World of Warships – Montana Staying Alive

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Montana on Two Brothers pushes the eastern flank with a couple friendly ships. The majority of the enemy also pushes the eastern flank, we engage at long range. A couple great shots and a couple not so great shots. Eventually the western flank forces the enemies to defend their base. We feel a enemy destroyer might threaten our base. The game is neck and neck for the entire duration, hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Battleship Montana Replay


  1. After you playing both of the Tier X BBs ,which you prefer?

  2. nice vid not ser!!

  3. Umm, baseline range for the Des Moines is 15.8km the exact same as on the
    Atago. Which isn’t terrible by any means… Especially with a concealment
    build, as that will allow you to get within ideal firing range of 14km or
    less without being spotted.

  4. 9:16 Yeah, why are there so few Des Moines players?! Perhaps again it is
    symptomatic of the INCREDIBLY passive meta at the top tiers… Because
    trying to play the Des Moines ANYTHING like the Zao, or Hindenburg – it
    WILL feel like it is an awful ship!

    It should take no real amount of Intelligence to KNOW that the Des Moines
    is a brawler. If you aren’t within its stock gun range, you might as well
    hold your fire. The range module is largely a waste for the Des Moines, I
    mean sure, it will allow you to rain HE on Battleships from farther away,
    but that isn’t what the Des Moines is meant for! If your goal is to rain
    fire, then get the Zao and be done with it!

    Pretty much EVERY good game I have ever seen in the Des Moines involved a
    lot of close range engagements, and by “close range” I mean 14km and less.
    At which range, the Des Moines can just brutalize basically any ship in
    singular combat!

    Then there is the AP, it has the least amount of Citadel damage of the tier
    10 cruisers, but has the MOST pen by a good bit, especially for plunging
    fire, or closer range direct fire. The AP shells of the Des Moines are the
    heaviest of any cruiser at 330 pounds, and have one of the highest Krupp
    ratings in the game at almost 3000! The Zao has around 2890 Krupp with a
    280 pound shell, the Hindenburg actually is the lowest of the three at
    something like 2500 to 2700 Krupp, also the shells are the lightest at just
    260 pounds.

  5. I am only up to the New York myself, but I have tried both my Arkansas as
    well as the New York with the accuracy module as well as reload. I ended up
    staying with the reload module for my Arkansas, and range module on my New
    York. Because even with the Accuracy Module – the accuracy is so bad that
    it simply just did not help enough, in my experience at least – and as a
    result I find it more advantageous to be able to fire again 5 seconds
    sooner per gun.

    Obviously I haven’t played the high tier BBs yet, but it would APPEAR that,
    the accuracy module doesn’t help all that much on the Montana either…
    Most people I have watched on YouTube tend to use the reload mod.

  6. Oh hey Notser, I have been meaning to ask you – In an earlier video you
    were saying that Destroyers in WOWS are larger than they should be compared
    to Battleships, well that had me wondering so I did some searches, and sure
    enough I found a picture of an Iowa class sailing next to an Allen S.
    Sumner DD (Gearing) , and from that pucture, as well as quite a few others,
    I would say that IF DDs are bigger than they should be to scale, it is NOT
    by much at all!

    The Tashkent was actually about the size of the Pensacola, not nearly as
    tall, but about as long!

  7. Those Zao guns… Wtf

  8. The only thing the Montana is really better at is killing cruisers because
    slightly faster reload and more guns, and killing planes. With few
    carriers, it basically is worse in every way except against cruisers, in
    which it is slightly better.

  9. Better than yamato vs destroyers? Maybe, remember Yamato can get like an
    11km secondary battery range + manual secondaries + amazing japanese

  10. Debatable? Hardly, especially without any CV’s ever

  11. So, the moral of the story is… “Go afk every match.” Got it! XD

  12. Nothing wrong with lower expectations. The most fun I have in this game
    honestly is closing to within 2 or 3km of the biggest enemy BB in my
    Destroyer and dumping torps into his face. It’s just so fun. If i die, or
    lose the game, so be it. Play games for fun yo.

  13. 3:30 nice shot !!

  14. I laughed like a mad scientist when Notser turned the Fubuki to dust. Never
    gets old!

  15. Those Zao guns are just absurd.
    Show me an 8″ gun that can do that sort of damage with kinetic impact on
    the belt of what was intended to be about the most heavily armoured USN BB
    ever (go do a good search on its tech specs, and I don’t mean wiki). It was
    designed to deal with 16″ heavy shells. An 8″ would be like heavy rain.
    Fires are bad enough, but it is simply stupid that your facing should have
    any bearing on what an 8″ gun does to you.
    Blergh, wish I knew fk all about this period of naval combat history; might
    be able to enjoy the game and not get pissed off every 30 seconds with one
    or other of the many absurdities it contains.
    Having said that, another case where you illustrate how so few people seem
    to be able to grasp the strategic picture in terms of winning. The only
    reason a team that camps hard yet has a points deficit manages to win is
    their opponents are too stupid to realise all they need do is sit back and
    say “camp and lose or try to win; your choice” (I used to put that in
    global chat, lol).
    It’s another reason why so many people camp at high tiers; a few people
    will get impatient and go it alone and die, which then gives the campers
    every advantage.
    (here’s just one interesting piece to read:

  16. Great gameplay Noster, I just hope wargaming bring out a new BB line. As it
    stands only IJN and US is pretty limited in choices..

  17. I think this has convinced me to finish off the American BB line…
    Now that I finally have the Des Moines, I am after another line to go down

  18. Notser, that was a close match. I have lost a few matches where a DD would
    sneak into our cap like in your game, but no one was close enough to stop
    him and we lost the game eventho we out number the enemy.

    Talking about close matches. I had a game last night where at one point my
    team was loosing bad. I think we were 300 points behind. And the enemy was
    about to win but we stopped the enemy tick at 999 points when one of our
    cruisers was able to enter the enemy’s last cap just in time… LOL…
    Whats more amazing we actually won the game 😀

    I will try send you the replay if I can find it.

  19. Andreas Petersson

    🙂 Good game 🙂 love those Smashy ship games (Read Battleship whenever I
    write smashy ship in the near future 😛 )

  20. aw, cruel to destroys week … I wonder if there was anything left after
    that … LoL

  21. Hi Notser, did you AFK at 7:30 ? That’s why you didn’t fire at the Montana
    at broadside.

  22. Notser : not sure since last patch, but the Yamato can Citadale the Montana
    no matter how the Montana is angled.
    the Montana has to catch the Yamato in a perfect broadside. so thats why
    Flamu says the Montana is a Tier 9.5 .
    they where supposed to make changes to the Yamato in the last patch.

  23. Yamato was designed to fight battleships. Look up Taffy 3 for its record
    against destroyers

  24. Hey notser, I was wondering if you could play more low tier games since you
    now have a press account and it allows you to play low tiers. It would
    really be great if we could have low tier content 🙂 keep up the great

  25. 100% agree, I don’t like trading ship for ship. Its a stupid idea, staying
    alive is much better. I literally get mad and start yelling when a teammate
    destroyer does that.

  26. lmfao, Montana – DPS MACHINE, Montana – winning the game! no no, Montana –
    staying alive. ohhhhh notser, how appropriate.

    hey wait – arent you the youtuber?

  27. `great one Notser

  28. sometimes, even an emergency restroom break is warranted. great vid!

  29. Great ship, so you think it’s worth getting? Keep tem coming.

  30. When you were taking fire from the Roon at the end you were saying that the
    Roon had range but German cruiser don’t have that kind of range. What did
    you mean? Was there a captain skill or upgrade in play? Or was there an
    illegal mod?

  31. The problem with the USN 16″ guns, and later tier USN battleships in
    general is that they gave a some of the ships positive characteristics to
    the Yamato to further the legend of the “super battleship”. In reality
    though while the Yamato was well engineered, it was still done so in the
    late 30s instead of the early 40s which would have given USN a
    technological advantage. Yamato crew was not well trained, and as a result
    her damage control suffered. This is represented in game with the
    battleship heal but for the longest time the Yamato heal was far superior
    to the Montana. For the sake of balance they are equal now, but
    historically you could make the case that Montana’s should be better. And
    then you have the guns. While 18 inch shells are very big, engineering
    limitations meant the guns had relatively short barrels, giving the shells
    low muzzle velocity. Because of this fact, the USN 16″ on the Iowa/Montana,
    would have had better penetration at range.USN ships at the time also have
    better fire control than the Yamato, though for some random reason, WG
    decided to also give the accuracy advantage to the Yamato. Who knows? Maybe
    one day they will fix it, but until then, there is little to no reason to
    ever roll out in a Montana.

  32. congratulations on the montana notser………

  33. They need to add teammates health to that layout. Add it the same way they
    do your own health. Bright to dark.

  34. Yavuz Selim Han Osmanoglu

    Are we gonna watch see that yamato against both carrier gameplay? It sounds

  35. well the montana is basicly avoid the yamato on almost any cost and wreck
    the rest of the enemy team. the yamato just shits on monty in 1v1

  36. Wasted a lot of time cruising.

  37. notser where did you get your jolly Roger flag? I know there have been
    multiple opertunities to get one

  38. Great video as usual Notser. Question though, I know you don’t like mods,
    but do you mind loading a damage meter at least for the replays? It’s nice
    to keep track during the game.

  39. Congrats on the Monty 😀
    Gettin that daily Notser dose is good for my health aswell, great game as
    always! Looking forward to more 😀

    PS: I just (10minutes ago) unlocked and bought my Zao AND Yama!
    Woooohoooooo o7 (bragging rights) :D

  40. i have skill the Montana not so mutch on AA more Gun Rotation and reload
    speed,more shots more dmg like because not so mutch CV are at the moment in

  41. kristian pedersen

    Cool video notser. your to damn good at this :)

  42. Gareth Fairclough

    Stayin’ alive? What, no beegees song? :P

  43. love your vids dude keep it up :)

  44. I love how people now you and you only have 7900 subs, i love it. GG noter.
    Im 124k XP away from the Montana, never selling my Iowa, gonna be a massive
    credits grind tho. Cant wait!

  45. Awesome Video :)

  46. us battle ships being more in accurate compared to japanese is crap. given
    that with the systems we used in ww2 was the most accurate of all the force
    involved .

  47. Do you have two accounts? Just curious is the press account is something
    they gave you as another account or did it change your base account? Just

  48. i find this game alittle funny with the Iowa / montana vs Yamato. The Iowa
    guns were designed with barrel length and shell design to travel at a
    higher velocity and the same hitting power as Yamoto guns… but this game
    does not model this.

  49. Another good vid Notser. Keep them coming

  50. The thing is between the Yamato and the Montana is that on paper the US
    battleship makes up her bad accuracy, bad torpedo belt, bad secondaries and
    lower penetration and range with higher AA rating. However in reality the
    Yamato has crap AA and the Montana has crap+20 which still equals to crap.
    And only 1/3 or 1/4 of the games have carriers. The Yamato can shoot down
    2-3 planes before unloading torps and bombs of the 27 attack planes the
    Hakuryu can unleash, the Montana maybe 4-5. You are still dead.

  51. German T10 BB will be the H41 which have eight 17incher. Montana still will
    be the T9.5 ship.

  52. roon can shoot 20,8 km without a Scout plane

  53. PurpleSpeckledAppleEater

    lol. At around 6min into the video, the way I play the game completely
    changed. When Notser was describing how staying back and chipping away at
    the enemy was a superior tactic and more beneficial than rushing headstrong
    forward in hopes of one or two kills, I suddenly realized I was that guy…
    Alright; time to up my game and stop being the BB that rushes forward.

  54. Games_Plus_Rage_Equals_Life

    When you gonna do a Zao game?

  55. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    how do you know if the main turret is broken completely, with out seeing
    the ship up close?

  56. Please don’t sell your Iowa 🙁 I want to see more of that ship

  57. woah, really? Montana gameplay? Nice!

  58. AT 06:02 you shoot an the Roon and after that you ignore the Montaga which
    is 14km away, very risky….

  59. Yamato dont cares about little montana ;)

  60. Why such a low commander?

  61. first

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