World of Warships – Money, Money, Money

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Decided to print some in my , was a great game and really fun to play. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Missouri Replay


  1. Second

  2. Conqueror using 417mm gun? Yes Notser, despite what you are thinking, people do use 417 gun on Conqueror. 😉

    And the way Shimakaze play like that? That’s OBT IJN DD playstyle right there. XD

  3. Gimme that money 😀😀

  4. Missouri – The 24300 pounds of pure Capitalism

    Musashi – About 28970 pounds of pure RNG


  5. Pulling a Notser has officially been coined. 🙂 We all say it now when we beach ourselves.

  6. I tried a long time to use the 457mm AP on conqueror. It’s just not worth it, the fuse time makes it terrible – so many failed pens or ‘penetrations’ which don’t do anywhere near proper penetration damage. I really wanted an alternative to being a HE spammer, as I don’t find it fun, but the AP is just so bad against enemy BBs that it’s not feasible; whereas the 420mm (obviously) works fine against cruiser citadels with many more rounds on target, so there’s no loss running 420mm HE and switching when you need 🙁

    • You could just not play such a broken ass ship and enjoy something else, saving yourself and the enemy team the frustration of dealing with such a retarded piece of shit.

    • I do! I more often Missouri, Montana, Des Moines, Fletcher, Roon, Minotaur… RN BBs are practically as tedious to play as they are to play against…

    • WG should just give the 457’s better AP fuses and lower their HE values… that would give people the opportunity to not be an HE spamming invisible flamethrower.

  7. So happy i got the Missouri before she goes away!

  8. Yamato (and even more so the Musashi) is a one-trick pony. Boring to play correctly and ‘fragile’ if you don’t, which is pretty hilarious when one considers its armour and displacement.
    Meanwhile HMS Canceror is WG’s idea of the idiot-proof BB. Spam HE, show broadside, zombie-level heal all mean if you can’t do well with it you ought to uninstall the game.
    People would be crazy not to get Missouri instead of Musashi if they have the exp to do so.

    • I got it a month, and a half of grinding and I got this with free XP not converted ship XP thank god for %200 weekends %300 flags and %777 percent flags and the other flags with %100 and %50 free XP on them.

  9. I am going to miss her by about 30k.
    If I get her than I can’t upgrade 3 ships. If I don’t up grade then it will take about 5 months to get the ships.
    I am not sure if one MO is worth 5 months of time.
    What do you think

  10. You got two citadels on the monquerer…somewhere in the universe a singularity was just formed…

    • Its not hard to do i have lost count on how many times i have done it in my montana and taken citadels in my Conquerer

    • ofc it happens. Just saying that it’s rare, so stupid citadel placement on that ship…no wonder everyone sails around giving full broadside. 🙂

  11. Notser pulling a Jingles, was a Memorial Day Flag, not the 4th of July Flag……ok well they said Military Month 🙂

  12. I never heard for flags that gives 200% credits.
    btw I bought my MIssouri last night.

  13. They need to do something about the way AA looks. You barely see AA guns fire anything, just planes pop into smoke and fire every now and then. With all the money this game makes, you would think we could get some decent AA fx.

    • Comatose Hero You can change it in the settings, just make sure that you have minor details on, (I think it’s that) and then you can see AA perfectly

  14. *Always sunny, in the rich man’s world~*

  15. What if it was a Victory_?

  16. I was lucky enough to go aboard the Iowa and the New Jersey in the early 1980s. You could see how these immense machines could withstand the damage depicted in the game. Many were one shotted of course. The Hood and Arizona as examples. But most needed fleets to take them down.

  17. Bored 10 seconds in.

  18. I hate that thing SO bad. It’s way OP.

    It ALWAYS makes top xp with ease, impossible to damage when angled, pinpoint accuracy, etc.

    But if you got the cash….

    BTW, just to sound off, I got six recruits in that Texas marathon event, got no premium ships. Many of the winners got ONE recruit. One guy didn’t even know about the giveaway!

    I DID find out that magically the vast majority (at least 75%) had bought premium ships from WG in the past….
    WG is obviously playing favorites in dealing the prizes out. If they had told me beforehand I needed to be a premium purchaser… I wasted a lot of time getting recruits.

  19. i have testet how much credits this 2 ships do:
    musachi 73000 credits when doing absolutly nothing.
    missouri 134000 credits when doing absolutly nothing.
    Interessting or?
    missouri does 2 x the amount of credits what musachi can do!
    musachi is such a crap!
    0 aa
    0 sec.
    guns cant hit shit over 2km range (but trolling the campers at 36km range is FUN !)

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