World of Warships Montana Tier 10 American Battleship Gameplay

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  1. Mighty Mo = USS Missouri = Iowa class

  2. That first kill was a perfect example of scientific method in action. You
    had a theory. You tested the theory. The theory was proved wrong and
    rectified to reflect the new data. Thus Baron Von Gamez is a scientist and
    shall now be referred to as Dr. Baron Von Gamez.

  3. Well the gun firing doesn’t sound like the 18in guns I know of, it sounds
    like a high powered sniper rifle

  4. As a sailor, it bothers me when people throw around the whole ‘shifting my
    rudder’ thing without knowing what it really means. Shifting your rudder is
    throwing it from one degree measurement, to the opposite direction
    measurement. So a rudder sitting at “right 20” would ‘shift’ to “left 20”.
    Simply beginning to make a turn doesn’t mean that you’ve shifted anything.

  5. I have been waiting for this vid. Thanks Baron! Can’t wait to see it play
    against some real people.

  6. Barron laughs like tyler durden

  7. Baron! That’s not the Mo! Lol

  8. 10:00 Mama Mia! Amazing graphics!

  9. wyatt Hdk (Exilify)

    uhhh ya done messed up again the mighty mo is the Missouri bruh xD

  10. Baron! Play the Zao next! For the Emperor! BANZAI!!!

  11. Wearing my Turtlebeach Seven Pro headsets and those guns sound frickin

  12. Great finale at the end there, Baron. Thanks for the vid!

  13. Baron, I love you man…but the mighty MO was the Missouri…

  14. Please try the Tier IX Iowa class so you can take out the “Big J”…USS New
    Jersey the most decorated battleship in US history…WWII up through the
    1989! of course it won’t have the tomahawk cruise missile upgrades but
    she’ll do just fine!

  15. Hit ‘P’ to disable your AA. Use ‘T’ to deploy smoke in a destroyer. *shakes
    Hopefully they will change the announcer script, it’s quite long-winded.

  16. STOP CALLING IT MIGHTY MO! sorry for caps but the mighty mo is the nickname
    for the USS Missouri (I know it makes no sense)

  17. I have to say, this ship makes me feel so patriotic..and I aint even

  18. Those in Valhalla must be thumping their chests with pride over such a
    devastating ship as the USS Montana, carrying on that Viking pride baby!

  19. Dude, whats up with those Entak impressions you do rarely but too often?

  20. Ringus Slaterphist

    oh sweet lord
    those cannon sounds

  21. Leandro Nierras

    In the end was amazing the ship just showed up before the game ended

  22. never stop in a BB.. also with the new patch angling matters way more. When
    dealing with other BBs try not to show your side that much.

  23. Not to stir anything up, but without question you sank the Fubuki on your
    team. Ridiculous accident. And on a side note, the level of overkill on
    that poor guy was amazing.

  24. This ship will make you sink twice…

  25. Hunter Weissman

    Can u play the Iowa next

  26. pls do the yamato:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  27. precut ziplock (precutziplock)

    is that a Montana in your pants, or are you happy to see…… damn I had
    my sounder turned up when you fired those gun. Good God ! Ba BOOM

  28. i really hope we eventually see ships sailing in fleets, i feel like it
    could be so effective, you would be able to focus down priority ships, the
    AA concentration could protect the fleet, it would be awesome

  29. Slickbee in the Iowa vs Baron in the Yamato. I want to see that happen.

  30. Timothy Pretlow

    I think it would be cool if they made a game like this but open world. 

  31. the mighty mo is the uss Missouri

  32. the mighty no is the issue Missouri lol

  33. I’m sorry but, for those who honor the great USS Missouri, she is the true
    Mighty Mo. Remember, the Montana is a paper ship that never existed.
    Also, all of you YouTube gamer’s are pronouncing the battleship Yamato’s
    name wrong. It’s not Ya-ma-to. The proper pronunciation is Ya-mato. Check
    some documentary films and you’ll see.

    • Jordan Favorite

      +Craig Snelson Japanese people pronounce every “letter” in this case,
      ya-ma-to are all their own “letters”

  34. +BaronVonGamez how do you get the tier 10’s so fast and i do play the
    closed beta, do war gaming give you a special account?

  35. Omg those new gun sounds made me jump. Bad ass

  36. So since many American battleships have dual purpose secondaries is there
    any way to ensure that those secondaries are either firing exclusively at
    ships or exclusively at planes? Or do you just have to hope they go after
    the destroyer thats about to torpedo you?

    • On your keyboard, hold the “Ctrl” key and the “Alt” key; then click the
      ship/squadron of planes you want to target and the secondaries and AA will
      focus solely on the selected target.

    • +SuperAqua9 Hold Ctrl, then with the mouse, click what you want your
      secondaries to target.

  37. Over pen? This is War Gaming. It’s not a modular system like Gijin. When
    you penetrate you do damage.

  38. Wow, you got 80k subs in like 2 months! hory shet m8

  39. i know this isn’t related to world of warships but what are the hot keys
    for no HUD in War Thunder?

  40. Minecraftsniper875

    The USS Montana is not the “Mighty MO”, that is the USS Missouri.

  41. Baron the mighty mo is an Iowa class vessel, the Montana never existed so
    it has no nickname

  42. BaronVonPleb, Mighty Mo was an Iowa class named Missouri

  43. It kinda bugged me that Baron was calling the Montana class the Mighty Mo
    while in actuality the USS Missouri, which is Mighty Mo, is an Iowa class

  44. Sebastian von Druschke Jensen

    can you ask the devs if they can make helicopters to war thunder i think it
    would be awesome!

  45. Where do you download the test server??

  46. Play the USS North Carolina BARON!!!!!!

  47. Montana is a beast and the gun sounds are awesome

  48. Use the USS New Jersey(Iowa class battleship)

  49. Hii baron!!

  50. Yo baron you’re gunna get some shell shock if you keep calling the Montana
    by the wrong nickname.

  51. Play the first American battleship

  52. Baron the mighty mo is the USS Missouri and Iowa class battleship

  53. Those new gun sounds are more like rifle shots.

  54. Is there any information about the open beta release?

    • +Todestelzer I don’t think so really, because wargaming isn’t going to keep
      a lot of people waiting for this game to release to OBT. They have a lot of
      pressure on this game. They don’t want this game to be like WOWP. WOT
      wasn’t even close to finish when it came out. Even if they release WOWS to
      open beta by the end of May or next month, they can always add those ships
      and tiers. That’s why it called Open Beta Test. There’s still testing and
      things to be added and changed. So yes I’m confident about what I said 🙂

    • +Todestelzer Think about World of Tanks and how balanced some of those
      vehicles are… (T18 :P)

    • +BattleshipGirl No they don´t wipe OB to release so they have to balance
      the ships first. But T9-10 carrier ships still missing.

    • +Todestelzer That doesn’t matter. They could still put those ships into
      OBT. Even if it was fully released they can add new lines. So really what
      you’re saying about missing ships and lines does not matter at all. You
      will get them, at some point. Even now on WOT and WOWP they are adding new
      tanks and planes. So there’s no reason why they would do the same for WOWS.
      Get with the process.

    • +Roondar Murnig Lol ikr, even on the xbox edition that TD is funny

  55. The mighty Mo was the Missouri not the Montana

  56. Mikolaj Wojtowicz

    In that last game you were too passive in a very important capital ship,
    that has participated to your defeat. :)

  57. InfinateDeer108 -

    Baron do this “War Thunder – B-24 & B-17s vs Ramming Biplanes!” vid again
    but with the b 29 as well.

  58. Play the North Carolina next or you’ll be walkin the plank!!

  59. North Carolina

  60. If baron says mighty Mo’ one more time I might cry :'(…. (The mighty Mo’
    is the USS Missouri)

  61. Play the Izumo next? love that ship and I love yours videos, keep up the
    good work

  62. nathan katolick

    Why no Missouri,North Carolina, or Enterprise??? :(

  63. Baron could you make some carrier gameplay

  64. This is what I’m talking about, Baron!! Battleships back tot back. I love

  65. Hi Baron, what’s your view on HE now that it’s been buffed, fire’s
    everywhere, it’s a real problem in Battleships now, maybe even making
    cruisers op?

  66. how can i go play on test server (i’m CBT tester)?

  67. what i expect of each nation: USA- AA and armour, Japan- long range
    firepower, Royal Navy- DPM, and Germans- Accuracy. could this be true?

    • What should be expected from the German’s is great speed and superb armor.
      German capital ships turned out to be incredibly difficult to sink (for
      example the Bismark and the almost completed aircraft carrier Graf Zepplin
      which gave the Soviets an embarrassingly difficult time to sink after the

    • +James Steale interesting, I was basing most of my guess of of WOT and
      Germany’s reputation for machine design. Their good armor should be great
      for those close in brawling battles! after your comment i started to look
      into the German ww2 navy ships that were sunk, and armor if definetly a
      redeeming trait. Admiral graf spee managed to take over 70 hits before the
      crew scuttled the ship, hopefully this is taken into account for in game

    • +simmons865 I think the US BB are dpm, you saw the rate of fire on the
      Montana with that many guns? The UK will probably be armor, Germany will
      most likely be range and accuracy, and Japan will probably be the jack of
      all trades with a slight focus on raw speed.

  68. ThatIsDebatable

    What makes American battleships unique or different from Japanese ones?

    • +ThatIsDebatable Some of the other youtubers have said that the
      lower/middle tier ones are more heavily armored but slower. Idk about the
      top tier ones though. They seem basically the same, just different in terms
      of number and size of guns.

    • +ThatIsDebatable Americans are more agile pretty much, and the guns are a
      little smaller.

    • +George Rushton The guns are only smaller on the Tier X. For all the other
      tiers aren’t the American BB’s guns the same or bigger?

  69. nice job baron

  70. Brendan Weening


  71. really hope they add the Missouri! 

  72. Pretty cool!

  73. Nice video, I’m quite excited about the new battleships.

    I have two questions:

    1. Can anyone with access to beta get on the TS?
    2. Why sometimes the “restore HP” function gives you 25% of you health and
    other times almost nothing?

    • +Vlad Pomar “2. Why sometimes the “restore HP” function gives you 25% of
      you health and other times almost nothing?”

      The repair ability only fixes light and medium damage, it can’t fix heavy

    • Everytime you use it, it heals less and less

  74. TheMyproductions

    Isn’t the Mighty Mo the USS Missouri , an Iowa class.

    • +TheMyproductions No, the Montana was never built.

    • +majortom631″The Mighty Mo” was the Tier 9 Iowa class Battleship, the USS
      Missouri. Baron is slightly confused and calling the USS Montana The Mighty

    • +George Rushton He said before that he knows the Mighty Mo is an Iowa
      class. However to him, the Montana is “his” Mighty Mo.

  75. Cameron Anderson

    Barron for your war thunder viewers pick what you play can you take out the
    Ferdinand plz

  76. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Yes Baron usually when you play co-op battles there are bots…

  77. MERICAN POWER!!!!!!!!!! 

  78. TheHardstyleMusicz

    Battleships are just, awesome!

  79. RexusVexus GamingNexus

    BARON YOU TRAITOR. We will see you in court.

  80. GrantskysGamers

    Yass more BaronVonWOWS! This makes me happy

  81. nice montana

  82. Hi Baron :)

  83. I just imagined sticking my dick in one of the Montana’s cannons….


  84. oh wow. i was quick to the party XD

  85. if there was going to be a new plane type i hope it would be japanese only
    and that they were KAMIKAZE planes because for the bro honour

  86. 32nd veiw 5th like wooooo

  87. 32nd!!!!!!! 

  88. Tier 10 Montana is an absolute beast @worldofwarships

  89. watt
    FIRST !!!11

  90. Wow uploaded 43 seconds ago xD

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