World Of Warships Montana Gameplay- American Tier 10 Battleship!

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World Of Warships Montana Gameplay- American Tier 10 Battleship!


  1. +Justicar apparently the half crew was sound asleep in a sensory
    deprivation chamber.

  2. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    N/A at this time…

  3. “You know what’s really scary? Those tier 10 destroyers D:”

  4. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    Although CV players such as me like to have 2 squads fire at a ships
    broadside and reserves one to lead the enemy to where he would be turning
    into them.

  5. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    WG said that will be very hard to do… It is realistic, but they have said
    it can be hard to control your aim with frequent waves bobbing your ship.

  6. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    N/A at this time…

  7. +Master Hoe I think to have heard that it is going to be released in winter
    this year

  8. +The Archduke The Soyuz is about equivalent to the Iowa and I remember
    Wargaming saying that it has the ability to access classified documents
    from most governments that we can’t, so maybe they’ll find plans for
    something more comparable to the Yamato and Montana.

  9. +Pavel Volkovoi Perhaps. But as far as I’m aware, the Soyuz was the largest
    ship the soviet government was going to build. After they realized that
    they would be dealing with a massive German invasion from the west and the
    bulk of the IJA flooding north from the Japanese puppet state of Manchuko,
    it became obvious to the Soviet leaders that this was going to be a war on
    land. Thus a large naval fleet was deemed as unnecessary. It might sound
    bad, but without this decision we wouldn’t have seen tanks like the KV-2;
    which used a 152mm smooth bored naval cannon. Besides, it would be at that
    point when they would start going into the ‘alleged’ paper designs and
    that’s when they might actually kill the game for everyone…

  10. +Bullet Bill388 only had 8 of them though as opposed to the Montanas 12

  11. +LamboVeneno117 Well the H42 is already huge, 305m Long and has 8x 480mm
    guns. And has a Displacement of 90k tons. Just think of that armor^^ 😀

  12. +Bullet Bill388 they will find a way to make it unrealistically bad

  13. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    Not really the Montana was designed to be a “better” version of the Iowa.
    As it was only a paper ship though, we may never really know.

  14. He made an Iowa gameplay yesterday 😀 (Missouri is Iowa class)

  15. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)


  16. Tim “M” Meow

    I whhabt to kntwo too

  17. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    Yea, but it is in CBT…

  18. +Ian Horne There’s no way the Lion would stand a chance at tier 10. Even
    tier 9 is debatable.

  19. Nope! N3 class battleship! Give the Yamato a run for its money in 1923….
    Now that’s scary!

  20. +SeanChaos117

    I3 was better because that had N3 main guns and it could run as fast as Iowa

  21. +Evan Roberts with her 15″ guns, torpedos, speed and belt armour of 14″ I
    think as a cruiser she would be op, also keep in mind the Kongo for the
    Japanese was a battle cruiser but they added it to the Japanese battleship
    line so they’ll probably do the same with hood if they don’t wall her off
    to get money out of players

  22. +Zonda Zerda I wouldn’t say tier X, it only has 14in guns and light armor,
    it’s basically a glorified heavy cruiser.

  23. +Zonda Zerda The Bismarck itself will likely be a premium at tier 8. The
    actual Bismarck class of ships will be in the regular tree at tier 8. Tier
    9 will be the H39 and tier 10 will be the H41.

  24. +Zonda Zerda Bismarck is a perfect premium, it’s iconic so lots of people
    will lay down money and it has a better variant (Tirpitz) to go in the tech
    tree at T8.

  25. +James Mac Mahon Tirpitz is the other Bismark cl BB

  26. +F1zzzy90 what if they gave it an ultra buff?like putting the land cruiser
    p 1500 gun the 700 mm :d that would be amazing.

  27. It looks like Bismarc

  28. The legendary Bismarck

  29. +Ian Horne Its the Bismark. Those turrets are a dead give away that it’s at
    least German.

  30. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    You can buy your way into the game…

  31. +STUKA45 because the only reason i say this is because you sound like you
    have the ship on your beta test account also if i was you i would hold back
    on making the videos until full game is out because the game is changing so
    much right now that you videos will be bad……. with in 3 months

  32. Moderatly big youtubers may get it, so youre screwed

  33. Minalinsky x えりあやせ

    or just wait for your luck to get a keycode

  34. +BMWM3GTRLOVER it’s already been confirmed.

  35. where?

  36. +BMWM3GTRLOVER on the forums. I don’t feel like looking for it. That was
    like 3 months ago.

  37. The blucher and the prinz eugen were both cruisers so they wont be in the
    bb line 😀 they will put in for example the scharnhorst or the mackensen 😀

  38. +Heronelli Ah my bad :/

  39. +Da Se *Using internet in 2015*
    *don’t have AdBlock*

  40. +MrCorvusC I don’t use adblock.

  41. Yeah, fuck Adblock. Nothing on anyone who uses it, but I actually like to
    support the Youtubers I love to watch. Its the least I can do to support
    their awesome content. Plus, a Youtube ad is usually skip-able

  42. +nikimo smeets I got into the Closed Beta… It’s the most fun since
    Battlestations Midway!

  43. +nikimo smeets You can get into the closed beta by getting one of their
    Premium bundles. I did this with the Sims and managed to work my way up
    almost to the tier X US destroyer. Totally worth it. 🙂

  44. adolf kackebart

    Soviel Vertrauen in die Menschheit hab ich noch ^^

  45. Slayer and anything is the best

  46. +Kieran Netton thanks bo!

  47. Sebastien de Boisgency

    +Sergei Ivanovich Mosin Hype !!!!!

  48. +justin gilleland muwahh

  49. Iowa is the one with the best AA

    Montana is a little worst than that

  50. Don’t feel bad Phly those Des Moines really hurt especially when you come
    up against three of them in a platoon and they’re all spamming high
    explosive. I watch them destroy a Montana within about 40 seconds.

  51. Montana vs Yamato one v one who wins

  52. +Yamato Kai the one with the smarter Capt. In real life the truth is first
    blood usually wins but a lot of sailors on both sides are going to lose.

  53. +Andrew Pulda I see thanks for the comment really

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