World of Warships – Monday Rules #6 – Tier 6 Cruiser AP Challenge

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Episode 6 of Chase’s Monday Rules, a series where I challenge you to play a ship with some restrictions on how to play them, if you do well and make it to the top of the pile I will reward you with some Gold Dubloons :D. The winner for the last week is Menbearpigg who managed over 150k damage in a Colorado! So without much further hesitation let’s take a look at this week’s challenge.

♦ Challenge #6♦
Play either the Cleveland or Aoba
Use AP only
Winner is the one who does most AP damage
No other restrictions

How to enter♣
1) Have replays enabled to do this:

3) Watch next Monday’s episode to see if you’ve won and to also receive your next challenge.

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  1. +Adam Li You can leave secondaries on, but only AP damage will be counted

  2. +DENIS STANOIU Only counting AP damage

  3. OK 18 or 20. I would like a good answer on why you would us it. Maybe it is
    because when I have those slow turning guns I already plan ahead.

  4. +Yumpin Yiminy You can only get 18 points max now

  5. +Stefan Schaefer It means only AP dmg will count. You can watch the
    Farragut challenge a week ago, Farragut mixed AP and HE

  6. +Wolfeson28 Well it says “Use AP only”. That’s pretty clear 😉

  7. +Frazer Hooke The sail backwards in T4/T5 BB is for the 25k sub giveaway
    contest 🙂 Monday Rules is Monday Rules ;P

  8. +iChaseGaming
    Literally said out loud, “BORRRRDERRRRRR SCUMMMMMMBAGGGGGGG.” (no offense
    to MenBearPig)
    I remember once in my…. Iowa I believe back in CBT, me and a Fletcher (?)
    came across a group of three ships riding the border. I put a broadside
    into the lead ship, and one-salvo’d him (was at close range). The second
    ship got stuck on the first ship’s sinking hull as the Fletcher let loose
    its torpedoes and sank him. The third ship got killed a while later. But
    those first two, I was like “YES!!! POETIC JUSTICE!!!!”

    Yeah… but still, it will be a while. And for some reason, I think that
    if the replays I have sent you haven’t been shown yet, they probably won’t
    be. I don’t even know how compatible 0.4.0 replays are with 0.4.1

  9. +oseansoldier I cringed a bit at the border surfing too >.< and don't worry I'll be running these for a long time

  10. +Arthur Yu Hmmm…a lot of IJN DDs already don’t use their guns…might do
    a IJN DD, guns only challenge lol

  11. +Fighterpilot555 To be honest, I disagree with any challenge which includes
    screwing over your team

  12. +Fighterpilot555 Hmmm…that I could think about

  13. +Donnavan we’ll see 😀

  14. +iChaseGaming that’s what I thought, thanks

  15. +roguephoenix7 invalid entry if you use HE

  16. +TheMontanaDave yea, edited it 45 seconds after i posted, after checking
    the rules from the previous Monday Challange.

  17. +Bakuryu0083 That’s for 25k Youtube Subs

  18. +Spinosaurus1212 That makes for 1.5 being… hmmm….. lol

  19. +Spinosaurus1212 “Im super Cereal okay”

  20. +Spinosaurus1212 I kept wanting to say manbearpig o_O

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