World of Warships – Montana Legendary

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Equipped with the Legendary Module, I embark to see just how useful it can be for her. The game wasn’t what I expected but I’ll take it. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Replay – Discord Server


  1. Notser: Who’s steering gear gets knocked out in the Montana?

    Bigloo: raises hand…mine has…to cruiser HE…because rng loves me.

    • happens all the time when you take a torpedo up the aft

    • “Stem to Stern” is the way its supposed to run, and if a torp runs Stern to Stem, yeah, steering gear and propulsion will be on the top of the list of troubles.


  3. Take out flood recovery time for increased torpedo spotting range?

  4. the legnedary modules 10% better flood recovery time might not actually seem like much. but the longer you think about it the more you realize that if your damage control is on cooldown and you get a flood,you are more likely to survive it then not.

  5. is this flamu? this has been done

  6. Risheen Mukherjee

    The Montana upgrade is underwhelming. Give it 35% fire reduction, take away the dumb rudder repair and flooding, and give it either improved turret traverse, or improved secondary performance. How about 15% more range and 40% improved accuracy on secondaries? That’d make Montana an excellent all round BB with multirole support.

    • I wouldn’t mind some stronger angled armor personally.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Matthew Tencza stronger angled armour? Its honestly tanky enough.

    • 30% fire/flooding reduction + -15% cooldown on DC and repair party

      The US Navy had exceptional damage control procedures, so the stats ought to reflect this 😀

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Josh Friedman great idea! I honestly dont like how consumable heavy this game is, but hey, that is a pretty good suggestion and historically accurate.

    • Matthew Tencza I always bait Yamato’s into firing at my angled broadside armor and always find them broadside on themselves.

      Josh Friedman They already reference the damage control with the longer action time, though yes, the buff wouldn’t go amiss

  7. Oh man! Last time I played two brothers, one guy suggested we go down the middle, next thing you know half the team went down the middle, crusiers and destroyers just being incompetent. Needless to say, we lost.

    • AwesomeShite oh yeah, I had a match where the enemy team did indeed push mid and half, if not more, died trying to get through.

    • AwesomeShite That’s why I kind of hate the Two Brothers map. There are other maps with some sort of feature that attracts the most brain dead players.

  8. *curb your angling*

  9. Gearing got Balanced by BBaby AP

  10. Such careless players at T10 battle? Going broadside all the time😂🤔

  11. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    3:30 – Conqueror is balanced bois (excluding the broken stealth and heal)… that citadel was delicious …
    I wish WG gave the 457mm 45cal guns – a standard BB fuse time – so that the 457mm have a distinct advantage over the 419s.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Mammoth Mk3 – if you haven’t understood what I meant. I proposed the 457mm 45cal to get the standard BB fuse time of 0.032s. It will purely be an AP focused gun considering the 457mm have 2.0 sigma – yes the 63% fire chance also make it a viable HE gun as well if needed.

    • i like the 457s because they can put the shells where i want them, and if you can aim, that counts for a lot. The AP is totally viable, strongest AP in the game, 14900 vs yamato at 14800; 30k non citadel broadsides are not uncommon. 2.0 sigma allows you to hit things at ridiculous ranges with 2-3 shells guaranteeing a fire with the huge fire chance while 419s have a 1.8 sigma, spread out like a shotgun and still only get 2-3 hits at ridiculous range, not having nearly the same fire chance, albeit still very good.

      the 419s really shine up close within 17kms where you can get a nice heavy spread of a lot of shells all over their ship, frontal super structure, rear super structure, and get 2-3 fire salvos easy. At big ranges the 1.8 sigma will have a huge spread, resulting in equal or lower number of hits with a much lower overall fire chance. The 457s are too accurate up close and end up brutalizing a few of their modules, breaking guns, modules and secondary guns every single time shell with extreme ease. 419s do so as well, but peppering the entire ship with a bunch of possible fires. I really feel like the 457s are good at setting 1 or 2 fires easily at any range, but the 419s can set 3, and hit places of the ship you werent even aiming at due to the 1.8 sigma, both a boon and a negative. Probably coming down to desired engagement distance, playstyle, etc.

      the 457s can citadel light cruises with high explosive, the 419s cannot. As it stands with 457s it is quite a lot like a t10 warspite

    • people just choose 419s because it’s easier to achieve results with mediocre skill with 50% more ammo in flight. They still arent as good as those 8x457s if you can make those eight actually count.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      I understand the power of the 457mm it’s just a simple fuse timer change from the RN fast fuse of 0.016s to 0.032 fuse of Standard Battleships is what I’m hoping for wg to do.

    • I use the 457 mm guns and a standard fuss would good . even if they cut the fire chance down by 10 percent

  12. It’s natural that you get focus down whenever you use your real name Notser. Either people want to tell their friend about killing a Community Contributor, or they want to kill you because generaly Cc is very good player, and therefore, very dangerous if keeping alive too long. ( So the sooner you kill CC, the better change your team win the game) 😉

    • back in CBT i used to see Notser all the time, probably seen him 10 or so times, had some really fun games tormenting him. Whenever i see a youtube celebrity sailing around, Flambass, Zoup, iChase, etc i dont go out of my way to harass them any more like in a hunting preserve, i have really grown to like them as people and i dont want to take the opportunity to go out of my way to send them to port.

    • If it’s CBT then yes, I will not try my damn best to kill them as soon as possible. But Live server? Fair game. 😉

  13. Not very Legendary this then…

  14. This one is Just bad I’m sorry, it isint worth Stealth,

    The only way this would be Worth loosing Stealth would be if they Made it 50% like Hindi,

    But what I would prefer is if they keep this the way it is only give this Upgrade the affects of the -11% to Dispersion and then Move it to the 6 slot,

  15. montana needs fire reduction and torp reduction buff, secondaries at least 9 km with less dispersion,or intense aa protection to substitute the secondary

  16. This module is a joke. They should reduce the gun reload or make the flood and fire recoveries at least 30% or something big like that if you’re giving up concealment.

  17. Is it me or that fight with the Gearing, people go on about how unbalanced BB ap is (which I agree with) but was a odd time to mention it as he did huge damage to Notser and could have avoided contact as he had not been spotted by radar but fired his guns. Honestly in that situation a BB should delete a DD just for being stupid 🙂

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Robert Pettigrew sssh, you cant say that. All the idiot DD captains are gonna flame ya. Honestly speaking, DDs should take full pens if they are spotted at 10km or less. Above that? I’m fine with overpens.

    • Robert Pettigrew

      Risheen Mukherjee Well I enjoy dd’s the most but for me it is as you say the long range ones that grind me. If I get spotted it is usually my choice or the other team having 6 radars 🙂

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Robert Pettigrew I can sympathize. Long range 10k salvos dont make sense to me. But the point DD captains seem to miss is that even if you only take overpens from BBs, its still a crap ton of damage. 5 overpens from a Montana still equals 6k+ damage. I think most DD players are just pissed that BBs fire at them at all. And honestly, if BBs just wait and fire HE at them, its gonna be far worse. HE actually breaks stuff. Imagine having to reload torps on a Gearing or Shimakaze because 5 penetrations of BB HE did 5k damage and broke nearly everything that could be broken on the ship. Whiners gonna whine, I guess. But yeah, I definitely agree that the long range penetrations dont make sense.

  18. The Defenestrator

    I disagree about this not being a fair analysis because they might have acted differently if you were recognized. The fact that you are anonymous means the performance stands on it’s own. The enemy team should evaluate your threat based on your actions, regardless of whether they recognize you. They should have dealt with you in any case, but did not.

  19. Trouble with these modules is the tag ‘legendary’ implies they are by far the best but then in some cases what you gain barely, if at all, compensates for what you lose IF playing the ship in the ‘most effective’ manner.
    Potential is to have lots of people using them without understanding how either they require you to play the ship somewhat differently or be less effective if you don’t, which means people playing them in a way that’s less effective despite fitting it.
    That and the fact if a module is a straight up improvement, that’s lazy design as you should always be torn by opportunity cost of one choice over another.

  20. 0:35 8:35 It’s further evidence how out of touch WG is with gameplay and what players really want. Image Notser, Jingles, Flamu, and Chase in a WoW decision making meeting and Notser says, “for this Legendary skill I’d like to propose a 70% steering repair time improvement and a 10% flood recovery time improvement……..” I’m sure there would be silence until someone either slapped Notser in the back of the head and said “wtf’s the matter with you?” or they all burst into laughter, assuming Notser was being satirical. It’s amazing that even with the flying of all the CC’s to mother Russian, in order to let them in on some of WG’s carrier secrets, further communication hasn’t been substantial enough that these types of ridiculous ideas aren’t suggested. I don’t understand what the disconnect is. Are we seeing a difference between Western and Russian thinking or are decisions that could be made by lower level supervisors being over ridden by executive idiots? I guess it’s anyone’s guess.

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