World of Warships – More Chonky Boats

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New US BBs? All Extra Chonky


  1. Happy 4th of July America, here’s your new chonk botes

  2. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    For those who wonders about the new battleships:

    Kansas (who will might get a name change) is a South Dakota class Dreadnought Battleship in 1920

    Minnesota is a Tillman I Design, E X T R A T H I C C

    Vermont is a Tillman IV-2 Design, she carried 457mm guns, EVEN MORE T H I C C I E R.

    • (who will might get a name change)

      Says who?

    • Empoleonman522the2

      @Bull Reeves Was wondering if that was the case. Still waiting for the quad sextuple tillman with no accuracy to speak of for the memes though 😀

    • Vermont BB-20, Kansas BB-21, and Minnesota BB-22, were all ships of the Connecticut class of pre-dreadnoughts. Their design was obsolescent before commissioning, as HMS Dreadnought had already been in service for several months prior. None of these names were part of the aborted South Dakota class of 1920, which were cancelled and scrapped after being laid down.

      Having said that, it looks like WG pulled the basic specs from the SD 1920 class to design the US BB tech tree split line. They couldn’t reuse the names originally given to the ships of this class because they were all historically used on fast BBs later on. Somewhat historically accurate, but so what? These specs are crap especially for T8-10 ships. They are just playthings for bigger, faster, BBs to beat on. Smolensk and other HE spammers will rejoice being able to farm them for damage. A DM will be able to smack them for eight salvos of HE for every one salvo they can return fire with, if they are even able. I won’t waste my time.

      Florida might be interesting. Looks like a South Dakota (the fast BB class) alternate design study. Never fear, though, WG will find a way to fuck it up.

    • Empoleonman522the2

      @jefftuckercfii Florida is a North Carolina before the escalator clause came into affect. In other words we were very close to having that bote (maybe with the sec arrangement the NC we know has instead but still) instead of the NC we know. Its why NC is armored for the 14 inch guns carried by Florida. It is what she was supposed to carry.
      Also looked through springstyles. Barring something not being there Vermont is a Weegee original tillman reject……….Still 2 1920s SoDaks is nice. Maybe we will get a “as built” at t7 to compete with ashitaka later.

    • @Empoleonman522the2 – Just curious where you got your info on the Florida design? My source says quad 14 inch guns in 3 turrets on a slower hull was one South Dakota alternate design. I guess WG decided that if they were going to give her 14 inch guns at T7 she needed to be faster. I agree. My research on NC shows several 14 inch designs but none using quad mountings in a single turret. There was one that would have had her looking somewhat like a Nelson with 9 14 inch guns in three turrets all forward.

  3. NickelPlateRoad779

    I’m more irritated that they didn’t go with any of the actual US standards like Tennessee or Pennsylvania

    • Eternal Moderate

      ​@TheUnknownOne They’ve already got the Massachusetts

    • @Wacky Man I fully agree with this. And why not even add a T2 premium just for kicks, but onyl after the full T3-10 dual lines.

    • Crimson Scarlet

      *sad Nevada noises*

    • NickelPlateRoad779 I agree they need to add the Pennsylvania as an actual regular ship not a premium. Also nice profile picture pretty cool locomotive

    • @Tsavong the older US ships aren’t all that similar the Pennsylvania that was made during or after WW1 is quite different from the Delaware, Florida, and the Wyoming class Battleships

  4. How we react to this tillman 4 battleship today is exactly how people in navy and senate in 1917 reacted to Mr Tillman and the designs him brought to table.

    We r now taking part in history right here in WoWS

  5. 23kt at T7+ BB is just unplayable ……. have fun getting spam by HE/IFHE/SAP from cruiser from 16km+ range and you can’t even outrun it rofl

    • Don’t forget your detection range means even if you are at the edge of those firing range they need to move up a bit and you’ll be perma spotted with your trash speed

  6. Xp pinatas?These will be very vulnerable to cruisers spamming HE.

  7. imagine to play those BB’s with some German aircraft spotting you then a Smolensk in the smoke and some Wooster behin the island start to spam you with HE….

  8. When I see those tech-tree ships I think “Sledghammer”. Slow, clumsy, inaccurate but when it hits, it hits hard. When, it hits.
    Also, with Florida, what’s the point of California?

    • Money babyy, MAD MONEY for WEEGEE

    • Empoleonman522the2

      Florida is basically NC at t7. The 25mm bow and stern is borderline irrelivent for the tier considering it really only means that cls don’t need ifhe to pen. Otherwise you could more or less play as normal aside from having to try to bait shots on your side instead of going nose in.
      California is a big chonker that *was* mediocre (aka actually balanced if a bit on the weak side) but they decided a ship with the exact same broadside as New Mex a tier up was to powerful and they nerfed her reload……aka the “we don’t release only op premiums” martr

    • Just watch. When everybody points out that Florida is just straight-up better than California, rather than buffing California with 30 second reload, they’ll move Florida up to Tier 8 and call it a day.

  9. I see a american naval version Kv-2.

  10. Nobody said: I love slow moving Battleships. WG said: We need slow moving Pinatas for the Russian ships to farm.

  11. Shahzeb Khattak


  12. Here’s a thought. How about just give american BB drivers an extra consumable. An AI driven Fletcher specked for AA that shows up for 2 mins because… it’s ‘Merica!’
    “My battleship may be Thicc and slow, but I have a dozen sexy destroyers to keep her safe.”

  13. XxUrLocalSkeletonxX

    These ships seem like New Mexico repeated 3 times but with higher tiers, and they are just going to become floating torches that can’t escape nor enter a fight.

    • These are more like Colorado. New Mexico was actually good for her tier, with armor and guns that easily compensated for her slow speed.

    • XxUrLocalSkeletonxX

      derek96720 I liked Colorado honestly. Like it was painful sometimes but I had some of my highest damage games in it

    • @XxUrLocalSkeletonxX that speaks more to your skill than to her capability as a ship.

    • XxUrLocalSkeletonxX

      @derek96720 maybe though honestly that was awhile ago back in n my first account before WG ruined everything. When I regrinded the line I noticed Colorado felt way worse than before, especially since AA means nothing anymore

    • @derek96720 Except colorado is actually a good ship with good AA and powerful guns that reward skill rather than aiming in the general direction of a ship and hoping RNG tkaes over.

  14. Imagine being in one of these on the same flank as a smolensk :))))

  15. An entire half line of “what if we put a dreadnought at tier 10?”

  16. I feel like they need to make these ships veritable monoliths to make them work; great armor and standoff at long range but painfully slow
    though part of me also despises this design methodology for these ships; it’s not like we have a shortage of camp-in-the-back BB designs right now, right?

    • William Taylor Payne

      I could see a speed boost module helping them get to say 28 knots for bailout purposes. But either they’ll need more armor or a better reload time. I mean by the time you’re reloaded your flank will fall and you’ll be unable to flee.


  18. They should of made these tanky vs HE spam, fast firing 406’s and good secondarys. We don;t need more passive playing bb’s or over matching 457’s WG!

  19. The game feels like fake news. The russians try to rewrite naval history with fake ships and only represent our least favorable ships. If NA drops them (stops playing) WG goes down.

  20. Sorry all, I messed up the stats when I copied it from the blog. For the correct T8 and T9 stats, see

    • What i can tell about this new 3 american battleship is, it’s just a Fat American ship girl that eat McDonald super size meal 3x a day 7days a week while living in the Wall Mart.
      or it’s just a floating Wall Mart super market with lots of American guns for sale.

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