World of Warships – More Dakka!

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What’s that you say? A 1.9 second base reload? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Except there’s a catch…

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  1. I too don’t like destroyers without torpedoes, and I’m a DD main. Without torps I find you struggle to zone larger ships away from you. Without torpedoes you lose the ability to do a lot of aplha damage, or to make enemy ships think about the possibility of torpedoes coming to them. Without torpedoes, an enemy ship doesn’t have to think twice pushing you, or coming around an island to punch your face in.

    • I don’t like *cruisers* without torpedoes, the thought of running a destroyer without them terrifies me! The speed on HMS Druid doesn’t bother me as much as some as I *adore* the responsiveness of the RN CLs and DDs, as good for getting you out of trouble as it is for getting you in to it and hey, at least you’re not usually the first one spotted as everyone else is faster 😀

    • Pure gunship DD’s, especially with no radar, tend to be a one-trick pony. Of course, it’s one hell of a trick.

    • I have Druid and in random that ship just sucks … but in ranked is awesome , I have most first blood achivements on that destroyer and 68% WR in that mode , cause quicker you take enemy dd = you take cap & you have better chance to win game … I would recommend you getting Vampire II same rate fire , but you have HE , 12km torpedos , 360 turrets , hydro & cripping smoke I love that ships to , but biggest flaw of Vampire II is being commonwelth ship so I had captain issue , and I still have only 20p one on that one , and to get best out of her you need min 18p one , so many players need to grind to get her really good , with Druid you have no such issue as you can just put on her you high tier UK BB captain .

    • So nearly as bad as being a battleship then.

  2. Actually Jingles, every destroyer (and indeed every ship) has a torpedo. It just so happens that using it will cost you your ship…

    Uh Jingles, what are doing with that shotg-

  3. “Is there such a thing as ‘enough dakka’?”
    “At the point in time when bullets can pass through the interdimensional walls, when firepower takes up the entirety and eternity of space and time all being stuck in a never ending life and death cycle as bullets recover and destroy their bodies in quick succession no one able to think about anything but the sheer force of the bullets rapidly flying literally everywhere in the materium turning the Warp itself into nothing but a sea of semi-automatic weaponry. Then there will be enough dakka.

    Or at least almost.”

    -The Man Emperor of Mankind

  4. 15:42 OMG I googled it and died laughing. Maaan Jingles after all those years you still give me a hearty laugh. Thats why I am subbed for years now.

  5. Fireskull is clearly a keen scholar of the HMS Glowworm school of destroyer warfare.

  6. A guns only destroyer charging and gunning down a super dreadnought? The boundary’s of reality have slipped a bit.

  7. I like how the Marco Polo 17:16 appears to be sporting a Reading Rainbow decal.

  8. Psychological Tirefire

    In the Georgia, I’ll charge a smokescreen regardless of if the ship that layed it has torps or not. All engines ahead flank, load HE (or AP if it’s a cruiser), and secondaries blazing away.

  9. Well… if it wasnt for the rockstar of a Fletcher who smoked him up twice and spotted, i’m quite sure the game would’ve been quite different. The problem with the gun boat DDs is that if they havent somebody to spot they will have issues. Friesland has same problem, and the reason why i don’t play it. As soon you smoke up you get reported by somebody who wants you to spot for them.

  10. TheLinkandmarioshow

    The fear I felt as a Shima player learning that gunboats are actually supposed to be firing FASTER than they already are

  11. At 18:07 the midway actually didn’t bomb the ship because he wanted the dude to get the kraken, big ups for his generosity.

  12. That Fletcher was an absolute legend with his Smoke Screens

  13. Spiff would be proud to read this

  14. The positioning of the druid at the final moments of the battle gives a great wallpaper. Thanks fireskull also for that lol

  15. The Fletcher… hope he got a complement, played like a boss, supporting the Druid with his smokes.

  16. I love my Druid, it’s just a really, really angry destroyer that has decided it’s had enough, ramped its gun up to 11 and if it needs torps, it’ll just use itself. It’ll pump out damage at a hilarious rate, and that with this reload/tick-rate issue. I love Fireskull’s “Come here Missouri, I want my Kraken”, absolutely a thing a Druid player should say: Come here, I want to hit you with my stupid reload stick.
    Credit to the Fletcher, Yamagiri and CV for being good teammates and nice people in chat, the CV even holding his drop to allow the Kraken; renews the hope that WOWS can be a game where people work together and can be pleasant human beings.

  17. too bad druid only fires month old cookies

  18. Ah, good to see another Spiff supporter here. 🙂

  19. Jingles almost pronounces Groningen correctly. I am so proud of him!

  20. I heard “Vinegar strokes” and I’m like “wow, Jingles is going blue”

  21. Perfectly balanced ship

  22. The teamwork in this game is to die for. From the Fletcher smoking up his gunboats, the Yamagiri and Druid communicating their arsenals, the supportive CV and the understanding of not securing the kill for a charitable Kraken and finally the lack of “no cap kill all” attitude. Can’t wait to see WG monetizing this because I’d pay anything to be in a game like this.

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