmg when I tried this challenge.

  28. Damn it I shot down 24 planes in 1 pass in my independence a couple of days
    age :/

  29. Oh man, get ready for friendly aircraft fire week

  30. Perhaps do a tier 10 cruiser monday rules with the most fire damage done
    being the winner.

  31. ichase can you do a video on the strafing mechanic?

  32. well HE and AP on the Emden is do practically the same damage on most
    targets, but HE does not do consistent damage, eventually HE stops doing
    damage, I have gotten 100 hits with no damage in a match before. also with
    the 105mm guns I kill tier 2 dd’s with HE in about 33+ hits, with AP in
    something like 22 hits

  33. Wow i sent in a replay near 60k damage and i forgot to attack the results
    screenshots fml

  34. You missed my 62.5k damage game but I wouldn’t win anyways :). Congrats to

  35. I love that they actually put in the detail of the 4th wooden funnel that
    was put on as disguise.
    Unmistakably the Emden.

  36. after 2 months of not playing WoWs i tried getting the emden because why
    not. btw WG did a really dumb move making it so you have to do multiple
    missions, just make it so you get if for logging on. . .

    i got really bored within the 1st 4 battles. . . i forgot that WoWs had no
    fun aspects like WoT has to make the game more interesting other then move
    here, shoot that, cap this.

    WoWs right not is just a chore to play. . . -_-

  37. I didn’t know fighterplanes also had a manual attack…. Thanks for the

  38. ugh.. wish I had my replay turned on.. 2 hours before the challenge went up
    last week.. I beat that :(

  39. >Finally Picks up an Aircraft Carrier
    >Sees next Monday Rules is a CV Challenge in the title
    >Enjoys a great Emden Game
    >Finds out it’s T6+ CV Challenge

    Chaaaase, why do you do this to me~! Dx

  40. I only have the zoiho ha-ha image trying that

  41. No!! 2 days ago I did the new challenge really well, I put 2 fighter
    squadrons onto 4 enemy fighter squadrons and killed all but one plane!

  42. Anyone else getting playback issues? The video freezes for about two
    seconds and then continues normally. The video is entirely buffered but the
    issue still persists. Any ideas?

  43. The best situation would be sinking an IJN CV with all the planes still in
    the air. Though having a player who don’t split up their planes also works.
    Also, tfw a tier 2 can score more hits than some of my Atlanta games.

  44. what mod is that that displays the damage done during the battle?

  45. 4-2-2 Hakuryu here I come

  46. eh I got first

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