World of Warships – Montana 0.5.6

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Montana on Ocean moves toward the A point and attempts to catch out a enemy showing too much side. We eventually find targets that are willing, all I need is the ability to punish. The enemy advances on our teams attempted defense of A. A couple key events lead to a enemy with a advantage. The team, not giving up, tries to bring it back and retake the bases. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Battleship Montana Replay


  1. Excellent match but you still have a bad habit of waiting too long to use
    that repair party to recover some HP. Not sure if it would have saved you
    this time but it might have since you could have had it back off cooldown
    before the real damage came in.

  2. Destroyers = KOS

  3. existentialvoid

    Basically live in my blys, get pissed off at other DDs and killing them.

  4. Destroyer Inazuma

    It’s nice to hear how much you have both playing and commenting, how you
    are “into” this game. Cuz other YTbers sometimes sound like they’re solving
    a maths problem or reporting to a boss when they comment.


    lol i just did 149 k dmg in a t8 match but still lose :(

  6. Close matches win or lose are always the most fun.

  7. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Nice game, Notser! Your videos inspires me! In comparison with “Molotov”,
    you used modules:))
    What Mod are you using in the game?

  8. I love my Montana Now. I was in ranked with my Farragett , 6 0n 6 I killed
    3 ships and our team lost. Keep them coming.

  9. Matthew Osbourne

    situationAL awareness.


  10. I love to get the Ocean map when I am in a Fuso.

  11. poor enemy team.. I hate those moments when you know you will win the
    game.. but it is not..

  12. Lol, remember when every four or five matches ended in a draw? That got

    Ocean is my favorite map. Don’t understand why this map gets so much hate.
    So what if there are no islands? It’s an ocean, and you’re on a ship!

  13. One of your best videos in high tier matches Noster 🙂 I enjoy your higher
    tier more, maybe because I am half way to getting a Roon myself! I am so
    glad my Hipper got Atlantic Bow Visual upgrade and Hull C turret angle got
    fixed last patch! You always motivate me, your fan!

  14. I remember Draws, hated them

  15. Abuse ranked battles to get a Umikaze into a tier X game! (See Chase’s
    video; it is truly epic and op)

  16. Damn, u did decently well this game and only earned 50+k. I’m definitely
    looking forward to high tier repair cost. Definitely.(I’m at tier 7 and I’m
    alr losing money sometimes T.T)

  17. Brian Lock (神通)

    For whatever reason people still playing kagero and shimy? Nosty, please

  18. тwιlιgнт ѕcι-ғυrry

    Notser! 0.5.7 is coming!

  19. Brian Lock (神通)

    it is not more predictable.
    it is more chance the shell will group at the center.
    no, inaccurate statement is bad.

  20. Notser… want me on your team?

  21. Notser I luv u m8

  22. I kinda tried to be the bismarck of the night – lol

  23. Tell you what Notser! Give me an awesome Tirpitz gameplay, and all will be
    forgiven ;-D

  24. Almost giving you a thumb down on this…because it’s a another US ship. We
    all know the Royal Navy ruled the seas in the west.

  25. Sick of american ships. Dont get me wrong.

    I loooong for the British Navy and the whole of the Kriegsmarin,

    I wish you Notser were kinda more pushy? Against wargaming. You have more
    punch to your request than the rest of us.

    Of course I love ALL your vidoes Notser, and you have been awesome in
    teaching. I tell all my friends to follow you and spred words on facebook.

    BUT WHY! WHYYYYY!!! Is the Royal Navy and most of the Krigsmariene

  26. “I cant belive how good everyone is” are we like playing different games or
    servers because on Eu most t10 matches feel like t1 matches at least in the
    skill level that i see many times xD

  27. Legionaryeagle England

    your ace !!

  28. DutchGamerBrothers

    Nice video notser! I like my Montana a lot more after the patch!

  29. Enjoy your videos. I have one suggestion for the game. Wish they would
    change one of the Chat messages to “Detected” so you can give early
    Destroyer warning

  30. LeonaTimberCompany

    Thankfully they fixed the whole Draw issue.

  31. MeKanism Lastname

    Debating whether or not to start the US BB Tech tree. I have the Nagato for
    Japan, but is the Montana worth it?

  32. Montana is actually 3 knots slower then the Iowa

  33. Stephen Chu (朱朱)

    Honestly. BB battles are painful to watch. Bow-on reverse and hit
    broadside. Stale is the word comes to mind.

  34. chillerkiller 00

    Texas or Molotow? What are your opinions?

  35. 15:01 “Over 440 thousand points of damage” Damage? Ya dun goofed Notser. ;)

  36. So overall what is your opinion on the monty? I’m getting pretty close to
    the Iowa and I am planning to stop at the T9 because of the price and the
    quality of the ship (quality based on reviews in previous versions of the
    game) so is it worth spending 20 mil for the ship or should I just keep to
    my plan and stop after getting the Iowa?

  37. GG is indication of win? In Asia server we say GG because we gonna lose, at
    least for mid tier.

  38. Amazing job notser !

  39. What a great team, damn it

  40. How does it feel Notser you were killed by a Notser play 😉 Torps from a DD
    into the side of a reversing BB I believe it`s karma ;).

  41. General Cartman Lee

    Good example of how important it is to properly support the DDs and for the
    DDs to not do the typical suicide torpedo run in the beginning.
    It is so important to have a fast and stealthy ship that can run around and
    occupy the caps in the late game.

    But I more than once got called a noob when I was the last surviving DD
    after more than 10 minutes…

  42. Have u got any information on the USS Flint yet? The prize for rank 1. But
    I’m def on the run for the monty. i need her for Rank 1 and 2 :D

  43. PurpleSpeckledAppleEater

    Wow! That was close. Great game.

  44. very entertaining game.
    thank you

  45. love your vids bro! keep up the good work

  46. Though game there! Anyways if you would not have stopped, the Kagero hadn’t
    the chance to even hit you…. In general stopping with a Montana or any
    other battleship is a bad idea….

    Anyways… Sometimes I thought you lead to much and you did… Do you
    really need to lead so much for a target?!

    As I said a nice game but you don’t need to be killed in that!

  47. eldwin salvador

    I love the secondaries of yamato hahaha its all over the place XD

  48. Hey I had a question. I’m still fairly new with my highest tier ships being
    the Omaha and Kirov, but I saw someone in a Warspite trundle along at 1/4th
    speed where he stayed and at the end of the game he got shredded by torps
    since he couldn’t ddge them. Is using 1/4th speed viable? Or just lower
    speed in general? he only time I can think that I use it is when I’m a
    cruiser and want to stay with my BB’s when bottom tier.

  49. If your only use your front guns will it be better to use a Yamato their
    bigger and it has more armor

  50. 10:59 Good job Big_Sheist a battle ship that doesn’t sail in straight line.
    WASD skills comfermed

  51. 30 knots Montana.
    So they pulled out the original 170,000 hp powerplant and installed the
    Iowa powerplant.

  52. Good Game, indeed. :P

  53. So which hull option for the Hipper is the “Atlantic” hull then?

    I was trying to look at it in port, but even with the “Clear View” mod that
    keeps ships from being grayed out because you don’t own them, I still
    cannot see how the Hipper will look with the 3 different hull options.

  54. 1:37 Thank you Notser! XD you answered my question from last video! I
    haven’t checked replies but if you did answer that question in the
    comments, DOUBLE thank you!

  55. 1:11 lol yeahh! I have about 54 draws, pretty much all of them were during
    “open beta”! I should look at my CBT stats, probably a much higher % of

  56. If you have any doubt on American ships just remember u are America, and
    America can not lose :P

  57. I tried, but i still cannot handle your tone in your videos, the cringe is
    still too strong. I will continue to not sub. It sounds like you are trying
    to talk to 12-15y/o who would be entertained by such huge over-exaggeration
    in how you narrate.

  58. good game the only thing I would say is i think you stopped to many times
    but I understand why. Wish I could play this game again it stopped working
    for me and even after uninstalling and reinstalling it won’t work for me
    sadly I was just starting to like my Amagi got the last hull.

  59. that was pretty scary having a yamato that close to your bow

  60. You died because of what you have said at the beginning.. You camped the A
    point, didn’t move at all and you were turned into minced meat by the
    Destroyer torpedoes.. I’ve seen the same approach with the other BBs as
    well. Try to be more mobile with these big ships. They have 30 knots of top
    speed instead of 20 specifically for this reason. I used to stay full
    frontal at the enemy and just got wrecked and as soon as I had adapted my
    gameplay towards more mobility, there have been less deaths..

  61. Alex Shakeshaft

    With the German BBs coming fairly soon (around August I think), how do you
    think it’ll affect the Yamato vs Montana balance? Bearing in mind the tier
    10 German BB will basically be a Tirpitz with 420mm guns.

  62. 17 seconds? Christ im early. .
    Sup Notser? 😀
    Greetings from Greece!
    Just got my New Mex ^^

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