World of Warships – Monkey CHALLENGE “I will quit the game forever if Trenlass comes 1st on exp”

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So you know how big of trolls Monkey and Trenlass can be…yeah yeah me too, I know xD
Monkey said that he will quit the game forever if trenlass comes on top by exp earned in Yorck.
Challenge accepted by Trenlass. Needless to say this match was spicy
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Damn. Trenlass missed it by 166xp
    Better luck next time Trenlass ?

  2. 666 the sign of the flambass

  3. I love how Dallas spent 6 minutes chasing Hatsuharu and got sunk and NOONE OF YOU BUGGERS EVEN NOTICED! LOL

  4. How the ego could be high playing games only ?‍♂️

  5. Der auf alles Scheisser

    Illuminati confirmed…

  6. 5:37 this guy with donation earned a medal! That message made laugh for 5 minutes thx for that.??? I wish you all a chillin weekend!

  7. I’ve always wanted a Belfast, shame they are no longer available except through super containers (or so I heard)

    • Not sure about super containers but she is available in the Christmas containers you can give yourself a Christmas present if you are lucky.

  8. “oh, no, 6 is the bad one”

  9. 1995? I’ve got a decade on that and literally feels like months have passed to make up that decade.

  10. last comment by Flambass: If we wouldnt have taken…. Talking about egos

  11. nice play against a noob team

  12. I think that Flambass, should see if he could make another account or just change his name for like a handful of matches and have Monkey and Trenlass on the other side unknowingly to see what happens. Is it Flambass carrying them, or is it equal…we may never know.

  13. Friedrich püschel

    House that could open its roof! Mindblowing 😀

  14. “killsecuring since 1994…I am not that old!” now I feel old…

  15. If only wg didn’t lie about the recruiter competition I would have belfast and kutozov
    6 6s in total

  16. 3 players from ( CR33D) in the same team = they finish 1,2,3 . Noway to win against them ! Well done Flambass!

  17. “kill securing – 1944 Colorised”

  18. Want’s to be good, tries to be good and never will be good.

    I suspect good is used in different ways for each of the three boys. I suspect “never will be good” can apply to notorious bad boy Flambass which in no way implies lack of skill.

  19. I loved Yorck! Played all the way through it with ~90k average, you can really learn to make it a capable ship!

  20. games without CVs are much more fun to watch (and play)

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