World of Warships – Montana by tomtom_timtrim

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by tomtom_timtrim on Hotspot holds off the enemies in the west. tomtom engages at long range and medium range against enemy cruisers, battleships, and destroyers. A couple great shots and a massive amount of success for the . Hope you enjoyed the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Montana Replay


  1. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    Really nice…

  2. How do I record my games? Tried Fraps but that didn’t work out. :(

  3. Holy Moses, you are almost at 10K subs. Congrats! Hope you have some sort
    of tribute video when you hit 10K.

  4. how can you switch from normal to bird-eye-perspective while having the
    scoutplane out?

  5. On this MAP 2 spawn. If i start on the orther side i will attack. This time
    i spawn in our base that’s why, with the Yamato, we play def together.
    Gameplay depends of the map objectiv. i’ll try to send some other replay.
    Have a good day ;)

  6. How do people record their games ? I would like to do it myself. I it an
    embedded functionality in the game ? Thanks.

  7. I would love to get so many citadells in a game. I have nearly never one.

  8. great video Notser : but to be honest the Montana is not a true Tier 10.
    the Montana is a Tier 9.5 .
    the Yamato is the only Tier 10 Battleship in the game.

  9. notser, if you have time, can you go to my channel and leave feedback on my
    warships video lol

    its an old replay but i would still like to know how i did.

  10. Notser is your name the same on Twitch ? i just wanna follow you if you
    should start streaming 🙂 anyway just wanted to say i love the Videos keep
    them comming.

  11. Sweet to see the Montana work as well as she should. Keep them coming.

  12. Jake van der Veen

    I will say that battleships games are always some form of extremes, either
    the enemy ships are a bunch of nubs who sail broadside on and get paddled,
    or the RNG gods say that you get no citadels and that all cruisers turn on
    dimes. Last night in my Amagi I had a perfect broadside of a New Mexico and
    the shots either went wide or the ones that struck the side did not pen the

  13. war thunder will eventually get ships. i hope either at the end of this
    year or early next year.

  14. I noticed he does play rather passively in this match, despite the kraken
    unleashed. But I enjoyed seeing the citadels, shows how to sail a bb
    correctly with angling!

  15. Notser you should play some warthunder

  16. ¡That god awful dispersion!

  17. Not sure ive ever used HE in the Montana lol.

  18. I’ve gotta wonder, what’s the point of having like 7 aircraft onboard ships
    like the Montana? With a 6 minute cooldown between them, there is no way he
    could ever use more than 4 per match anyways!

  19. Do you have any idea about , when the Royal navy came into the game ?

  20. Got nr 200 like 😀 So then I dare to request another Tirpitz game 😛 I
    learn so much from your videos, and this is my favorite ship besides from

    And soon 10k subscribers Nots, thats friggin awesome!! 🙂

    Have a great day mate!

  21. Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

    Whats the name on the mod that gives you dmg done in first screen ? Imo
    thats something that should be on vanilla client.

  22. I think Montana needs a buff. A huge buff. Better torp protection, better
    HE and most importantly (is that even a word?) , better accuracy.

    Did I miss something or does the Montana have 32 sec reload? Need to

  23. Notser you know theres training in world of warships?

  24. That game was notable for a few reasons:
    – steady supply of muppets
    – luck with citadels; as you said, you can fire at broadside targets and
    get BS RNG
    – remarkably passive play on his part when you consider the latter part
    when his team had ship AND significant health advantages yet he was still
    doing circle work around his own base.
    Yeah, lots of citadels. Great/exciting play? Debatable.
    Would far rather watch you, to be blunt.
    Not that I’m having a go at him, he got great results, but not an
    impressive advertisement for dynamic, exciting game play IMO.

  25. the hax, the hax I say

  26. +1 Obligatory like because it’s a Noster video and it had the Montana-Class

  27. Well congrats to that guy for a fantastic Montana game; something I have
    really not been able to accomplish. Though yes talk about dispersion: in my
    Yamato I had a Moskva full broadside at 10km. I aim perfect at that
    waterline and I cried as I watch all shots sail high into the

  28. how can i record videos in world of warships

  29. “Theres nothing in range,
    That Tom can engage”
    Around 5:35

    that rhyme, doe

  30. Holy fuk.

  31. KingOfRotterdam16

    seems like all the user send replays have lagg, maybe its the replay

  32. These new Yamatos… just fresh meat to experienced players(facepalm)

  33. notser

  34. not see my laptop ran into some problems and I might not be able to get
    back on for a while sorry?buddy when I get back on I’ll let u know ok

  35. i wish wt devs would focus on releasing naval warfare instead of making a
    crappy game that will die within a year :/

  36. Well I don’t often hear much good about this ship, but clearly in the right
    circumstances it can be deadly
    thanks for sharing

  37. great vid and good job on tomtom_timtrim for the great game he had. I just
    got the monty and I like it so far.

  38. the bulk of my problems with war thunder can be summed up in the video Ply
    did on the super Pershing….a T-54 mod something or other penned the gun
    mantlit which had two layers of spaced armor followed up by armor behind
    that for a total of something like 193mm of armor……with a shell that
    has only 182mm of penetration…..yeah um how?

  39. That was a lot of lag. Good game though, but the lag was real.

  40. Notser videos are like boobs: You like them before even seeing it.

  41. Notser, I am currently at the Baltimore and I just suck
    at this ship . Do you have some tips for me ?

  42. Battleships are fun but I sometimes feel like you fire on The Predator in a
    BB! You fire and fire and in the end I can hear the guy from the movie say
    “We hit nothing”

  43. Yeah, nice game montana. I could not do a lot of dmg with my yamato in this
    game. He killed all to fast :D.

  44. dandi aber (danny7up)

    I knew I saw this replay somewhere elsehttps://

  45. Ypou know whats so great of Notser his videos he always uploads a video
    when i am 2 min out of school :)

  46. wow the lag is real hahaha nice game though

  47. Andhika nur Aulia

    Uh, this video pops up on the Home but didn’t appear in the subscription
    tab, dunno why
    Montana sure looks pretty, especially when she wrecks everything. Wish I
    could reach it someday…
    Those lags are just normal replay bug, nothing special

    also A-tago and Mo-gami *(:37L)*

  48. MrTheGameNarrator

    Wait does war thunder have naval battles now?

  49. Great replay video!

  50. Thought this repay looked familiar, saw it yesterday with no commentary.

  51. Supreme Leader Darth JarJar Binks

    ah war thunder..
    Do you want to publish some videos or play it on stream?

  52. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Mm 1st time i see a Montana with scout instead of fighter

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