World of Warships – Montana Tense to the End

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on Islands of Ice moves out to support the push in the north. The enemy does a run around to our base, the team must pull back and defend the base. I try to get to the base and support the effort to rid it of enemy ships. The Montana is effective at engaging all targets, I try to fire on anything that is easily damaged or destroyable. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Montana Replay


  1. Thank you for your videos. It makes my day just go a little bit faster…
    ? ? ?

  2. Hey Notser, i really appreciate the effort you put on making videos. But I
    can’t stand that you have just uploaded a game where your first Shell Hit
    is at 8:16. I Don’t know if you have done it in order to make a 20 minutes
    long video or what, but i don’t really like this kind of game, it sounds
    like a waste of time looking at a Montana sealing into the map.

  3. Lol that Iowa with Survivability Expert just as you say about people not
    knowing how to play the game at high tiers :D

  4. I would like to watch your game play even if it’s 100000000000 times you
    game play I wonderful man keep up the good work notser good luck and take
    Regards (Ace combat 25)

  5. nosters target choice when he plays bbs makes me angry

  6. yeah notser, many players reaching high tiers before learning anything,
    they sail like rasputin and screaming like rarrggghhh and eats some torps
    or citadels finally u see em dead at 5th min of battle

  7. You mean western side

  8. Very poor strategy by your team in this game, zerging north is the worst
    thing you can do on this map. Not only does it put a large island between
    you and your base making it hard to defend it also puts a large island
    between you and the enemy base making it hard to attack. It also takes most
    of your team out of the fight for a long time as evidenced by you not doing
    much of anything until over 7 minutes into the game. It looks like the only
    reason you guys won is because your team had better skill individually
    otherwise you basically would have handed the victory to them.

  9. German DDs:
    tier 2 : V-25
    tier 3: G-101
    tier 4: V-170
    tier 5: T-22
    tier 6: ERNST GAEDE
    tier 7: LEBERECHT MAAS
    tier 8: Z-23
    tier 9: Z-46
    tier 10: Z-52
    These might change

  10. For German viewers:

  11. Ahoj Notser,
    I really appreciate the effort you put on using the correct pronounciation
    of the name of the ships. Like for example the Mutsuki (Mutski). At first I
    thought that was some kind of stream nickname for that certain ship. Like
    e.g. “Deathstar” for the Fv215b183 in WoT. But after I watched an episode
    of Arpeggio of Blue Steel and heard how they pronounced the name Yokosuka,
    I realized that this was no joke at all. I may actually have learned
    something here. Great 😉

    ps: thumbs up for your pronounciation of the German ships. Nothing wrong
    with that

  12. i have noticed that everytime a new line launches, the americans get more
    and more irrelavant and boring

  13. wow…. You look funny a couple of times to a RN cuiser and NOT hammering
    it into the ground?? Guess RNG was in his favor a lot! Awesome match again
    Notser! Thanks.

  14. I’ve had Yamato a month or so, just got Montana this week and love it 4x as
    much as Yam…

  15. gosh wg really need to fix these horrid camos

  16. Never underestimate the ability of a destroyer to escape when his ship is
    held together by nothing more than bubble gum & prayers! :D

  17. Serious question: I see most battleship captains grabbing concealment
    expert with their 15th point. I don’t really play BBs myself, but I do see
    how this helps you to get into a better spot for your first engagement
    without taking multiple citadels in the process, but beyond those first
    couple minutes I don’t really see how this skill helps the ship–between
    destroyers and aircraft you’re going to spend most of the rest of the match
    spotted, and of course any time you fire you light yourself for basically
    the entire map. Wouldn’t Jack of all Trades make more sense on most BBs,
    for the faster cooldowns on DC & repair?

  18. its sooo frustating to see this kind of situation where ppl keep forcing to
    cap on standart battle while they do not cap or trying to cap ir even help
    the cap on domination mode. seriously some ppl needs to learn.

    great job notser on defending base with a BB ?

  19. Not to be a dick…. but that flank is a noob-magnet. Notice how little
    up-time your guns had?

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