World of Warships: Montana – RNGesus Giveth

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Sometimes RNGesus is bad to me, sometimes RNGesus is extremely generous to me. Today is one the days where my is off the charts.

of footage of the tier 10 US on the map Atlantic.


  1. He also taketh away…sometimes. Nice game, Aerroon!

  2. His Majesty King George V

    I write this comment as my Iowa bounced 2 shells off an edinbruger.

  3. good game so much rng:D

  4. There is no RNG.. There’s only bad aim and less awareness! 😀

  5. oh its that pink game you posted on discord. well this is gonna be intersting

  6. Rng loves you so much that he gave you 4 Team Killers

  7. Kills with RNG, dies to RNG.

  8. Yes I like to be generous at times.

  9. RNGesus giveth
    RNGesus taketh
    But most important
    Your own luck, you can maketh

  10. Lews Therin Talamon

    Meanwhile in my Fletcher, I get 256 HE shell hits and 1 fire.

  11. Hey Aerroon what have you been smoking before that game dude!? Hahaha You sounded like your having waaaay more fun then usual! 😀 Any way love your videos man and i would really like to hear your opinion about the RN BB’s He shells.

  12. Hey Aerroon, are you the youtuber?
    Nope, this is an fan account.
    I see.

  13. Priority target went to 3 when only two targets spotted on your flank. Massive giveaway the DD was dropping on you :).

  14. 4 pinks? at 9/10 tiers? Really?

  15. When I knife fight in dd, it’s not the dd or cruiser shells that killed me, but the evil 7k volley pens from Battleships 10km behind.

  16. RNG giveth RNG taketh away.

  17. That’s why the moskva is one of the best ships in the game- doesn’t have much that relies on RNG

  18. RNG its retard feature for dement people welcome world of rngshit play EU server 20kk big argument .-)

  19. What RNGesus giveth, RNGesus also taketh away.

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