World of Warships – Montecuccoli – HOW DO I PLAY THIS !@$&?!?!?!?!

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A few gameplay tips for the Montecuccoli, tier 5 Italian cruiser, hope these help with your in game broc…Montecuccoli experience.


  1. actually, *you don’t.*

  2. “Lewding those loli-botes” pogchamp

  3. last tip: don’t play it. at all.

  4. And i thought I was just bad at the game XD

  5. Tip #5 In order to preserve your sanity, just skip to tier 6.

  6. “HOW DO I PLAY THIS !@$&?!?!?!?!”

    Simple. Don’t.

    Or rather just confine this ship and the other Italian Cruiser line starting from tier 5 to 7 to Co-op only due to how terrible they are lol

    • The only thing that makes them bad is their gun reload time really.
      And their baguette-long profile that puts battleships to shame.
      And their lack of armor.
      And slow turret traverse.
      And slow torps.

      Eh actually… Yeah they’re just kinda horrible to play

    • @flether65 I can accept the fact that they are a long-arse bois, and mildly annoyed about its reload speed

      What i didn’t like is its extremely large citadel, which made you pretty much vulnerable against ships that can overmatch your armor even when angling.

  7. The only thing I have enjoyed with the italians is the blind smoke charge

  8. Tip #5: When you’re considering playing this ship… Click on literally any other ship in your harbor instead… Except for the Genova, of course.

  9. Guys do you believe this line is the WORST ever released by WG!?

  10. Say “Montecuccoli” one more time…

  11. interesting note is that the patch notes said that they’re adjusting the SAP thing from 65 to 70 tomorrow. this goes for tiers 2-8. Hopefully this makes the ships easier to play

  12. Pro-tip #1:
    Use the Italian Cruisers event to get to the T6, T7, or T8 and get to skip this not very good ship.

    • The sad part is the game wanked it. The real world version was worse, and about a thousand Unfortunate Souls had to go to battle and that piece of crap

    • @James Ricker why was it worse? I actually want to know about this ship but I didn’t find much about its downsides

  13. Tip #1 How to play all Italian ships – right mouse click in port – sell and forget . Waiting for patch to come out so i can do just that.

  14. Tip #6: Make her a port queen.

  15. Had some really fun matches with this ship yesterday, it’s not completely terrible. That speed is impressive and can get you to good spots extremely quick. She’s a knife fighter.

  16. ROTFL. That one of the tips is to throw the ship away with a ram says all anyone needs to know about these ships.

  17. The Italian CA was introduced so that WG could say not eery new ship line power creeps the old ones.

  18. got montecuccoli and trento, so I only had to use this to get the monte-specific challenge

    3 battles with this ship. 3 wins. I don’t know why people hate this ship. I suck at this game and I did just fine with it

  19. Got a Kraken in her yesterday, in a game with only 8 ships a team

  20. how to play the new Italian cruisers.


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