World of Warships: Montana – Buffed Heal

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I wanted to try out the new heal on and it’s pretty good. Montana in general is surprisingly effective in the random matches I played.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US Montana on the map Shatter.


  1. It sucks that I’m sick.

  2. Where Can you see the stats and buffs?

  3. Ahh yes, but no BB can compete with the glorious Kremlin! If you disagree you will go to gulag!

    • I think Montana is significantly better than Kremlin

    • @Kristoffer Lilja the montana is a good all rounder and ohio is a better montana, kremlin is a tank and a broadside punisher, stats wise the ohio is closer to the kremlin but the stats are still not there, still playstyles are different, a better comparison to the ohio would be the slava if it comes out as it plays at range like montana and ohio.

    • @Leonardo Sousa problem with BB gameplay today is that they all take massive HE alpha damage. On average I get farmed for 80-100k alpha without counting fires in my Kremlin. Montanas guns are also way more reliable at any range, atleast to me.

    • @Kristoffer Lilja that is just the game, dds these days farm bbs for 2k a salvo on 2 sec reload, not gonna talk about cruisers because everyone knows how things go from there. Playing with island coverage is key to avoid being HE spammed down other than that u can run or sink the enemy but then again the marseau is coming so soon runing wont save you, the HE meta is just gonna get more and more toxic.

    • @Leonardo Sousa I hope this game goes bye bye sooner than later….

  4. Heyy, good night Aerroon, hope you get better soon!!

  5. You left PRAVD?!

  6. ЛентяйЁпта

    These US BB guns just don’t work for me at all

    • Is it because they’re slow?

    • @Aerroon That’s the main problem. A ship at range just needs to flick its rudder and all the shells will splash to one side.

    • @Aerroon me too. i play Missouri almost reach 1k match now and don’t know what wrong with my aim, more ricochet than pen. every match i do about 80k-90k damage and struggle to go over 100k damage. i don’t have these problem with Yamato, French BB ,Klemlin. can you ​give me some advise?

    • Same here…. Used Tobe good but now everyone can dodge my slow shell….

    • @Omsap Manakkhong Short answer: get in closer. It’s very difficult to land shells on cruisers that pay attention past 16 km or so. Iowa (and Missouri) have pretty good concealment (and radar!) but poor turning so they excel at medium range. They’re also reasonably tanky when angled. Try to engage at ranges from 11-15 km, just in and out of your concealment range. Some cruisers might still be able to dodge at 15 km, so you need to use your concealment to your advantage. Missouri is also extremely fast, so use that speed + concealment to get into a position about 13 km away from your targets before opening fire. You should be able to catch them off guard. Hope this helps 🙂

  7. spreadsheet said smolensk was getting devstruck in smoke too much, so WG decided to balans it

  8. very good “review”, as usual, I enjoy your videos, well done 🙂

  9. I once also had one of todos from my Kléber fly outside the map and then reappear from other side of the map

  10. The new Montana heal makes it incredibly tanky, though it still lacks some punching power. I recently had a game where I tanked over 207k damage using all 5 heals before I died.

  11. Aerroon, why are you using a fighter plane and not a spotter plane? Its not like the Monty AA is lacking that she needs the fighter. I think you get more utility with a spotter.

  12. I love your videos so much. Your commentary makes me enjoy the game even more . Just started about 2 weeks ago and I think im here to stay. The community is pretty nice to people looking to improve. Im playing waaay better after about 500 games. Feels good to see improvement

  13. Yeah, the shell tracer rendering is a huge issue that appeared not so long ago, but somehow WG fails to admit that.

  14. nein

  15. Not first but thirysix’s

  16. groosa coorfirst , thats how the gk is pronounced in german.
    the groosa u pronounce ok, but the coorfirst ( as if u say soup) u pronounce like corefirst, if that even makes sense what i try to explain to u xd.

  17. There’s interesting rounding going on when it comes to heals. What is shown to you is a rounddown to a full number, actual heal seems to round to one decimal place.

    For example this same Montanas heal is shown as 762, but it’s actually 762.7 HP/s.

    That’s 19.6 HP extra per heal, or 98 extra HP over all 5 of them. And yes, I’ve already been in a position where that mattered ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. Just continued grinding the USN bb line. Sadly realized the Colorado is total garbadge.
    I liked every other USN bb so far.

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