World of Warships – Monday Rules #6 – Tier 6 Cruiser AP Challenge

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Episode 6 of Chase’s Monday Rules, a series where I challenge you to play a ship with some restrictions on how to play them, if you do well and make it to the top of the pile I will reward you with some Gold Dubloons :D. The winner for the last week is Menbearpigg who managed over 150k damage in a Colorado! So without much further hesitation let’s take a look at this week’s challenge.

♦ Challenge #6♦
Play either the Cleveland or Aoba
Use AP only
Winner is the one who does most AP damage
No other restrictions

How to enter♣
1) Have replays enabled to do this:

3) Watch next Monday’s episode to see if you’ve won and to also receive your next challenge.

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  1. What about secondaries, do we have to turn them off? Since they fire HE. Or
    is it just a system where you’re allowed to have other sources of damage,
    they just won’t be included in the final count?

  2. Awesome video. And I got a question for the challange. Are you going to
    count AP dmg even if we use torps?

  3. why is the HUD different on the EU server?

  4. Q: Captain skills:
    I see many videos on YT where the players a using turret rotation on the
    level 2 skills on ships with guns larger than 155mm. Is 0.7 deg turn worth
    it. I would rather have the 7% reduce chance of fire. I would use both if I
    was a rear admiral and had 20 skill points but I don’t. I’d rather save
    those 2 skill points and use them towards a level 3 or 4 skill. What are
    your thoughts?

    Maybe you can address this in your next “Chat” Video?

    Oh! All Men Are PiGGS! 🙂 Well most!

  5. where have you the hitlog from, in the top left corner?

  6. they should change the +range module for bb´s in to something else…
    you see this all the time, bb´s shoot at max range, hit nothing, watch
    their team die and complain afterwards about the useless noob team….

  7. Cleveland with out he this will be interesting lol

  8. I chase will you do a sail and chat this week??

  9. iChase, what about a challenge for Warspite?:)

  10. some quality gameplay advice that re bb play. nice one chase

  11. This is a small map so the range upgrade is not needed but playing on north
    or brothers wich is bigger. Colorado stock range puts it’s in range off the
    Japanese bb’s while unable to return fire.

  12. well I can’t really say HE is broken, I still don’t understand how that
    I do remember that HE dmg will never be the full damage unless against
    destroyer and carrier, also HE dmg will diminish over time if you keep
    shooting at the same part over and over again. Also HE damage can be
    completely nullified by armor, I do think the OP part of HE is that it
    could starts multiple fires.
    I know about that, you’re on fire, you repaired and then you get 3 fire
    that’s ridiculous af

  13. made me hope colorado isnt that bad at all :3. am stuck at 30k xp with the
    New Mexo ….. i need ages

  14. Just to clarify, for this week’s challenge, does that mean you’re only
    allowed to USE AP and no other form of damage? Or does it mean you are
    allowed to use HE (and torps for the Aoba), but only your AP damage will
    count toward the challenge?

  15. I don’t need to leave artillery view to see an island; I navigate using the
    mini-map. The frequency of which I check the mini-map helps me stay aware
    of newly spotted enemies.

  16. Thumb’s up!

  17. The Colorado is great at 10 km which I took out a Yamato with it once at
    that close range. I did he majority of the damage to that Yamato as well.

  18. I thought you had to sail backwards in the Colorado? lol

  19. There are some neat tricks about cruiser AP shells only few ppl figured out
    so far.
    Maybe I will participate in this challenge.

    Gonna need a perfect game tho and preferably some iowas or carolinas in dat

  20. Was a pretty good game there until the end. I cringed when he started
    riding the border…..

    Great video again though! Also, why is it that when you started this little
    series before I left, I didn’t have the ships for it. Ever since I have
    gotten to college, could have done every one of them (minus this one cause
    no Colorado).

    • +iChaseGaming
      Literally said out loud, “BORRRRDERRRRRR SCUMMMMMMBAGGGGGGG.” (no offense
      to MenBearPig)
      I remember once in my…. Iowa I believe back in CBT, me and a Fletcher (?)
      came across a group of three ships riding the border. I put a broadside
      into the lead ship, and one-salvo’d him (was at close range). The second
      ship got stuck on the first ship’s sinking hull as the Fletcher let loose
      its torpedoes and sank him. The third ship got killed a while later. But
      those first two, I was like “YES!!! POETIC JUSTICE!!!!”

      Yeah… but still, it will be a while. And for some reason, I think that
      if the replays I have sent you haven’t been shown yet, they probably won’t
      be. I don’t even know how compatible 0.4.0 replays are with 0.4.1

    • +oseansoldier I cringed a bit at the border surfing too >.< and don't worry I'll be running these for a long time

  21. Hi Chase, here is another monday rule challenge idea: Japanese DD, torp
    only. Cannot fire guns. What do you think? Also, what about a challenge for
    CVs? either attack or planes shut down.

  22. I have a suggestion. Highest amount of aircraft shot down with Cruiser AA
    without using the Defensive Fire consumable.

  23. chase you should feature a cleveland with AP next episode, aoba would be a
    bit too easy since it has 203mm guns

  24. If I shoot HE or a torp, does that invalidate the submission or would you
    only count AP damage toward the contest? ‘cuz I feel like I’m hurting my
    team by shooting AP at destroyers.

  25. Wasn’t it supposed to be “highest damage in a BB going in reverse”?

    *Edit* sorry, got my brain crossed, the backward sailing thing was for the
    subscriber milestone.

  26. Half man, half bear, half pig.

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