World of Warships – Montana 3000hp only WHOLE MATCH

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Let’s just say some unfortunate things happen at the VERY START of the match and I’m forced to basically play the match with 3000hp in tier 10 MM ofc.
It can’t be done? Challenge accepted 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. #Hansforcommander 😜
    Ooo, that’ll leave a mark. On the plus side AR is working well 😂😂

  2. Now you are just showing off lol, I would have been instantly deleted as the entire enemy team focused me.

    • Well…..this replay is just to show that you should never give up no matter what because you never know when your luck might change, enemy might shift their focus, or God knows what, it wasn’t for showing off 😉

  3. Is that a Montana or a Pensacola?

  4. Hans did a good job on keeping the ship floating

  5. MajesticDemonLord

    On an aside – really keen to see a Flambass vid on HMS Daring – esp as you are a competitive DD player…

  6. gg but without the Conquerer you might have died a LOT sooner. he played great!

  7. in the chat…. “…You aint killing Flabass today”
    I wish had team players, who had my back like that.

  8. For a while I thought you meant 3000 Horse Power and I was like, what are you trying to play the full game at 1/4 speed?
    It’s been a long morning…

  9. don’t get mods, git gud!

  10. We have similar playstyles… 30 seconds in and down 90k health…😂

  11. Whos that n0oB in HE spamming Montana sniping from behind spawn that got assblasted for 95% of his HP at the start, hmmmmmm? :p

  12. World of Battleships :/
    #DDLivesMatter 😀

  13. 2 mimutes in and you got wrecked. Been there.

  14. Victoria Wilhelm

    You have to pull your weight.

  15. I am waiting for the “That’s A Paddlin” from Jingles comment

  16. That’s me in the conq !!!! I ended with about 280k damage I think . It was a good game ..

  17. “If a game needs more, it’s not a good game.” I disagree. There are plenty of good games that can still be improved with mods. Every game, no matter how good, still has flaws, and modders will find those flaws. Take Just Cause 3. An excellent game, but the devs are biased against multiplayer. Modders come to the rescue. Skyrim. Another excellent game on it’s own, but with plenty of flaws that can be fixed by mods. In fact, the whole Elder Scrolls series (and Fallout, come to think of it) are great games, but no game is perfect.

    Having said that, I don’t agree with modding multiplayer games (even ones that just tell you the other players’ stats), mostly because it gives players who use mods a significant advantage (also, stat-viewing mods like WoT’s XVM tend to encourage stat-shaming). I don’t have a problem with modding games like Minecraft, where you can set up a server specifically using certain mods or modpacks, and I don’t have a problem with graphical enhancement mods (with the exception of, for instance, mods that remove foliage in first person games, so that someone hiding behind a bush is clearly visible), but anything that gives the player an advantage over others is, for obvious reasons, unacceptable.

    For these reasons, I don’t mod MMOs like WoWS at all. I don’t care how my stats compare to other players’ (this is definitely not because I know I’d basically always have worse stats ;)), and I don’t want to get banned for using a mod I didn’t realise was illegal, so I just don’t use any.

  18. Someone's Youtube Username


  19. That’s a Paddlin!

  20. I don’t use mods either , i keep it simple :).

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