World of Warships – Montana – 12 Cannons of Doom

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A replay sent in from Kingpin61, what a paddlin’ Enjoy!


  1. German BB players are notorious for giving full broadside.

    • GamingWithFlowmar81

      Surprisingly, I see a lot of British BB players angle, while the German BBs usually not. If a British BB gives broadside, similar things will happen to it like German BBs showing broadside.

  2. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    German BB players, untouchable citadels and have never been one-shot, broadsiding cause they feel untouchable… Then they get a 30k nuke and still don’t care – cause they can heal 50% of pen dmg and get 15k back… Typical really… But hey German and British BBs are a honeypot for dmg farming…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Like I said – maybe cruisers will be compensated – by only receiving over-pens on deck hits – like the way destroyers will soon only be hit with over pens from bb ap.

    • @Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      as I have written, steel on ships is not just hard but also elastic, because otherwise it would break thanks to high/strong waves after a time
      read my comment again, and hopefully you will understand

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      I read it… if thats the case – the 50% rng chance – when hitting the turtleback at 45-75 degrees should take into effect as compensation to include that factor…

    • it’s actually not 50%, it goes up (linear) from 45° 0% to 60° 100% so at 52.5° you have 50% and at 50° you have 33.33%

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Ah ok thanks for the info… Well I made my points few comments ago – on how auto bounce should be increased to 75 degrees… These percentages – can compensate for the armour absorbing the shots…

  3. oh hey that’s me 😀

  4. Copying Jingles? That’s a paddlin’ in the comments!

  5. I disagree with the go slow at the start strategy, as a Montana player with almost 3 Mi. XP I always charge and help our DDs destroy enemy DDs, as the cruisers can’t take the first salvos of damage..

    • Pavel Berky that’s understandable, however if you charge in and then your supporting ships get taken out, you’re all alone with no way to fall back and get to safety, you have to balance the desire to push, with self preservation. Granted, my Battleship experience is limited to NorCal, a recently purchased FDG, Nagato, and a Queenie.
      And while I do like to push quite a bit in my FDG and NorCal, I often find myself without any escorts within a few minutes of starting the push

    • That’s the risk I’m willing to take, i hate to stand back or hide behind the perfect island cover for 15 minutes, i’m playing the game for fun, not to worry about stats

    • Pavel Berky same here, I couldn’t care
      Less about my stats. And I don’t hid behind islands unless I’m in my Atlanta (lol), but you don’t have to hide behind islands to avoid charging in and getting sunk instantly, it’s just a matter of finding that balance, no criticism intended

    • My strategy is to go full speed forward and stop at the spot where my concealment almost covers the entire cap. Then I can stay hidden until someone decides to cap. Then when my DDs spot them I can nuke them =). 12 tubes of MK7 is stupidly strong against DDs.

  6. why that gearing not pushing:
    1. she got caught by the montana scout plane which because she use her DFAA
    2. because she spotted and she dont know where the montana gun pointing at, she doubt to do rush
    3. there is a minotaur which spotted from other side of island of montana which goes to B to… its a suicide to rush a minotaur

    • Yep. I saw the gearing’s last known position and assumed that he would try to go for B. I saw the friendly Minotaur and figured it would be safe to push in.

    • Kingpin61 yeah im a bit laugh when you use your scout plane and it almost cover entire map by from the middle of map.. i cant imagine if that was yamato which has more range than montana

  7. The german BB drivers are the best, every single Battle

    • General Cartman Lee

      Just like Russian heavies in WoT they get called noob friendly so every noob fails his way up to the tier 10.
      A friend just recenly had a Bismarck driver in his team, over 200 battles with her and less than 10K average damage.
      Or the Kurfürst driver I recently had in my team, 380 battles, 25K average damage.
      If there were national battles where your team consists of ships of one nation I would never play German ships…

  8. My personal experience is that my best games tend to occur when I feel like I’m doing nothing at all, and then by the end, I glance at the corner, and notice “Huh. 120k damage. Where’d that come from?”

  9. To be fair, the Montana was showing a fair amount of broadside in the first 4 minutes, and was fortunate to have not been citadelled numerous times. Even so, he capitalized well when the der Grobes offered him the same

    • I was broadsiding because i knew their guns weren’t pointing at me and i was relocating to b;. If they had decided to shoot i only would have needed to turn away just a bit and be in autobounce territory.

    • Kingpin61 Fair enough sir! Good damage farm, in any case!

  10. why do t10 players like to broadside so much in german ships and the izu which is hard to cit I can see why people get into the habit but still by t10 why broadside cruisers and battleships do so very often

  11. Thanks Kingping61 for that great replay

  12. Not to downplay Kingpin61’s good game but as Ichase said of another T10 BB “its OP WG please nerf her!” Yeah right except when it comes to unicoms and US ship lines even on a “paper ship”…..

  13. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    nice that she dont suck no more

  14. I love my Monty.

  15. Tobias Brüssermann

    Its Funny that his Average Dmg, PR and Winrate is not that Good.

  16. GamingWithFlowmar81

    A good BB player, who knows where he/she will overextend can go at full speed at the beginning of the battle.


  17. I feel like the gearing didn’t charge in because he saw that minotaur in the cap. It looks like it may have been spotted by the Amagi.

  18. lol that much damage in a Missouri is no less that 2 mil credits

  19. “Tier 9.5 battleship”

  20. I still have trouble considering win rate as a relevant stat in a team based game, you can be the best player in the game but also be the least lucky at the same time. All the other stats are representative but win rate i have trouble with that.

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