World of Warships – MORE Alaska and Le Terrible Info [Datamined]

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More information on the Alaska and Le Terrible from datamined data. Alaska is a lot better protected than I thought she’d be. Le Terrible is…FAST…like…55-56knots fast….holy…SPEEEDBOTE….


  1. great video many useful informations but could you review the nueve de julio at some point i usually use your advise to buy ships like the guilio cesare but yeah there is no review for the nueve de julio from you so yeah

  2. I’m gonna grind free xp like my life depends on it, I missed Missouri, I won’t miss Alaska 😎

    • You will probably get another chance at the Missouri next year. I would be really surprised if WG do not put her on sale for her 75th anniversary. Thats what i am hoping for anyway.

    • ya same here i miss missouri but i will have this ship

    • Re-Class Battleship

      Unlikely. Maybe New Jersey or Wisconsin. Missouri makes too much money. You have to work to not turn a profit in that boat. Putting in a clone that doesn’t make as much money? More likely.

    • New Jersey and Wisconsin aren’t as famous as Missouri, especially to a worldwide audience. While I think we will see the other Iowas in the future, I am certain Missouri will go on sale again next year. I assume it will only be for 1 patch and very probably at a higher FXP cost, or even just doubloons/real money in the store.

      WG know that many of us are desperate to own her, they are not going to turn down a bunch of cash just because she makes more silver than they would like. Basically demand is high, and they have created scarcity by removing her. One of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to making money.

    • I’m guessing she’ll go into arsenal shop as well.

  3. Okay.
    Now we wait for Ishikari, the Dutch Project 1047 and O.

  4. Thx for hyping me up! 😀
    Love the camo, just like monty

  5. So Le Terrible has access to LUDICROUS Speed Boost.
    Add flags to it you get to about 55 knots?

    • …they’ve gone Plaid!

    • stephen1r2 space balls 😂😂😂

    • LUDICROUS SPEEED… but Sir don’t you want to buckle up? AAAAA Buckle THIS! LUDICROUS SPEEED… GO!

    • lol 55 knots with full speed build that is 10-15 knots faster than the real ww2 fastest DD.
      Wargaming: we do not care physics and ww2 engine technology. we even have cruisers and battleships that have speedboost which is stupid and impossible in real life. its all about “balance”. in the future we will add speedboost to CVs.

    • I guess the speed boost will ne nerfed, alomost certainly…

  6. Was listening to this video while playing the game and actually got in a match against iChase on the enemy team in the Enterprise.

  7. fun fact: alaska will be the only cruiser at T9 which actually existed (in the form presented in the game)

  8. I’m looking forward to Alaska.

  9. #DontNerfAlaskaSheIsFine

  10. HOW fast????????

    …….Warp Speed, Scotty!

  11. Johnathan Jarrett

    I am really looking forward to the Alaska…

  12. i hope alaska is free exp ship, not arsenal thing…..
    since wg remove Missouri, USN at least need 1 free exp ship and next free exp ship for german….

  13. Mike Kraner-Henthorn

    55 knots? that thing can outrun simms torps lol

  14. I am looking as well forward for Alaska.

  15. Depending how Alaska turns out, I might actually buy this ship. I need a good premium US cruiser (i’m over my Atlanta).

  16. I did not know they had Jet Turbine engines in DD’s back then.

  17. Hail Jingles the Gnome overlord!

  18. for the dd, will we get water ski’s?

  19. When does it release?

  20. Oh boy this is gonna be fun.

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