World of Warships – Monkey, Middle, Murder

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Division with Monkey, going through the middle but NOT ON 2 BROTHERS and murdering entire team in one of the best tech tree cruisers in the game, maybe even THE best.

This ship is fun, strong and allows crazy and risky plays, I love it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Wait, what? Middle and no Two Brothers?

    I have been deceived, DECEIVED I TELL YOU!

  2. This is probably the best title a flambass video could have…

  3. Ooo, HMS FiFast 😊 best ship at T7 😁

  4. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    Love you guys playing together 😉 Fun & chaotic.

  5. From the title I was really waiting for you to torp monkey. Like I feel really blue balled but it was still a good game lol. 😁

  6. Ryujo CV here, great game (I noticed you were there quite lately…) – I got put as a bottom tier CV with an almost brand new ship (very few upgrades and still captain retraining penalties), what the hell…
    Honestly I was at the phone while playing here, luckily we had Hans carrying.
    That mid campering with Monkey was amazing, live I was like “how the f are they still alive with 6 ships pointing at them?”

  7. >Middle
    >NOT Two Brother
    **visible confusion**

  8. send to the jingles this one

  9. RIP DM leg, moved to concealment slot
    Pay Respects bois

  10. “Monkey, Middle, Murder” <- the three magic words

  11. love the last set of game comments “that Hans Guy” lol

  12. What’s more disgusting than a Belfast? A Belfast with RPF.

  13. awwww the title primed me up for a two brothers match….I m disappointed ^^

  14. A Fiji with that MM…almost perfect for a big game. I’ve had a lot of big games in the Fiji. Probably my favorite ship.

  15. I watched this on stream it was great. I’m so glad to see one of my favourite cruisers still holds up damn well in the current meta

  16. I like how they just nuke the enemy team and enemy team is oh ok it’s over

  17. Let’s see, at tier 7 you have:

    New Orleans

    So yeah, among the tech tree, I think “Fiji is the best tier 7 cruiser” may in fact check out.

  18. 11:52 finally, I was affraid you forget to celebrate the “kłaken!”

  19. That quaken sounds so weird^^

  20. Metallicahardrocker

    Well…. Abusing OP t7 ships. We will See this in the next Patch so often….

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